President Wife is A Man

Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – Ke Yan’s house is very strange

Ke Yan held Jiang Qi’s hand and pulled him into the house, took a towel and gave it to Jiang Qi to clean up . Jiang Qi used the big clean towel to wipe his wet hair, his expression was a little bit foolish . Wearing wet clothes soaked by the rain made his whole body freezing cold . Jiang Qi unable to stop himself from sneezing, it seems he’s gotten colder and colder . Ke Yan saw Jiang Qi sneezed, frowned . Immediately went into the room, came out after a while holding in his hand a set of clothes . Threw the clothes to Jiang Qi and said: “Take a bath . ” “Ah, okay . ”Jiang Qi mouth agreeable but his body not moving, still standing at the same spot . Ke Yan saw Jiang Qi still standing motionless pointed his finger in one direction: “Bathroom that way . ” “Ah . ” Jiang Qi moved on the direction of the bathroom . With regards to Jiang Qi actions, Ke Yan cannot help but to glance a few times . Jiang Qi at present inside the bathroom felt his head a little bit faint and his nose started to itch: “ah . . . . ahhh . . . achoom . ” Jiang Qi could not help but sneezed, rubbing his nose a few times . Jiang Qi felt that he has caught the cold . Normally Jiang Qi is very bright and he was also not bad in his studies . But, whenever he got sick he would suddenly turn dazed . During his childhood, in the kindergarten all the small kids would call him Dazzy Jiang . This occurrence made Jiang Qi really depressed during his childhood, really truly depressed . Jiang Qi quickly bath and wore the clothes Ke Yan has given him . Upper part was a T-shirt but even though his shoulder slightly shown out it still can be wore . But the trouser is too long . Jiang Qi has to roll up several times only not to stumble out . Jianq Qi looked at himself on the mirror and then unconsciously lifted the clothes to his nose and smell . Only have the dull smell of soap and laundry detergent . It seems, it’s not something Ke Yan always wore .

When Jiang Qi came out from the bathroom, Ke Yan is sitting on the sofa reading a book . Ke Yan listened to a sound, turned to look at Jiang Qi and saw Jiang Qi blushed in shame . His own clothes on Jiang Qi’s body obviously too big . Jiang Qi whole shoulder on the verge of being exposed as well as the trouser looks like being rolled several times? Ke Yan’s first impression of Jiang Qi were that he looked very thin and similar to small animal . “Do you have cold medicine?” Jiang Qi saw Ke Yan watching him, feeling slightly embarrassed but still asked . “No . ” “Then, can you give me a glass of water?” “Okay . Wait a moment . ” Ke Yan took hot water for Jiang Qi but Jiang Qi took it afterwards set aside didn’t drink: “I want warm water, not hot one . ” After feeling surprised for a while, Ke Yan took a glass of warm water for him . Jiang Qi feeling satisfied took it and drink . He fixed his eyes on Ke Yan and said: “I am sleepy, I want to sleep . ” Ke Yan grits his teeth, if not because Jiang Qi looks not well estimated he already being kicked by Ke Yan out of the door . Jiang Qi saw Ke Yan didn’t respond asked: “What happened?” “Nothing, let’s go . ” Ke Yan led Jiang Qi to the first floor and opened a room that seems to use for guest and lead Jiang Qi inside . Jiang Qi didn’t move but staring at the front doors of another two rooms . One of the doors was white in colour but on the door hanging one skull . The skull’s mouth appearance resembled an act of biting a person as well as horror smile as though wanted to kill people . On the door also hanging a sign, written: MoNu . The other door looked even more horrific for Jiang Qi . On the door hanging a grotesque mask . The mask, on the corner of its mouth can be seen blood flowed out, as though weirdly staring at Jiang Qi . The open mouth giving the illusion of a big scary smile . On top of the door has a sign, written: Ma Tong .

