President Wife is A Man

Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Chapter 24 - Progress

One day, 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, 5 days, 6 days, 7 days . . Jiang Qi from that night a week ago never saw Ke Yan in the college . Library also Ke Yan did not go, also did not returned to his dormitory and even the class also did not turn up . Everyone was gossiping on Ke Yan’s disappearance especially the girls . The gossip has become even more powerful . Jiang Qi lying on the table while listening to the gossiping girls with a sigh . In the end where has Ke Yan go ne? Why he never left any words? Good or bad, we both can be considered as friend ba . Together reading books, together having meals, he knew Ke Yan’s name, knew Ke Yan likes to read, knew he really looks good, knew he got a house outside, knew his phone number…… Jiang Qi sighed once more . He did not know Ke Yan’s phone number . Hold on a second, formerly bending over lying on the desk Jiang Qi suddenly straighten up his body . He knew Ke Yan’s name but did Ke Yan know what his name ah . Jiang Qi seriously fell into deep contemplation . It seems he did not tell Ke Yan about his name ba, not right, seems like I had told him . Ah…I can’t remember ba . Jiang Qi heaved a sigh and went back to bend over and lay his head on his table . Arghhhh!!!!

Liu Hao seated right behind Jiang Qi saw he kept on sighing and thinking: What happened to this guy ah? His hand lightly tap on Jiang Qi’s shoulder and when he turned around Liu Hao asked: “Jiang Qi are you alright?” “Ah, nothing…” with a dispirited voice .

“Are you sure?” It doesn’t looks like nothing . Liu Hao picked up the books on the table and said: “Then, let’s go to eat ba . ”

“Okay . ” Jiang Qi also picked up his book and went together with Liu Hao to cafeteria . In the cafeteria Liu Hao watched Jiang Qi eat with lifeless expression, cannot help but asked: “Jiang Qi, are you having an unrequited love ah?”

“No ah . ” Jiang Qi felt strange why Liu Hao thought he was lovesick . With his hand touching his own face thinking does his expression looks like someone lovesick ma? “If you’re not lovesick then what are you?”Liu Hao felt that Jiang Qi’s expression right now was the same as the time when he was lovesick . “What lovesick? Both of you lovesick ah?” Meng Qing clamoured like an old blabbermouth lady . “No, I just thought Jiang Qi acted like someone with unrequited love . ” “Jiang Qi you’re really lovesick ah?”

“I really am not . How can I have an unrequited love when I never fallen in one .

Meng Qing held on the chopstick and waving it in the air, inside his mouth already full of food and obscurely said: “Lovesick cannot be necessarily counted as the emotion of having a relationship and then breaking up . ” Listening to Meng Qing’s words, Jiang Qi put down his chopstick: “I am full already, both of you slowly eat ba . ”

Looking at Jiang Qi’s back leaving the cafeteria, Meng Qing shakes his head and said: “The condition is not good . ” “I also felt the same . ” Liu Hao agreed with Meng Qing’s words . . . . . . . . In the evening, Jiang Qi stood outside the library looking at the logo and wondering whether he should go in or not . Do not know today Ke Yan will come or not, if he did not come . . . then? Jiang Qi did not like having this ‘waiting for someone’ feeling especially when he do not know whether that person will come or not .

After hesitated for a while, he turned around to leave but after two steps he stopped and turned back walking inside the library . Maybe . . . Ke Yan will come today? If I went back maybe I’ll missed him, like this I’ll better go inside and see first ba since I’m already here . At this time outside the library, Meng Qing and Liu Hao were hiding behind a tree and watched Jiang Qi entered the library . Meng Qing especially hated places like library, have a lot of people inside but they never said a word . Only to mind their own business and read books for half a day . For someone like Meng Qing who loves lively atmosphere and likes to talk, that kind of condition was simply unbearable . Liu Hao saw Meng Qing standing there in dazed said: “Let’s follow . ” Two guys came inside the library found out that there’s not a soul inside, Meng Qing could not help but gasp: “This is nice!” Two people searching for a long time but never found Jiang Qi . Liu Hao leaned against a bookshelf: “Where Jiang Qi has ran to, how come we cannot find him . ”

“Right there, found him . ” Meng Qing pointed at the front bookshelf from where Liu Hao leaned onto, indicating the location of Jiang Qi to him .

Jiang Qi looking at the book in his hand absentmindedly completely did not understand how the overall situation was . Jiang Qi felt irritated but when he raised his head, he jumped in surprised looking at Liu Hao and Meng Qing appeared seated in front of him . After he calmed down his heart he asked: “What’s wrong with both of you?”

“This thing we should ask you . . . you said . . . tell us what happened so that we can help you to analyze the problem out . ” Jiang Qi watched both of their “ready to guide you” facial expression and thought, maybe if he told them his heart won’t feel so bad, so he opened his mouth and said: “Hmm . . . I have an arrangement with someone to come here and read books together, however the outcome, he disappeared with no explanation and I don’t know what happened . ”

Meng Qing asked him sharply: “This agreement was mutually made by both of you or you personally think he would agree with you?” This question seems to stump Jiang Qi because after carefully thinking it seems there’s no such agreement, merely he went out of his way to wait for Ke Yan in the library . It appeared that they never had a mutual agreement to begin with . . . . . Meng Qing concluded his guidance speech: “Then everything is clear isn’t it . Since you never had mutual agreement to begin with so the other party has no obligation to tell you where he went and why he didn’t come . ” Liu Hao complained: “You were too rash ba . . why so quick coming to the end of conclusion de . ”Meng Qing ignored Liu Hao but his mind suddenly flashed an idea and excitedly said: “Jiang Qi, don’t tell me you’re together with a girl reading and you got so dispirited because you like this girl ah?”

Meng Qing this sentence, cannot help but to make Jiang Qi’s heart speed up . Liking Ke Yan? No No No . . . how could it ba? They are boys ah? Certainly not like that . But why his heart beats so fast? Jiang Qi covered his heart’s position because Meng Qing’s words have made him scared silly . That’s it . . In his mind Jiang Qi denied the matter of his inclination towards Ke Yan, in short, he must not think . He slowly stood up and walked out from the library . Leaving behind his book on the library’s table . Meng Qing and Liu Hao can only watch him leave with mouth open . Walking in the middle of a path with surrounded by unknown trees, Jiang Qi again and again sorted out his mind over his unclear feeling . Such a feeling made Jiang Qi felt strange . . . . and uneasy . Because he never had this kind of experience with this emotion before, so he was quickly to choose to no longer linger on solving this problem . Because trying to comprehend this problem only end up giving him nothing but a hell of a fright . Night time . . . A tired Jiang Qi arrived at the dormitory building and when he reached the fourth floor he subconsciously give it a glance . To his surprised he saw Ke Yan leaning on the railing outside his dormitory . Jiang Qi step by step arrived at Ke Yan’s side: “Where did you go?”

Ke Yan looked at Jiang Qi cheerful face, unhurriedly open his mouth: “Have something . ” Momentarily speechless, Ke Yan turned around to go back to his dormitory . Jiang Qi hold on to Ke Yan’s clothes: “Did you know my name is Jiang Qi?” Ke Yan did not stop but faintly replied: “I know, you already told me . ”

With Ke Yan’s words, Jiang Qi irritable mood and agitation regarding today’s matter finally dissipated .

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