President Wife is A Man

Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Chapter 22 - A pile of sour clothes


After class finished, Jiang Qi went back to his dormitory . However once inside, he saw clothes and pants scattered everywhere on the floor . There were also two big suitcases laid open . With a glance he saw the contents inside consisted of underpants, socks and other miscellaneous items . After shocked to stun for few seconds he shouted: “Ye Xing Wei!! Where are you . . . quickly come before I throw your clothes out . ”

“I’m right behind you . . . . ”

Suddenly to hear a voice behind him made Jiang Qi jumped in surprise . He turned around and pulled Ye Xing Wei’s arm into their dormitory: “You quickly put your clothes all packed up . ”

Ye Xing Wei dragged a chair and sit down in roguish manner, with his leg overlapping each other and shameless expression: “No, I won’t . ”

“You won’t?” Jiang Qi dazedly thinking for a moment . Ye Xing Wei’s family got money so naturally he doesn’t need to do housework . “Then, it’s alright . ”

Ye Xing Wei listened to Jiang Qi’s unexpected short answer, reacted in surprised: “What?”

Jiang Qi speaks excitedly: “I’ll teach you . ”

Looking at Jiang Qi excited expression, Ye Xing Wei feel anything but reassuring, however his mouth promised: “Okay ah . ”

Jiang Qi open Ye Xing Wei’s cabinet only to find inside fully packed with round of mass clothes and pants, carelessly thrown . In addition there was also some kind of sour smell which changed Jiang Qi’s face to black: Don’t joke with me . Don’t tell me every day he changes clothes and then kept it in here . No wonder I never saw him hang dry his clothes . Turns out he doesn’t even wash his clothes . What a dirty person . Looks like in Jiang Qi’s view, Ye Xing Wei image as a noble young master has completely collapse, not even leaving a residue to be save .

“Ai, why did you put your clothes here and didn’t even wash it ah . Soon will become mouldy de . ”

Ye Xing Wei covered his own nose: “Quickly throw them away, smelly to death ah . ”

“Wash it ba, after wash can wear back . You quickly go and wash it ah . ”

“Oh, okay . ”

Jiang Qi nodded in approval, picked up Ye Xing Wei’s clothes which he threw on the bed and on the floor but when he turned around Ye Xing Wei already run away . Jiang Qi seething in anger pinched the clothes in his hand and helplessly stacked everything on the bed .

At this moment downstairs, Ye Xing Wei turned his head and looked up stretched his tongue out and said: “Don’t joke with me, even told me to clean up, extremely impossible ba . ” He didn’t even contemplate on whose fault indiscriminately treated those clothes until it became like that .

Should he help him wash all his clothes ah? Jiang Qi looks at those smelly clothes .

But why should I help him wash his clothes? Just now also sneakily run away, some more his own fault that his clothes became mouldy like this . But these mouldy clothes if not wash then already cannot wear ba? Then, what a pity it would be . Jiang Qi feeling tangled for a moment but suddenly his eyes lit up .

Jiang Qi took a big black bag out and takes one of Meng Qing’s pen and put Ye Xing Wei’s clothes inside and tied the bag . Then he took out his phone and call Meng Qing: “Meng Qing where are you ah? Quick come back to the dormitory . ”

“You got what important thing, to say ah . Asked me to run back, right now hot to death de . Just tell me right now through the phone enough ba . ”

“In short if you want to make money come back right now, if you’re slow you might lose the opportunity oh . Ah, that’s right . . maybe you can earn a lot, a lot of money oh . ” Finished after, Jiang Qi hangs up the phone . Afterwards, also using the same way called Liu Hao to come back .

Originally Meng Qing lack of interest listening to Jiang Qi’s call . But after he heard can earn big money, just now lying on the table immediately stand up and quickly ran back to the dormitory .

And so both guys returned to the dormitory saw a large black plastic bag as well as Jiang Qi standing in front of Ye Xing Wei cabinet . Meng Qing opened the bag to see inside: “Wah, where all these clothes come from, all the famous and popular brand names . Some of them you want to buy also not necessarily can be bought . ”

Liu Hao took one of the clothes and carefully looks at it: “These clothes seem like Ye Xing Wei de, I think two days back I saw him wear this one . ”

“It’s his . I took it from his cabinet . ”


“En . . You guys took these clothes to wash and afterwards can put it on the net to sell as second-hand items . But, I don’t know whether can sell or not . ” Jiang Qi saw some of the clothes which Ye Xing Wei doesn’t want only to propose this idea .

“He he…” Meng Qing issued a treacherous laughter . As if thinking something depraved, the glow of happiness cannot be concealed from his expression .

Jiang Qi and Liu Hao looked at his inexplicable expression, cannot help but to shake their heads thinking, this Meng Qing sure has some kind of depraved idea running through his mind right now .

Jiang Qi looked at the clock, nearly time to go to the library: “I still have something so I’m going to go first . ”

Liu Hao looked at Jiang Qi’s back, thoughtfully thinking and said: “Jiang Qi seems every day during this hour got something to do . ”

At this moment Jiang Qi never expected that Meng Qing and Liu Hao this two guys would do afterwards .

Night time Ye Xing Wei came back to dormitory and before his eyes the dormitory looked really neat and clean . Did Jiang Qi help him to clean up? Ye Xing Wei open his cabinet and just as expected all his clothes has been folded neatly and stacked away . Ye Xing Wei touched and stroke one of the white shirt while smiling . From small in addition to his mother and the servant, no one has ever help him to fold his clothes . Not even his two sisters . Hmm . . Ye Xing Wei took a note inside the cabinet, on top were written:

Clean up your personal items in the suitcase yourself and do not indiscriminately put away your dirty clothes again . Next time I won’t help you to clean up . ”

Jiang Qi

Ye Xing Wei took the suitcase out to see . Inside he can see all his underwear and socks . Ah . . Ha ha . . Ye Xing Wei couldn’t help but to laugh a little . This Jiang Qi really is … . a little bit cute .

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