President Wife is A Man

Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – This person has no compassion

At this moment Meng Qing and Liu Hao laid beneath the window peeking when the rain gradually pouring . Liu Hao used his hand to block the rain and suggested: “Let’s return to the dormitory ba . ” “Okay, anyway our investigation also good enough already, let’s go . ” Meng Qing retrieved an umbrella from his back pocket: “Fortunately, I already prepared . ” Liu Hao watching Meng Qing admiringly, thinking he really suited for this profession . Because they need to unfurl the umbrella and scared that Ke Yan inside the house would discover, two guys did not have other option but to squat and take one step forward at a time to walk away . Finally they reached at the front of the house and quickly stand up to exercise their sore muscles . That kind of method of sneaking away really to make them suffer ba .

Liu Hao looked left and right searching for Jiang Qi in a puzzling tone said: “How strange, where did he go?”

“Should have not gone back right . ”

“I don’t think so . According to Jiang Qi’s character he would definitely tell us if he wants to go back de . ” “Then, don’t tell me he has been caught ba?” Meng Qing guessed . After carefully thinking, they think that’s the highest possibility . Liu Hao also thinks the possibility to be high . As a result, two people folded back the umbrella and peek from outside the living room window and saw Jiang Qi and Ke Yan sitting on the sofa . Both of their expressions were not clear to see because of the rain . Meng Qing and Liu Hao silently away from the window and once again unfurl the umbrella . Silent for a while, Liu Hao start to talk: “Should not be anything big ba . . ha ha ha . ” Liu Hao forced laugh . “Ought to ba, then should us . . . . . . . . . ”

“first go back . . . . . . . ?” “Okay, let’s go . ” Thus, the two people impatiently run away and leaving behind Jiang Qi alone to confront in their eyes the very good-looking but very formidable, Ke Yan . . . . .

At this moment if Jiang Qi knew what they have in mind, maybe will tie both of them to a tree and let the lighting strike them in pieces .

Jiang Qi sitting on the sofa felt his whole body edgy, as though there’s thousands of needles pointed at his buttock, at any times would stab him . Ke Yan looked at Jiang Qi nervous appearance, suddenly decided to tease him . From behind he takes out a familiar thing and asked: “Is this yours?” “Ah, that . . . ” is mine . Jiang Qi was about to blurt out the words but abruptly hold back . Jiang Qi looked at the camera he has thrown into the bushes in Ke Yan’s hand and do not know how to answer . “Hmm?” “That . . . . I do not know . ”

Ke Yan raised his eyebrow, switch on the camera and discover his pictures inside: “Since inside have my pictures, then it is not yours?”

Jiang Qi did not answer . Even though this camera is not their own but if lost, wouldn’t he has to pay money? Ke Yan see Jiang Qi does not answer also did not continue to ask, went over to the window looking outside . Found that the rain getting heavier accompanied by thunder . If others, they might extend their courtesy and let Jiang Qi stay over, but it’s unlikely for Ke Yan . He do not like unknown person to stay inside his house . Today to let Jiang Qi to come in was already a rare thing . “There’s umbrella inside the shoe cabinet . ” Ke Yan indifferently said . Jiang Qi knew Ke Yan’s implication is to drive him away . . . however . . . . when Jiang Qi holding the umbrella standing in front of the door and saw outside the crashing heavy rain, he looked back at the closed door with heavy heart and unfurl the umbrella . Moving forward, the wind blew fiercely and blast Jiang Qi’s face with rain water, his hand wipe away the rain from his face . White ray of light flashed, followed by a loud sound of thunder . The sharp sound of thunder made Jiang Qi frightened, quickly retreated scared he would be strike by lightning . Jiang Qi hesitated for a moment before press on Ke Yan’s doorbell . After a while also did not have someone to open the door and Jiang Qi press the bell again for several times . Ke Yan finally opened the door .

Jiang Qi with thick skin open his mouth to talk: “Hmm . . that . . can you let me sit inside for a while . After the rain not so heavy only to go?”

“Cannot . ” Ke Yan think also did not, straight away refuse Jiang Qi and slammed the door shut . Jiang Qi wrinkled his nose, felt that this person really has no compassion . This kind of weather . . . how to go back to their school ah . Oh, well . Jiang Qi has completely forgotten where were Liu Hao and Meng Qing had gone at this time . The helpless Jiang Qi with no further option pathetically standing holding the umbrella hiding in front of Ke Yan’s door waiting for thunder to go away only to walk back . . . . . . .

Ke Yan finished bath come out to drink water, looking at the weather getting more and more dreadful thinking, that guy should have gone ba? Ke Yan opened the door only to discover Jiang Qi still there, looking at his eyes watching him with pathetic expression . Ke Yan practically without compassion but to see Jiang Qi in this state, do not know why he actually somewhat soft-hearted and pulled Jiang Qi into the house . . . . . This scene if to be showed to “Mo Nu” and “Ma Tong” definitely will ridicule him until their teeth falls out . TLN: “Mo Nu”- evil woman / “Ma Tong”- toilet bowl . . . 2 out of 3 of Ke Yan’s best buddies . Will appear soon!!

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