President Wife is A Man

Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Chapter 25 - Blushed

With Ke Yan back to school, Jiang Qi resumes his ordinary life and also retrieved back his usual energy . Getting back energy is not only Jiang Qi but also all the female students resume their energetic life . As though they manage to eat some kind of elixir to boost their energy back .

Life passes by in common way . Jiang Qi’s life remain the same with Ke Yan to read, having a meal, occasionally in the campus catch a sight of Ke Yan and listen to female students debate who is more handsome . But, there is one thing that has changed – recently by Ke Yan side there’s a person by the name of Yang Shao Yu appeared .

That guy seen women will act flirtatiously . Always changing girlfriend one by one . Liu Hao because of this has shouted his hatred and envy, really is one big heart of radish . Handsome man really has this capital ah . Even Jiang Qi could not help but sigh . TLN: 一个 花心 大 萝卜 : one big heart radish – womanizer / hollow love .

***** Evening . . . Jiang Qi in the classroom packing up his books . When he about to leave, Liu Hao stop him in his track: “Jiang Qi, today don’t think to leave . ”

Jiang Qi feeling baffled asked: “Why?”

Liu Hao mimicking Meng Qing’s rogue expression, looking very cheap and wicked . It took Jiang Qi just one look to know there’s no good deed behind it . As expected Liu Hao laughed evilly: “Today, we all go out for a meal ba . ”

“Dinner? Count me out ba . ” Jiang Qi knew the dinner in Liu Hao dictionary means group dating/ building friendship . Jiang Qi turned around thinking of taking another exit out . Liu Hao did not move to block him because Meng Qing already waiting at the other exit ready for Jiang Qi to walk into their trap . Jiang Qi saw both sides of exit have been blocked, wondering what should he do to escape from this trap . Suddenly his eyes lit up, pretending to see right through Meng Qing’s body and said it out loud: “Meng Qing’s little cousin sister, why did you come?” Meng Qing immediately turned around to see . What cousin sister? Jiang Qi only bluffing him, right . When Meng Qing realizes Jiang Qi is really bluffing, it’s already too late because Jiang Qi has taken the seconds he got distracted to run away .

Looking at Jiang Qi’s silhouettes running away, Meng Qing and Liu Hao’s teeth really itch to bite someone . Never thought Jiang Qi this kid can run really quick .

The said person at this time was panting running towards library, slowly rubbing his forehead which already full of sweats: “Ahh . . so hot!”

“Ah…so hot!”At the same time a boy ran out from the library, one hand propped at his knee in an awkward position and hand as though wiping a lot of sweats on the forehead . The movement so smooth and graceful but still a little bit exaggerated……Jiang Qi looking at this exaggerated actions and the handsome trying to think who is this familiar person . Ahh…Yang Shao Yu! The person who recently appear by Ke Yan’s side . Two people facing each other but after 2 seconds of looking at Jiang Qi, Yang Shao Yu transferred his line of sight around the surrounding area as though looking for someone . Not long after he held his hand up and waves to someone at the distant while shouted: “Ke Yan . . I’m over here . ”

Yang Shao Yu shouts stop Jiang Qi’s footstep from going further and looked right pass him .

Ke Yan unhurriedly walks over and passes by Yang Shao Yu, totally ignoring him .

Yang Shao Yu did not got angry but instead voluntarily pasted his self to Ke Yan side, smiling broadly and said: “Why are you ignoring your own people . ” “Do not smile, so ugly . ” Ke Yan narrowed his eyes at Yang Shao Yu .

Ugly? Yang Shao Yu stroking the corner of his mouth, ignoring Ke Yan’s little speech .

Jiang Qi has been frozen at the same place saw Ke Yan walking step by step approaching him and then by his mean walking forward with his silly dumb-founded expression to say his greetings to Ke Yan . “Let’s go . ” Ke Yan said .

Yang Shao Yu narrowed his peach blossom eyes in suspicion . When did Ke Yan change to become this courteous to a person?

“Ah . ” Jiang Qi followed from behind Ke Yan .

Yang Shao Yu did not keep up with them but instead took out his phone and dial a number . After waiting for a while the phone being picked up by a woman: “Xiao Yangzi, what happen?”

“Do not call me Xiao Yangzi . ” Yang Shao Yu feels that appellation as bad as calling a person an eunuch, truly unpleasant to the ears . “Ah, do you remember last time when you came to our school and saw that boy?” That person at the end of the other line interest has been stimulated: “Of course remember, who?”

“Of course I would not be so stupid to tell you . ” “Then, why are you calling me?”

“Give the things I wanted and I’ll tell you . ” That person on the other line gave out a strange laughter making Yang Shao Yu immediately got goose bumps . Then she said: “Xiao Yangzi, you are still so childish . I can find out on my own de . ”Finished talking, the phone was hung up .

Yang Shao Yu dissatisfied after being hung up dialed another number .


In the library . . Jiang Qi did not look at the book, instead holding his chin with both hands looking at Ke Yan . Ke Yan: “Anything?” Getting along for over a period of times, Ke Yan knew when Jiang Qi’s state of mind is thinking over some insignificants things and right now he seems to have a question for him . As long as Jiang Qi didn’t have the answer, he would be unlikely able to continue reading the book . Jiang Qi: “Yang Shao Yu is your friends?” Ke Yan : “Hmm . ” “I felt both of you not similar but the feeling really harmony . ”Jiang Qi said in short sentence on his surprised observation . Ke Yan sitting at the opposite side of Jiang Qi couldn’t help but to give a little smile after listening to his commentary . Jiang Qi’s eyes opened wide, then laugh appealingly . This Jiang Qi looks really pleasing to the eyes but right now he feels his heart ‘putong . . putong’ thumped really hard and his face a bit heated . Jiang Qi immediately used the book to hide his heated face . Ke Yan saw Jiang Qi acting weirdly asked: “What happened?” “No . . . nothing, nothing . ” Jiang Qi stutters to answer . Looking at Jiang Qi’s discomfort state, Ke Yan seems to figure out what’s the matter . His eyes flashed indulgent, without words calmly lowered his head and continue to read .

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