President Wife is A Man

Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Chapter 27 - Anxious Stammer

The next day Jiang Qi wanted to let Ke Yan know that he will be participating in Liu Hao’s birthday party and cannot go with him to the library . But the whole morning he tried looking out for him at the school but could not find .

At noon Jiang Qi went back to the dormitory, and took a piece of paper and pen thinking . . . . should I write a note to inform Ke Yan? After thinking for some times, Jiang Qi took a bottle of water and transparent tape and then wrote on the piece of paper: Today I need to attend a birthday party, no time to accompany you to read books .

Looking at the words on the piece of paper, Jiang Qi full of grievances lay his head on the table . . . . how could it be that I don’t even have Ke Yan’s phone number . Should ask the thing but never ask . The next time to meet has to remember to ask him . With this determination in mind Jiang Qi sit back up, took the note and paste it on the bottle .

Then he picked up the bottle of water and rushed to the library . Jiang Qi then put down the bottle at Ke Yan usual seat .

Looking at Ke Yan’s seat, Jiang Qi unconsciously strokes the back of the chair several times . But suddenly he felt like being electrocuted by a minor electrical current and quickly recovered his fingers with a blush on his face . Shamefully looking around . . . no one is paying attention, right? . . . . . .

In the evening just after class, Jiang Qi being drag away by Liu Hao and Meng Qing, followed by Ye Xing Wei . Four people walking together on the road . Looking at the high-spirited Liu Hao, Jiang Qi asked: “Before the main gate close, can we go back to the dormitory ba . ”

Liu Hao with ‘You are truly dull’ expression on his face replied: “Tonight I must enjoy the whole night . ”

Jiang Qi shut his mouth and decided after fully eat that time to slip away secretly .

Birthday party was held in the restaurant not far away from school . Their dishes are good, the price also reasonable and because it’s not far away from school many students come here to eat .

When these four people finally reach the restaurant, they saw a middle age man wearing a suit standing at the lobby looking at them with a broad smile: “How are you? I am the manager of this restaurant . Because of some unforeseen reason, the room you’ve booked has to be change to other place . ”Not waiting for them to interrupt he continued: “But do not worry, we have readied for you a room much bigger and better than the last one . Your friends are already waiting for you there, so do not be anxious . Ah . . and one more thing . The price also has been discounted to half . ”

Listening to his explanation, Liu Hao think that he don’t lose any instead has win some . So, he readily agreed with the arrangement .

The manager led everyone to walk upstairs and they arrived at a very luxurious looking door . Once open . . . . . Liu Hao felt that everything in front of his eyes is glittering . . . . golden wallpaper, golden carpet, golden rock crystal chandelier . . . . . . everyone just stunned by this dazzling sight that can almost blind the eyes . . . . .

“Hi, you have come . ” Yang Shao Yu greet them .

“Yang Shao Yu? This matter, how is it?” Liu Hao asked in surprised .

“Oh, the boss said there’s a schoolmate to celebrate his birthday at the same time as mine but there’s no available room . Then he proposed for us to celebrate together in one room and he would provide free snacks as freebies . So, I agreed . How about you?”

“I have no problem . ” Although they are unfamiliar with each other but Liu Hao readily agreed .

The manager was relieved: “I hope everyone have a good meal . ” Finished, he walked away .

Everyone went inside one by one and Ye Xing Wei because he just wants to quietly eat and then left came in last acted inconspicuous . However, even when he wants to be low-key still being spotted by a group of girls which today has been dressing up elegantly and acting especially graceful . One after another comes with a drink to greet him .

Everyone sit down, Liu Hao and Yang Shao Yu as the birthday boys sitting on the same table . Ye Xing Wei were surrounded by girls and with variety of perfumes mixed together the smell has become a bit unpleasant . Sitting at the same table as Ye Xing Wei and looking at his impatient expression Jiang Qi sighed . . . . . too popular also not good ah!!

Jiang Qi picked up the glass in front of him and drink . As a result he was choked by the spicy taste of the alcohol . How come is the beer ah . . . so hard to drink!!!

“Ah, water . ”A glass of water appeared in front of Jiang Qi . No time to think further Jiang Qi took the glass and drink a mouthful . After drink only he realizes the drink was given by Ye Xing Wei . Jiang Qi a little surprised because he never took Ye Xing Wei as a thoughtful person before .

“Thank you . ” Jiang Qi lightly chuckles .

Ye Xing Wei with a cold face did not answered but pushed away his side of people, take a glass of beer and move over to sit at a white sofa at the corner of the room . Might be because they think their olive branch was being rebuff so the girls no longer disturb Ye Xing Wei .

Jiang Qi sitting at the table alone in boredom eating, surrounded by the noisy environment, especially that table occupied by Liu Hao . Almost all the people crowded to that table . Jiang Qi tasted the fish in front of his eyes…ah, not bad . Lost in the food, Jiang Qi did not hear someone was calling him at the side .

“Jiang . . Jiang Qi . ”Qiao Mi Er calling for Jiang Qi in lowly tone but Jiang Qi didn’t show any reaction . Feeling a little nervous, she bites her lower lip, do not know how to proceed . At the background not far away, her good sisters were giving her refuelling gestures once they saw Qiao Mi Er consider retreating .

Qiao Mi Er took a deep breath and gently patted on Jiang Qi’s shoulder: “He . . hello . . Jiang Qi?”

And this time Jiang Qi reacted, turned around and asked: “Hello . . you are?”

Qiao Mi Er looking at Jiang Qi talking to her got even more nervous and her voice sound a little bit shaky: “He . . hello . ”

Listening to the greeting, Jiang Qi bite his chopstick in thoughts while looking at her nervous expression . Jiang Qi put down his chopstick and dragged over a nearby chair, kindly said: “Do you want to sit first and slowly chat?”

Qiao Mi Er breathed a sigh of relief, nodded and sat . Her hands moved in tension below the table , do not know how to open her mouth . . really nervous .

Jiang Qi took a cup of drink and put it on her front: “Drink first and then talk ba . ”

Qiao Mi Er’s face could not help but blush, took the cup and drink slightly .

“En…that . . hmm…I…I… . ” Qiao Mi Er stammering to talk and after sometime not even a short sentence has been clearly said . Qiao Mi Er so anxious until her palm also followed to sweat .

Jiang Qi also very anxious . In the end want to said what ah? Really want to urge her to talk quickly but afraid the pressure would make the words will not see the day . Looking at her too nervous expression . . hmm, what so nervous oh? In Jiang Qi’s mind has made up a lot of miscellaneous scene . Qiao Mi Er seated beside Jiang Qi with her head down while picking at her clothes looking for support, stammering to say the words .

Ye Xing Wei sitting at the sofa accidentally saw these scene . Looking at Qiao Mi Er bashful expression, he could not help but wrinkled his eyebrow in annoyance and drained the glass of drink in his hand .

A boy seated on another sofa near Ye Xing Wei also clearly saw this scene, but what he concerned more was Ye Xing Wei’s movement .

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