Watching, Jiang Qi can’t help but to feel chilled and scared, whole body trembling while questioned: “Ke . . Ke Yan . . . what are those things . ” Ke Yan saw Jiang Qi’s scared appearance, cannot help but trying to scare him: “Careful, do not continue to look, see what things have to be careful or late at night they will come looking for you . ” Ke Yan speaks in a flat tone, not like anyone who is telling horrific stories who always use dreadful voice . However, at this time Jiang Qi felt Ke Yan’s flat tone is more horrific to hear . “This is your room, I’m going to sleep . ” Finished talking, Ke Yan pushed Jiang Qi inside and close the door . When Jiang Qi once again opened the door Ke Yan already left . Jiang Qi did not dare to look at the other rooms, quickly shut the door, locked it and drilled into the quilt to sleep . Jiang Qi inside the quilt thinking maybe tonight cannot fall asleep but probably because he caught the cold very fast he falls into a deep sleep . Next day, maybe because last night the rain was so heavy, the sun came out early today and the weather was incredibly good . Jiang Qi opened his eyes looking at the ceiling above . After few seconds remembered right now he is in Ke Yan’s house . Or course also thinks about those two doors outside . This time all the drowsiness ceased to exist . Jiang Qi hurried to rise from the bed . Going downstairs Jiang Qi realizes Ke Yan seems already gone out but Jiang Qi also discovered there’s two head outside the window . Two people probably knew Ke Yan already gone out therefore did not hide to peep . Rather, full of righteousness standing outside the window in addition still by the window chatting . At this time Jiang Qi suddenly remember, he estimated last night two people stealthily escaped . Really lacked loyalty . . . . Jiang Qi indignantly think . Jiang Qi ah Jiang Qi . . this two people stealthily escaped but still remember you ah . But you ah . . has entirely forgotten about them . Do not know who is the one who lacked of loyalty oh . . . . At this time outside the window, Liu Hao and Meng Qing are chatting, Liu Hao asked in worry: “Maybe Ke Yan discovered Jiang Qi had tailed him, and then . . . . ” Liu Hao made the slitting the throat action . Meng Qing listened also felt there’s probability and nodded his head several times: “There’s possibility . ”

“Then we left him and escaped, he will not comes back looking for us ba . “ “Also probably . ” “Then, maybe he already comes?” “Also . . . . . perhaps impossible ba . ” “I also feel . . . ” Liu Hao and Meng Qing lively chatting, suddenly both of them felt behind their neck a gust of chilled wind . . . . . . Liu Hao and Meng Qing rigid necks: “Haha . . Haha . . ” the sound of Meng Qing forced laugh: “Today’s wind really cold ah . ” “Ah . . it is, it is?” “Of course cold, the wind came from nether world . . I want to bring both of you together with me . Come ah . . . come ah . ” Quietly standing behind the two guys and listening to their dialogue, right away got angry . As a result, he played a ghost and blowing cold air right onto their neck to get even . However, Meng Qing and Liu Hao obviously weren’t frightened . Two people looks at each other and then turned around opened up a big smile: “Haha Jiang Qi . . Daytime where got ghost ah . ” Seeing that his act has been seen through, Jiang Qi also stop acting: “You both actually escaped without me . ”

“Cannot say like that, originally we wanted to save you but saw Ke Yan then . . . . ” Jiang Qi looked at them with supercilious looks . Leaving Ke Yan’s house he closed the door and checked a few times to make sure he has secured it . Afterwards went back together with Liu Hao and Meng Qing . On the road looking at Jiang Qi’s clothes, Meng Qing asked: “These clothes would not be Ke Yan’s clothes ba . ” “It is . . . yesterday clothes got soaked wet by the rain . ” “Jiang Qi ah . . ” Liu Hao pulled Jiang Qi’s clothes: “Give me these clothes ba . ” “Why . . . ” Meng Qing took a posture of “you don’t understand so I teach you” to educate Jiang Qi: “Are you a fool? Of course to take these clothes to those women and earn a lot of money ah . ” “I don’t want . ” Jiang Qi did not even think before directly refused . “Are you sure because it seems you have lost my camera . ” “Who told you guys to leave me and escaped . Don’t want is don’t want . Three people side by side noisily walked to school . Several aunties passed through them felt that these three youngsters really have a good relationship .

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