President Wife is A Man

Chapter 30.2

Chapter 30.2

President Wife is A Man - Chapter 30 (Part 2)

Listened to the question, Liu Hao’s face has become even uglier and a little bit green . Jiang Qi worriedly looking at him and after a moment Liu Hao spits out these words: “ I’m fine . ” It doesn’t feel like anything to him . . Jiang Qi’s mind was thinking but he does not say it out loud because he saw Liu Hao’s face really ugly . Jiang Qi looked at Meng Qing but he merely shrugged his shoulder and his expression was saying . . ‘It’s a long story . ’ Jiang Qi felt really baffled to see both of them . Why would everyone behaviour seem so strange today?

The next day, Jiang Qi took yesterday clothes that he has washed and put it in a clean paper bag . Looking at the time . . . hmm, just sent back these clothes to Ke Yan ba . Thinking about it, Jiang Qi picked up the bag to go . At this time Liu Hao was thinking to chat with Jiang Qi but just about to call out to him, he was energetically rushed to go out . All the words Liu Hao wanted to say was swallowed back into his stomach . Where did he want to go ah . . So eager!

Liu Hao was raging with anger whereas Ye Xing Wei watching him away only felt ~~ annoyed! Ding Dong ~~ Jiang Qi pressed on Ke Yan’s house doorbell . “What do you want?” After a while, Ke Yan opened up his door . Jiang Qi handed over the bag to Ke Yan: “Your clothes . ” Ke Yan took the bag and gave it a glance . He did not think Jiang Qi would return back the clothes because even if he sent it back he would not be wearing it again .

Ke Yan has a slight Mysophobia . Naturally, he will not wear the clothes that have been used by another person . TLN: Mysophobia is characterized by an obsessive fear of any kind of contamination, including by illness, dirt, body fluids, or bacteria . "Is there anything else?" Jiang Qi was deflated . Really cold . They have already known for quite some times but why it felt like strangers . Really inconsolable . . but Jiang Qi still continues to say: “ Then, where’re my clothes? Yesterday that I wear that one, I just bought it and has only worn it twice de . ”

Clothes? Thinking of it, it seems yesterday he already threw those clothes . Looking at Jiang Qi’s honest face, the bag in his hand seems to be a little bit heavy . Ke Yan slowly opened his mouth: “I’ve thrown it . ” You threw? Jiang Qi suddenly felt really angry . He grabbed back the bag in Ke Yan’s hand and left . He was so hard washing his clothes, in the end for what? Looking at Jiang Qi walked away in anger Ke Yan did not call out to him . However, he seems to have felt a little bit . . . guilty conscience?

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