President Daddy's Excessive Love

Chapter 468

As night fell, Tang You You received a call from Ji Xiao Han. Ji Xiao Han said that he wanted to eat dinner with his friends tonight, so he might as well go home late.

Tang You You also knew that Ji Xiao Han had been accompanying her and his child for a period of time, and it was about time for him to relax by accompanying his friends.

In a high class private club, Ji Xiao Han and Luo He Ning pushed open the door and entered one after the other.

"You're here? Come and drink two cups with me! " In a private room, Mu Shi Ye ordered a table full of dishes and wine. On the sofa, Mu Shi Ye and Luo He Ning sat together.

The moment Ji Xiao Han stepped in, he felt that the atmosphere wasn't right. He threw the car key on the table and looked at the bottle of wine lying on the table.

Luo He Ning shook his head: "I just arrived and asked him. He didn't say anything and just continued drinking."

"Looks like it's related to women again!" Ji Xiao Han guessed.

Mu Shi Ye Tu Ran threw the bottle of wine on the table, raised his head, and with a look of despair, stared at the ceiling, and announced sorrowfully: "This Young Master has regained his independence, no woman, no daughter, I am alone again!"

Luo He Ning and Ji Xiao Han looked at each other, and could not help but to ask him in concern: "Ye, what happened? If you say it out loud, we'll think of a way for you. "

"There's no other way … "No more!" Mu Shi Ye Tu Ran covered his eyes like he was about to collapse. That painful look on his face could only be seen in front of his best friend, he couldn't pretend to be sad.

Luo He Ning and Ji Xiao Han's faces changed greatly, they had never seen Mu Shi Ye cry like this before. Presumably, this time, the situation was very serious.

"Why are you doing this to me? What did I do wrong? " Mu Shi Ye wanted to vent the anger in his heart, and he muttered to himself.

Luo He Ning hurriedly took out a tissue and handed it over to him. "Man, you won't be so easily hurt if you have tears on your face. It looks like my cousin really broke your heart, I'll talk to her about it later, I can't hurt your pride like this."

Mu Shi Ye became bitter: "No, it's not her fault, you shouldn't look for her for trouble."

"If it wasn't her, then who was it? Your mother? " Ji Xiao Han's guess was right, because the only person who could break them apart was his mother, Lan Re Nuo.

Upon hearing that it was his mother, Luo He Ning's expression became grave.

Because, if he wanted He Mu Lin's love to blossom and bear fruit, he needed to pass through Lan Re Nuo as well.

Mu Shi Ye painfully nodded his head, "Yes, it's my mom. Today, my mom went to look for me at the company, and when she met An Xin, she gave her a slap, destroying the relationship we had for some time. I can tell that An Xin is extremely disappointed with me."

If it was someone else, they would definitely stick out for their friend and think of a way. But if the other party was his mother, then they wouldn't be able to help him in any way.

"I really envy you all …"

"Envy me for what? My mom has already left me behind! " Ji Xiao Han reached out for a bottle of wine, opened the cap of the bottle, and drank a few mouthfuls. He mocked himself in grief, "My mother came to find me, wanting to reconcile with me. I didn't agree.

In this regard, Luo He Ning absolutely could not find anything in common with them, because he had his parents.

"Don't be like this, think of the good side!" Luo He Ning could only console them.

Mu Shi Ye was drunk, he suddenly turned and looked at Luo He Ning: "As a good friend, I will be friendly with you and advise you, stop chasing after my sister, find another woman, my mom will definitely be wary of you in the future."

Luo He Ning, "..."

Things that shouldn't have happened had already happened. He wanted to go back on his word. Was there enough time?

"Night and day, I'm confessing to your sister …" Although Luo He Ning didn't want to reveal it at this time, since he asked, he could only tell them the truth.

Ji Xiao Han listened by the side and frowned: "He Ning, you and Mu Lin …. together? "

Luo He Ning heard this news and it was very explosive. He laughed somewhat bashfully: "That's right, I've actually always liked her a lot. Did you guys not see that?"

"You hid it well enough!" Ji Xiao Han mocked him.

Luo He Ning shrugged his shoulders, expressing his innocence. "I don't want to hide, but I really don't have the courage to confess to her.

Mu Shi Ye narrowed his eyes: "Have you seized the opportunity that I gave you yesterday?"

Luo He Ning immediately blushed from embarrassment. Fortunately, the lights in here weren't lit, otherwise, his embarrassed state would be mocked by his two good friends again.

"Yeye, your sister and I are already preparing for an official relationship. In the future, I might be your brother-in-law …"

"What?" Hearing that, Mu Shi Ye was startled: "My sister really agreed to date you? "What the hell, how could she really agree to this?"

Ji Xiao Han laughed from the side: "Who knows, your sister might have taken a fancy to him too, but due to face, she did not say anything."

Luo He Ning hurriedly nodded his head, "That's right, your sister also said that she likes me a little. It seems that I have some sort of fate with her."

"Why today? "I'm in love, you're in love, I shouldn't have asked you to come and be with me and be sad." Mu Shi Ye was even more shocked, his eyes stared blankly at the wall in front of him.

Luo He Ning also felt that he shouldn't have attacked his good friends at this time, so he could only comfort them softly: "Yeye, don't worry, I will definitely go find my cousin and talk about your matters with her."

"Do you think she'll forgive me?" Mu Shi Ye mocked himself, he did not have the slightest bit of confidence.

Ji Xiao Han patted his shoulder, "You have to believe in your feelings for her. She's not a blockhead, you're good to her.

"I'm not thinking about anything anymore, I'm just thinking about my daughter …" I truly miss her and want to see Cheng Cheng. " Mu Shi Ye was like a grieving father, he once again used his arm to cover his eyes, and his eyes became red.

Ji Xiao Han could understand his thoughts about his daughter, because he had a child now. He knew the pain of losing a child, so he had to keep this a secret.

"If you want to have children, I'll bring them out for you to see one day!" Luo He Ning could not bear to see his good friend sad, so he came up with this idea.

"Do you think An Xin will let you take the child away?" Mu Shi Ye ridiculed.

Luo He Ning was instantly left speechless. He knew that this was indeed a little difficult.

Three people, three emotions, perhaps only alcohol could numb their souls.

Till ten o'clock, Mu Shi Ye was completely drunk. Luo He Ning personally sent him home, while Ji Xiao Han also sat in the driver's car, returning to the villa in the villa.

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