President Wife is A Man

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - Injured

Jiang Qi put the foods on the dining table with his face full of expectation, looking at Ke Yan: “ Ke Yan, come quick we eat . ”

Ke Yan looking at the dishes on the table, the scene somehow carrying an eerie vibes . He cannot help but swallowed his saliva, sit down, pick up his chopsticks and hesitated for a moment . Looking at Jiang Qi’s face, full of expectation, he stretches out his hand to pick a piece of meat from the dish specially set in front of him . After a mouthful he immediately spit it out, pick up to his side of water and drink almost half of it in one go .

Feeling hesitant, Jiang Qi looking at Ke Yan: “The food you eat, really unpalatable ma?”

Don’t tell me, the food I usually cook compare to this is more unpalatable ah . Jiang Qi also took a piece of the meat to try, also same as Ke Yan spit it all out at once . It’s so sweet and Ke Yan most hated this flavour . But how can it be so sweet ah?

Jiang Qi walked to the kitchen and pick up the salt jar to see . It turns out that the whole jar actually contained sugar!! Meanwhile the sugar jar is full of salt .

Jiang Qi try to recall back each step he took from outside coming back to the time he was cooking the foods, only to discover half way through cooking he runs out seasoning and took out them from the cabinet to fill it back . Maybe, at that time he has mistakenly filled in the wrong jars .

But, even though he didn’t mess up between sugar and salt, what he cooked would always taste horrible . According to Jiang mother, what she experienced while teaching him how to cook can be summarize as follows: Jiang Qi is a completely kitchen idiot, do not eat anything that he cooks!!!

Ke Yan walk into the kitchen and look at Jiang Qi’s dispirited appearance, walk over and approach him from behind, pick up the jar from his hand and put it back on the rack, then gently hugged him tightly from behind, chin leaning on his shoulder: “It’s alright, we just go out to eat ba . ”

“But… . ”

Ke Yan touched and stroked Jiang Qi’s stomach, “You are not hungry ah? Your stomach feels so flat already . ”

Jiang Qi also feel himself hungry, some more Ke Yan should be hungry as well ba . . so he casually answered: “Alright . ”

Afterwards he open the tap wanted to wash his hand but accidentally his hand knock on the fruit knife and he got cut by it a little . The pain made Jiang Qi cried out: “Die ah . . . . ” .

Ke Yan grabbed Jiang Qi’s hand and pull out two pieces of paper towels set on the other side to help Jiang Qi stop the blood . Then he hugs Jiang Qi and hold him in princess style out from the kitchen .

Jiang Qi cried out in alarm, soon after Ke Yan put him on the sofa to sit . Ke Yan turn around and from the small cabinet on the other side took out an emergency kit to help Jiang Qi disinfect his hand and paste a plaster on it .

Ke Yan heaved a sigh after carefully treated Jiang Qi’s wound: “Can’t you be a little careful?”

After done talking he turns around to put back the emergency kit . However Jiang Qi pull him over, leaning to his chest and kiss the corner of his mouth . After kissing him for a while, he let go and softly said: “I know . In the future I will be more careful, alright . ” Finish saying he sit back straight up . However, Ke Yan hold on to his head, kiss him and open up his mouth and sucked on his tongue . Jiang Qi seated on the sofa slowly being overwhelmed by him . Ke Yan’s hand continue to reach inside his shirt, groping .

“Ah…” Unable to bear, Jiang Qi intolerably cried out . In exchange, Ke Yan’s assault getting more and more heated .

Suddenly, Jiang Qi stomach called out . . . .

Ke Yan separated his mouth from Jiang Qi’s lips, looking at Jiang Qi already redden face feeling amused and whole-heartedly laughing .

Jiang Qi’s face couldn’t get any more redder .

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