Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories

Chapter 409 - Have you Over-indulged?

Chapter 409: Have you Over-indulged?

Fang Xia knew that his matter was not allowed to be made public. “Xuan, I was spouting nonsense. Don’t take it seriously.”

“You lied!” Lin Xuan’s eyes turned red, and he pushed Shen Lin away. “You knew what I loved about you, yet you have been lying to me. So everything Ye Ling said was true. They were all Qianshu’s, you…”

“No, no…”

“Get lost!” Lin Xuan felt a strong sense of regret and hatred. He pushed Shen Lin away and walked out, staggering. What had he done? What was he doing all these years? It turned out that the person he had been loving was Qianshu.


Deep down, Lin Xuan felt delighted, then remorse, then happiness. He did not love the wrong person.

The Shen Family had met with a huge problem in their business. The Lin Family had been helping them out financially for a while, and they were indeed a bottomless hole. He had given up on helping them, and anyway, he could not help much either. His parents had been considering giving up on their marriage lately.

The Shen Family was too huge a burden for them.

Fortunately, he could get rid of this burden.

Would Qianshu forgive him?

Whatever that happened back then hurt her badly. He did not believe that Shen Qianshu had really fallen in love with Ye Ling. If he apologized sincerely, she would definitely forgive him.

“Mom, are you trying to force me to death!” Shen Lin shrieked and stared at Fang Xia spitefully. “You are so biased to Shen Qianshu. Don’t you love me? Why must you ruin my marriage?”

“I…” Fang Xia clenched her teeth. “What nonsense are you talking about!”

“I hate all of you!” Shen Lin stormed out.

Shen Lin went to look for Lu Mengxi in anger.

“Lu Mengxi, tell me. How can I make Shen Qianshu lose everything!” Shen Lin looked vicious. Since her plan did not work out, she needed another one.

Lu Mengxi smiled calmly. “What’s the hurry? More haste, less speed. Ye Yifan is nothing. When I marry into the Ye Family, he won’t be able to do anything.”

“You’re getting married into the Ye Family?”

Lu Mengxi said arrogantly, “Ye Ling and I have been assigned marriage. Sooner or later, I will become the Ye Family’s first lady.”

Shen Lin was startled but excited. With someone like Lu Mengxi, she did not have to worry about Shen Qianshu. How could she be a good match to Ye Ling? “But Ye Ling…”

Initially, she had wanted to tell her about the relationship between Shen Qianshu and Ye Ling, but Shen Lin thought about it and did not continue talking. She wished Shen Qianshu would die, but she did not like Lu Mengxi very much either. This woman was vicious. She killed Yan Jianming. There was nothing she could not do.

“Shen Lin, is your only goal to make Shen Qianshu lose everything in life?”

“No, I want her dead!” Shen Lin said evilly. She wished that Shen Qianshu and Lu Mengxi would fight and hurt each other.

“Don’t worry, I will fulfill your wish as long as you listen to me.”

Shen Qianshu dragged her tired self to Gubelin. After being someone’s pillow for a whole day, her body was really stiff. She also practiced hard for two hours, and her body was crying for help. Shen Qianshu looked woozy the entire morning.

Chen Qiuxiang asked, “Have you been over-indulgent?”

“I wish I did.” But the sad truth was that she was still repulsive over these things. No matter how much she prepared herself and how she set her heart to flirt with Ye Ling, it still bothered her.

It was as if Ye Ling knew, so he treated her like a giant pillow.

“Gosh, I didn’t know that you’re such a little angel.”

Everyone laughed. Shen Qianshu shrugged helplessly. When they were having their meeting in the morning, a few of the main appraisers said a few words. Work was really boring, and they had an important mission this month.

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