Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories

Chapter 408 - All These Years, You Have Been Lying To Me

Chapter 408: All These Years, You Have Been Lying To Me

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Shen Qianshu knew that he would not answer her, so she smiled. “You should trust me more.”

Just like how I trust you.

Even if you really have a relapse, I believe that you wouldn’t hurt me again.

I’ll wait for the day you become honest with me.

The Shen Family.

Fang Xia was utterly disappointed with Shen Lin. “Lin, how could you bring Qian Youli to meet Qianshu? Luckily, Qianshu is defended by people. Otherwise, she would be in deep trouble if she landed in Qian Youli’s hands. You- How could you be so cruel?”

“Mom, didn’t we already discuss this? Shen Qianshu is going to pay this debt. What’s wrong with me bringing Qian Youli to her? Pa, do you think I did anything wrong?”

“You were not wrong!” Shen Xiong raged at Fang Xia. “What are you doing? Didn’t I tell you to drug Qianshu’s drink? You can’t even do something so simple. Do you want our family to fall apart?”

“I…” Fang Xia was just being perfunctory. She did not intend to hurt Qianshu, and that was her final straw. “Qianshu is no longer related to us, stop trying to hang on to her. She has repaid everything that she should have. Lin, if you think that anyone has let you down, it is me. I was the one who carried the wrong child home. All these years, I’ve been trying to make it up to you. I always stood on your side whenever you had conflicts with Qianshu. When Qianshu left our home, I stopped caring about her. No matter what others thought, I only protected you. For you, I hit Qianshu so many times. Mommy loves you. I could ask Qianshu for money in a thick-skinned manner, but I would never push her to a dead end.”

“Do you want our family to be torn apart for an outsider?” Shen Xiong was infuriated.

Shen Lin appeared to be sad. “Mom, you still love Qianshu, indeed. After all, you raised her up. I feel like I’m the one you carried home by accident.”

“Lin, do you have a bit of conscience? I agreed to you taking Qianshu’s works. Do I not love you enough?”

Shen Lin’s heart was filled with extreme jealousy and hatred.

Suddenly, a cold voice came from behind. “What do you mean Qianshu’s works?”

Lin Xuan was standing at the entrance of the villa, staring at them. His facial expression changed drastically. The two families lived near one another, and because of the engagement, Lin Xuan often came to the Shen Family’s home. No one even noticed that he was standing at the entrance.

Shen Lin’s face changed. Although she did not like it when Lin Xuan kept missing Shen Qianshu, she was ready to abandon Lin Xuan for Ye Ling.

In the end, Ye Ling could not care less about her. Lin Xuan was her best choice at the moment. The Shen Family was on the verge of going bankrupt, and they could not lose Lin Xuan.

“Brother Xuan, there’s nothing. You heard wrong. Mom’s talking nonsense.” Shen Lin walked over and held his hand softly. She was panicking. Back then, she kept wanting to have Lin Xuan even though it could not be seen how she loved Lin Xuan. She had only wanted him because Lin Xuan was Shen Qianshu’s first love.

She wanted anything that belonged to Shen Qianshu.

After being with him after all these years, she had indeed fallen for him a little.

However, Lin Xuan only agreed to being with her because of her talents.

If Lin Xuan knew that those designs and works belonged to Shen Qianshu, how could he continue loving her?

“Do you think I’m a fool? I heard everything clearly. Auntie, what’s going on exactly? Was Ye Ling right? All of Lin’s works were done by Qianshu?” Lin Xuan stared at them unbelievingly.

Fang Xia was avoiding eye contact. Lin Xuan was thunderstruck.

“Mom!” Shen Lin screamed, panicking. “Tell him! Tell him that you were just spouting nonsense!”

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