President Wife is A Man

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Dinner? Poison?

That day, Saturday, Jiang Qi and Ke Yan are not working . Two guys sitting on the sofa together watching a movie . Jiang Qi leans against Ke Yan’s chest and asked: “What shall we eat for lunch?” Ke Yan answered helplessly: “Whatever you cook, I’ll just eat it ba . ”Because Jiang Qi only knew how to cook two types of dishes, one is stir-fried Chinese cabbage and another one is stir-fried shredded potatoes . Usually both of them eat Jiang Qi’s mother ready made foods or Jiang Qi will cook these two types of dishes only .

Jiang Qi to hear Ke Yan’s respond, comes out from Ke Yan’s embrace and asked: “I can only cook those two dishes, didn’t you feel tired eating it?” “I will not . ”

Although Ke Yan said will not tired but thinking about it seriously, Jiang Qi suddenly said: “I go back to my mom’s house for a while . ” Finished talking he started to get up to leave but Ke Yan right away pulls his hand to stop him from leaving . “What’s wrong?”

“I’ll go and learn how to cook . ” Finish saying he pull away from Ke Yan’s grip and ran out from their house .

Jiang Qi reach house to find that his mom conveniently staying home, not as usual out to gossip with friends . Jiang mother saw Jiang Qi suddenly comes back and asked: “What happened? Why did you suddenly comes back?”

Jiang Qi started to speak awkwardly: “Uh, I want to learn how to cook . ”

Jiang mother was slightly taken aback: “Why suddenly trying to learn how to cook?” Yun Hui seated nearby also cannot help but to chime in: “Don’t tell me you have a girlfriend, now learning to cook for her to eat ah?”

Jiang mother feeling excited: “Is that true, my son?” Jiang Qi helplessly said: “Both of you no need to guess, I learn to cook for myself not to feed any girlfriend ba . ”

“You this guy, don’t always think about work, have time go and pay attention to your girlfriend ba . If you don’t be careful later on there will be no woman would want you . ” Jiang mother complained . Jiang Qi cannot help but to silently whispering to himself: Already give Ke Yan caught ba . But those words cannot say out loud, if not don’t say today want to learn how to cook, Jiang mother herself would be putting poison inside the dishes and give them to eat .

“Okay, okay . . mom I know already . Do not say anymore and quickly teach me how to cook ba . ”

“Come on . ” Jiang mother felt there’s no use continue talking to Jiang Qi .

Both went into the kitchen and donned the apron . Jiang mother took pork ribs from the fridge and put it on the chopping board and call out to Jiang Qi: “Come, mom teach you how to prepare the meat . ” “Okay . ” Then, today we do sweet and sour ba . ” “Don’t want, change to other style ba . ” Jiang Qi knew Ke Yan did not like to eat sweet food so he do not want to learn to cook this type of cooking . “Well then, we cook braise pork ribs ba . ”

“En, okay . ” Jiang mother take a knife and hand it over to Jiang Qi: “Help me slice a few pieces . ” Jiang Qi took the knife but do not know where to start, what to do . . . what to do, he never cut any meat before!!!!

Jiang Lu came back, just entered the door already can smell a whiff of charred flavour . Immediately asking Yun Hui seated on the sofa watching television: “Sister in law, what is this smell ah, cook what until burnt just now?” Yun Hui didn’t say anything, only to indicate her to go and see for herself . Jiang Lu went to take a look and quietly came back to watch television with Yun Hui . Jiang Qi went to the supermarket on his way back and when he got home the day already turns to night . Get into the house he straight away go to the kitchen and start preparing for dinner . Jiang Qi completely disregards Ke Yan so he closely followed Jiang Qi to the kitchen . Leaning against the kitchen door, Ke Yan looks at Jiang Qi’s busy appearance in preparing their dinner . Inwardly, he can’t help but shudders in fear thinking about tonight’s dinner!!!

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