President Wife is A Man

Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Chapter 28 - Drinking Party

This side, Jiang Qi was trying to listen to what Qiao Mi Er trying to say to him while the other side Meng Qing looking for people to drink found Jiang Qi, with a slight drunken state came over: “Jiang Qi, what happened?” Meng Qi patted Jiang Qi’s shoulder .

Jiang Qi raised his head: “I am chatting . ”

Meng Qing with a big silly grin on his face said: “Do not talk anymore, come we drink . ” Heard this, Qiao Mi Er raised her head and nervously looking at Jiang Qi .

Jiang Qi did not realize Qiao Mi Er’s eyes looking at him but still he refused: “Do not . ” He usually saw his brother went for a drink and at night came back drunk and occasionally drunk crazy . The next day he would be listless and cannot come down from the bed due to severe headache .

“It’s a rare day to celebrate Liu Hao’s birthday, how to say also you at least need to drink a cup with him ba . ” Meng Qing tried to coax Jiang Qi .

After doing some thinking, Jiang Qi felt Meng Qing’s word has truth in it . So he said: “Then, I’ll drink a cup . ”

With that, Meng Qing pulled Jiang Qi towards Liu Hao’s table .

Qiao Mi Er looking at Jiang Qi’s back walking away, anxious eyes turned red . What she wanted to say has not been said but that person already left? Only can blame her own too useless . . such a simple words also could not tell . Aiiii…cannot help but sighed . Her good sisters waiting at the background for support immediately hurry to come forward for comfort: “It does not matter…next time will have the opportunity…do not be sad . ”

Jiang Qi sat at Liu Hao’s table and barely seated when his hand was stuffed with red wine by Liu Hao . Obviously very drunk, Liu Hao shouted to Jiang Qi: “Jiang Qi . . . quickly drink . ” Jiang Qi watched the glass of red liquid and thinks: I wouldn’t get drunk with just a glass, right? Jiang Qi drank a mouthful and wrinkled his face in distaste . . . wuwuuu . . . really hard to drink .

Meng Qing at the side coaxed: “Drink the whole cup finish . ” At the side Liu Hao also echoed together: “ Yeah . . . yeah . . drink finish the cup . ”

Jiang Qi could not help but stared at this two people contemptuously . . . . these two people!!!!!

The other side group of female students also has drank quit a few glasses and their ordinary restrained attitude also already died a thousand death, right after followed Meng Qing to shout: “ Quickly drink!!” Drunken female also cannot be taken lightly . Bold appearance different from ordinary days appeared like two different people . Jiang Qi helplessly tilted his head up and the glass of red wine emptied to his belly . . . . .

Do not know how long, Jiang Qi felt his head dizzy and his surrounding sound seems to become smaller, really want to fall asleep ah ~~ someone seated on a chair cannot help but narrowed his eyes . . . .

“Come quickly . . eat this cake . ”Jiang Qi felt someone shouted to his ears to eat cake, but he was very sleepy, so he think he chooses to sleep is better .

Heartily sleeping, Jiang Qi didn’t notice seated on both side of the two people, but he heard harsh scream of the female population inside the room . Subconsciously he frowned and heard in their scream the name of Ke Yan . Ke Yan . . . . . . how was it possible for him to be here? Maybe I just heard it wrong ba . . . . .

Ke Yan seated on his right side saw Jiang Qi’s face sleeping so soundly cannot help but frowned . He even can fall asleep? Also no self awareness . . . . this guy really . . . . .

Ke Yan can be here right now because today was Yang Shao Yu’s birthday . He and Yang Shao Yu were the earliest to arrive but he chooses to sit at the corner sofa which can only see his back view from the main door . Yang Shao Yu knew he do not prefer noises so only when cutting cake to call him over . Suddenly Jiang Qi’s head moved as though he began to wake up . Ke Yan regains back his sight .

However Jiang Qi did not wake up . Only felt that his neck a little bit aching so his head fall over to one side . Accidentally he was facing the side of Ye Xing Wei’s seat and his head falls onto his shoulder .

At this time Ye Xing Wei was drinking with others when suddenly felt his shoulder’s heavy . Turned around to discover Jiang Qi leaning against his shoulder sleeping soundly . His face was calm and collected but inside cannot help to feel funny . Really good sleep . Looking at Jiang Qi’s red face, he leaned over to smell . . . has been drunk? Ye Xing Wei felt a burst of cold air from someone chilling eyes looking at him but when he raised his head, he could not lock into that position . Engage in what ghost ah?

Ye Xing Wei looked at Jiang Qi’s slim shoulder and thinking to pull his body into his but hesitated . . . should he do it or not? Ye Xing Wei felt that recently he was looking at Jiang Qi weirdly . It seems he cannot continue to go down this road, frowned, and let his hand drop back down . . . . but . . . . . he still want to . . . . . .

Ye Xing Wei once again lift up his hand to pull Jiang Qi into his embrace but he did not succeed to hold because when his hand reached halfway, he was blocked by someone .

Ye Xing Wei looked up . Ke Yan . . . . how could it be him?

They are not familiar with each other but have heard each other name . Occasionally they would pass each other on the campus .

Ye Xing Wei opened his mouth: “Something?”

Ke Yan with raised up brow, indifferently said: “Nothing . ”

Ye Xing Wei heard his word frowned and want to break out from Ke Yan’s blockade but could not struggle out . Ye Xing Wei slightly dumbfounded . . did not think Ke Yan’s strength so big forcing him to increase his strength . Because of that the movement has touch on Jiang Qi and he was slightly shaken . Raised his head and rubbed on his sore neck then rubbed and rubbed on his eyes and stretched out his body lazily: “Hmmm . . . ”

Ke Yan break open his blockade, pulled the drowsy Jiang Qi into his arm and stand up . Yang Shao Yu was cutting his cake when he said: “I first go back . ”

Yang Shao Yu blinked and replied: “Okay . ”

Everyone was watching both of them left and the female student said: “Fortunately it’s Jiang Qi and not a girl . ”

Yang Shao Yu at one side also slowly mumbled: “Man also can be dangerous ah . ” While mumbled while taking out his phone and took photos . “Come . . come . . do not look anymore . Come here and eat the cake . ”

As for Ye Xing Wei?

At this time his expression was really ugly . . . there was this feeling of the meat in his hand being frivolously taken away by others . . .

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