President Wife is A Man

Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Chapter 21 -Two People at the corner of the library

With military training finally ended, Jiang Qi felt difficult times have passed and now it’s times for leisure because there’s almost no class in session . And so he escaped to the library . From small Jiang Qi already likes to read, but it’s not the textbook . He likes to see all those interesting titles of literatures books . However, the books Jiang Qi usually found interesting, almost never been seen by others .

In the evening, the weather outside still considerably hot . A little bit of wind also non-existence, hot to death . At this time most of the students in campus went to cafeteria to eat or in their dormitories enjoying the cold blowing air .

At this time, inside the library in addition to the administrator there’s only Jiang Qi . Right on the corner at a table next to a window, Jiang Qi bend over on top of the table, with his head pillowed by his hand sleeping soundly . Additionally, on top of the table there’s a book laid open and at one side there’s a bottle of not yet open bottle of water . The reflected light from the setting sun, shines towards Jiang Qi’s body . Even though the light from that sun quite unpleasant, Jiang Qi raised hand covered his eyes from the dazzling light resulting to his smooth and stable sleep .

However, not long after, the hand previously covering his eyes dropped . Jiang Qi’s eyebrow creased uncomfortably .

Ke Yan with one hand holding a bottle of water and another holding a book saw Jiang Qi sleeping on the table, felt this figure looked familiar . Originally thinking to pick other place to sit but it came to his mind who is Jiang Qi, so he just sat on Jiang Qi’s opposite side and opened up the book in his hand to read .

Ke Yan every time at this hour would come to this corner of the library to read books because during these hours, the crowd would be less . And even if there’s somebody, they wouldn’t choose this corner, a too quite position with not one soul present . Generally during this hour, Jiang Qi usually already left the library, however because today he accidentally slept leading to their fated meeting .

Ke Yan reading the book noticed Jiang Qi’s head started to move restlessly as if his sleep was distracted . Looking at Jiang Qi’s knitted brow with the sun shines hitting his face, Ke Yan silent for a moment . He then picked up a book laid open on the table by Jiang Qi’s side, carefully use it to cover Jiang Qi’s face .

With the sun light covered up, his knitted brows finally smoothen and his sleep becomes more comfortable .

Did not know how long, Jiang Qi’s head started to move and the book covering his face fell down . Jiang Qi raised his head and yawned, rubbing his aching neck, surprised to find Ke Yan sat in front of him . Jiang Qi fairly natural to greet Ke Yan: “ Ke Yan, you also comes here to read ah . ” In Jiang Qi’s mind, although he and Ke Yan did not exchange a lot of words but at least they are familiar with each other .

“Hmm . ”

Jiang Qi yawned once more and took the already open bottle of water and drink . After a mouthful only to realize Ke Yan’s eyes looking at him: “Is there anything wrong?”

Ke Yan pointing his finger at Jiang Qi’s drink: “You just drank my water . ”

“Ah?” Jiang Qi looked at the bottle in his hand, he only drank a mouthful but the water already in half . Obviously has been previously drank by Ke Yan . Jiang Qi with flushed face took his bottle of water and gave Ke Yan: “This water I haven’t drink yet, give you . ”

Ke Yan took the bottle, close the book in his hand and stood up . Jiang Qi also quickly followed and stood up, together with Ke Yan to put the book back .

Walked out from the library, Jiang Qi looked at Ke Yan by his side: “Let’s go together to eat ba . ” Afterwards, he looked at Ke Yan in expectation .

Ke Yan did not look towards Jiang Qi but can felt his eyes on him: “Okay . ”

Listening to Ke Yan’s answer made Jiang Qi smile and together with Ke Yan went to the cafeteria .

In the cafeteria, there’s already no one there to eat . Two people finished their meal returned to their dormitory . Ke Yan’s dormitory at fourth floor, Jiang Qi at fifth floor . When two people reached the fourth floor, Jiang Qi grabbed Ke Yan’s clothes: “You can call me Jiang Qi . ”

Ke Yan did not answer but continued to move forward . Jiang Qi looked at the hand he used just now to hold on Ke Yan’s clothes . Ke Yan should have remember it ba .

The next day Jiang Qi went to the library in the evening, sitting at the corner reading a book . Very quiet, almost all the people have gone . Soon after there’s a sound of footsteps . Jiang Qi raised his head up from the book, its Ke Yan .

Ke Yan to see Jiang Qi did not showed any reaction, just sat on his opposite side and read a book .

Jiang Qi think reading books together with Ke Yan feels good, really comfortable .

A comfortable silent spread in between both of them . Just like that, two people sitting quietly reading books . There’s no words, but the mood however is good .

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