President Wife is A Man

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Hearts cannot calm down for a long time .

Jiang Qi being kissed until the face red, asking him: “Don’t you said tomorrow only back, why now back ahead of time de?”

“The contract agreement finished ahead of schedule, so early back . ” Ke Yan explained simply .

“Then, tonight will work overtime in the company?” Jiang Qi asked Ke Yan . “Hmm . . ” Ke Yan deep in thoughts . . . “Tonight might be a bit late comes back but not too late . Want to wait for me and go back together ah?”

Jiang Qi turn around to change his clothes and said, “ My mom asked me to go back tonight . ”

“Oh . . . but I have suppressed for two weeks long de, you cannot leave me unsatisfied ah . ” Ke Yan complaining to Jiang Qi in a complete spoiled child tone .

Jiang Qi cannot help but stared at Ke Yan for a moment, and then turn around to walk downstairs . “Fast come down and eat breakfast . ” At the same time cannot help but think: Ke Yan is a rogue . The corner of his mouth can’t help but lift up . Looking at Jiang Qi going downstairs, Ke Yan cannot help but smile, a face full of tenderness and eyes full of affection .

Finished eating breakfast, Jiang Qi collect all the bowls and put into the sink . Later the part-time aunty will come and help them clean it up while in addition to replenish their daily necessities . Because she no needs to stay behind to prepare the meal, therefore around noon she already returned to her house .

Two people went out from the house walk towards the elevator, Ke Yan press the elevator key and turn his face and asked, “I send you to work?”

Jiang Qi shook his head : “No need ba, I can go by myself . Last time you sent me to work, the result was to be interrogate so many times by Xiao an, asking me both of us have what relationship . ”

Xiao an full name is Ling Ling An,a staff in Jiang Qi’s department, entered the company last year . Soon after entering she already fix her eyes on Jiang Qi, buy breakfast for him and even eat lunch with him . Always wandering around him all day long .

Towards her Jiang Qi has a sense of confusion, he don’t think this Xiao girl has any love interest towards him, he only think that this girl’s feeling towards him is curiosity . . . .

Right, curiosity . See her eyes watching him like some kind of biological research, making his whole body to feel goose bumps . Even though Jiang Qi thinking is like that, but Ke Yan did not think the same . For this reason Ke Yan has eaten vinegar for some time and Jiang Qi has to suffer unspeakably . Because this matter had caused Jiang Qi every single morning almost cannot get out of bed .

TLN: eaten vinegar – jealousy

One week afterwards because of this matter, Jiang Qi finally cannot stand . After work he invited Xiao An for coffee .

“Ling An ah . . ” Jiang Qi pause to think how to ask her .

“Just call me Xiao an, why are you calling me Ling An ba, don’t be awkward oh . . ha ha . . ” Xiao an speak to Jiang Qi while laughing and also then smile strangely!! Jiang Qi suddenly got some chills, laughing dryly and asked: “ Xiao an, do you have a boyfriend ah?” Jiang Qi drink a mouthful of coffee, thinking if she don’t have he will introduce someone so she could forget him . Because if this to continue, his waist will give Ke Yan play to break de .

“What, what do you mean by this?”

Suddenly Xiao an who sit in front of him gave a loud shriek, frightened in the middle of drinking coffee, Jiang Qi, into choking up . Promptly asking, “ What’s wrong ah?”

Xiao an aware of her gaffe, quickly cover her mouth : “ He he”, laughed twice , leaning forward nervously to ask, “ Manager Jiang, don’t tell me that you like me? That won’t do ah!”Jiang Qi listening to Xian an words afraid she misunderstood so quickly said : “No, no, no . . in fact I want to introduce you to someone, do not get the wrong idea . ”

“Oh, then it’s okay . ” Xiao an release her breath, “Really, scared this sister to death . I have said, your face clearly looks like that type ah”

Jiang Qi listening to Xiao an cannot help but heard a loud thud in his mind, scarred silly, with guilty conscience asking, “ why do you say like that . . ha ha . ” Laughing lightly and picked up his cup of coffee to sip .

Xiao an speaks while nodding her head several time enigmatically: “This is this Senior “rotten girl” intuition ah, intuition . ”

TLN: rotten girl (direct translation) – terms for Fujoshi (Japanese) – loves BL things .

Jiang Qi even though do not know what is rotten woman, also do not dare to ask .

Because he realize Xiao an doesn’t seems to know about him and Ke Yan . Afterwards, he hurriedly bid farewell to Xiao an .

Xiao an personality similar to Jiang Qi little sister, someone who really likes to talk . As a result, afterwards, don’t know how Jiang Qi and Xiao an became friends .

Into Ke Yan’s car, Jiang Qi fasten his seat belt, turned to look at the driving Ke Yan . Almost two weeks they didn’t see each other, even though everyday on the phone, but Jiang Qi heart still intensely miss him . Jiang Qi actually very awkward, when Ke Yan is not around has been thinking about him, but now when he is in front of him, he pretended to be indifferent .

Ke Yan watching Jiang Qi . Jiang Qi lips to him early in the morning has been kissed until slightly swollen . His side profile, fair skin coupled with shy and quite expression appears so gentle . Looking at this Jiang Qi, Ke Yan throats seems to be tightened .

Immediately he parks his car by the roadside, at once attacking Jiang Qi’s neck with his mouth mercilessly .

Softly nibbles on Jiang Qi mouth, from the mouth kissing to his chin, while kissing also undoing Jiang Qi’s shirt buttons . Kiss to the neck his mouth opens up to leave traces of lightly bitten skin . Ke Yan moves shocked Jiang Qi a bit but he doesn’t want to push Ke Yan away . So he hooked his hand to Ke Yan’s neck allowing his neck to be bitten and licked easier .

Feels like an ages before Ke Yan let go of Jiang Qi . Looking at his aroused appearance, his mouth cannot help but smile . He do not dare to watch him anymore, afraid he would lose all reasoning and took him right there .

He helps Jiang Qi to sort out his clothes, quickly kissing his forehead and then continued their drive .

Jiang Qi sitting in the car, heart cannot calm down for a long time .

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