President Wife is A Man

Chapter 30.1

Chapter 30.1

Chapter 30 ( Part 1) - Anger?

When Jiang Qi slowly from downstairs came down to the living room, Ke Yan already changing his clothes and sitting on the sofa reading newspaper . Jiang Qi walked to the front of Ke Yan with a little hesitation trying to think of words to say, opened up his mouth and closed it again and finally spit out the words: “En . . that . . that . . bathroom, can you let me use the bathroom to bath first?” Ke Yan even head did not raised, continue flipping the newspaper and said: “You can . . . but after you bathe do you have any clothes to wear? Jiang Qi bowed his head and grab onto his wrinkled clothes . He had spent the night on sleeping with it and it was also full of unpleasant smell of alcohol: “ Then…what am I going to wear?” Ke Yan put down the newspaper and went to the bedroom and came out with a set of clothes . Then he handed it over to Jiang Qi’s hand . This is the second times Ke Yan lend him his clothes . Jiang Qi clearly remembered the last clothes he has not returned it to Ke Yan and until today the clothes were placed on his cupboard at the dorm . In the bathroom, Jiang Qi was holding on to Ke Yan’s clothes . The shirt was white colour . Jiang Qi notice, Ke Yan most often wear a white shirt, dark coloured jeans as well as canvas shoes . His style is simple but very nice to see . It seems like a lot of other girls also like . . but why does there’s a lot of people like it, ne?

Lost in thoughts while bathing, Jiang Qi didn’t think that as a man himself to praise other man how weird could it be . After bathed, Jiang Qi felt his body a lot more comfortable . Out from the bathroom he saw Ke Yan was standing by the door and unconsciously said: “I have a good bath . ” Ke Yan nodded: “Ah . . let’s go out to eat ba . ” “Okay . ” Jiang qi quickly nodded back . Two people walked slowly side by side under the shades of the trees . Jiang Qi called for Ke Yan: “Ah . . Ke Yan . ”

“Hmm?” “Did I get drunk last night?” Thinking of last night ordeal, Ke Yan trying hard to restrain his feeling: “Ah . . really drunk . ” “Why did I follow you back?” “You were to the death clinging to me insisted that I take you home . ” Ke Yan’s mouth rise up to a treacherous smile . "It is impossible . " Jiang Qi was sure . "How do you know it was impossible, wasn’t you drunk?" Ke Yan stared at Jiang Qi sharply .

“How could I shamefully do such thing… I would never have done things like that . ” Jiang Qi resolutely for their own excuse to defend himself . “Don’t you know? When people are drunk, they would usually do something they never could have done . “Will not it…” Jiang Qi’s tone already turned somewhat uncertain . They eat in a small restaurant . To Jiang Qi’s surprised, the restaurant was quite clean and the decoration also quite nice . They were using green bamboo in order to decorate the whole restaurant . The two sat down together with a bowl of porridge each and a few kind of side dishes . Finished their meal, Jiang Qi bid farewell to Ke Yan and went back to the school alone . At the dorm there was no sign of Liu Hao and Meng Qing, only Ye Xing Wei lying on his bed seems to be sleeping . Jiang could not help but lightly step by step walking, but not even two steps Ye Xing Wei abruptly rise up . “You did not fall asleep ah?”

Ye Xing Wei pointed at the clothes on Jiang Qi’s body: “Ke Yan’s?” “Yeah . ” Jiang Qi stroke the back of his head: “ How did you know?” “Humph . . ” After giving Jiang Qi cold shoulder, Ye Xing Wei went straight to the toilet . What happened? How come his emotion fluctuated like women . . If Ye Xing Wei knew what was Jiang Qi’s mind painted him as, perhaps he would drag him into the toilet and flushed him away . . Near the evening Liu Hao and Meng Qing came back . Jiang Qi asked where the two has gone but the two stall and stammer, in the end do not know what to be said . "What happened?"

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