President Wife is A Man

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Good Morning

Jiang Qi is a man, his lover is also a man, called Ke Yan . Ke Yan is a president of a Group, have a lots of money, handsome and good family background . Although he always looks cold like an ice block, but in this city his rank is number one as the sought after bachelor and a diamond women cannot help but try to posses .

But, he already has his own favourite person . . . Jiang Qi . Jiang Qi is the Group small time manager . Accidently he met Ke Yan while in college . Simultaneously, he and Ke Yan from straight male turn into Boy's Love together . Afterwards he got a job with the group and from small employee climb up step by step to become a manager . At the same time, Ke Yan took over the Group’s management and they secretly began their underground love affair . So lets us look at their story ba . . .

Morning . . rays of sunshine came in through the window waking up the person sleeping on the bed . Jiang Qi open his eyes, stretching his hand to the table and pick up the alarm clock looking at the time, only half past 6 . Jiang Qi turn around and watch the man sleeping by his side, because going abroad to sign a contract yesterday midnight only returned home . Cannot help but sigh, because these few days cannot sleep well, his eyes have dark under-eye circles but still looking so handsome . Some more, there’s no trace of his everyday cold as ice expression instead he seems to look a little boyish right now .

Looking at him, Jiang Qi heart beats faster, his hands quickly patted his face, softly out of the bed carefully not to wake up Ke Yan, wanting him to sleep for a while more . After freshen up, Jiang Qi went downstairs to prepare breakfast . Simply cook some porridge and took readymade dishes by his mother from the fridge out put it into the plate and serve on the table .

Jiang Qi is not good at cooking, can only cook rice and fry 2 kind of simple dishes, but even the stir-fry doesn’t taste very good, sometimes taste light and sometimes too salty . But Ke Yan never complains and eats everything he cooked until finished .

Looking at the clock hanging on the wall, Jiang Qi went upstairs to see whether Ke Yan has wake up or not .

Jiang Qi open the door, see Ke Yan already not on the bed .

“Eh? You already waking up ah? Jiang Qi open the bathroom door, but there’s no one inside . Then he open the changing room and found Ke Yan in there already wearing a nice clothes and in the process of tying his tie . Hence, he came over and takes over the task of helping him with the tie . “Why are you waking up so early? Why you don’t sleep a little bit more?”

“En, I realize you have awakened . ”Ke Yan unhurriedly speaking this sentence with his hoarse and sexy morning voice .

Jiang Qi listening to his sexy voice his hand movement did not stop, however his face cannot help but to turn slightly red . Ke Yan looks at Jiang Qi helping him with the tie, face slightly red, tender pink lips, looking extremely good looking . With his hand tip Jiang Qi’s chin up, he kiss those lips of his .

Stretching his tongue inside Jiang Qi’s mouth, tangling and moving with his .

Until two men breathing unsteadily, Ke Yan finally let go of Jiang Qi’s lips, hug him firmly and with his low-hoarse voice saying, “Good Morning, Jiang Qi . ”

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