Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 2005 - Fell In Love With A Kiss

Chapter 2005: Fell In Love With A Kiss

It was only after she met Ma Haodong that she started to have those feelings of imbalanced heartbeats. When she was with Li Muhao in the past, she never had those feelings.

Could it be… that meant it was true love?

After Ma Haodong finished singing, he asked if Su Jimo wanted to sing. Su Jimo shook his hand so Ma Haodong played a dance song.

“Why don’t you come to dance! Come on brother!”

Ma Haodong invited Su Jimo to come dance. This dance was only suitable for guys, and it was also very suitable for giving confessions.

Both the men danced very well, their dance moves were in sync and they had the same fiery eyes. They surrounded the two women and danced joyfully.

For the last move of the dance, Ma Haodong knelt down directly on the sand. He slid in front of Xiao Yuqian and kissed her on the cheek.

Xiao Yuqian became very embarrassed from his self-made move. She stretched out her hand to touch her cheek. The place where he kissed became very hot.

After the men’s dance ended, Ma Haodong changed to another dance song. The two men started to invite the women to dance together.

Ma Haodong came to invite Xiao Yuqian and she summoned the courage in her heart. She stretched out her hand and he pulled it. The two of them started to dance together.

Su Jimo came to invite Nie Zhenglan but she hesitated. In the end, Su Jimo didn’t give her a chance to consider and grabbed her hands directly.

The four of them danced in pairs while surrounding the campfire. It wasn’t until the song finished that the two women were each lying in the men’s embrace.

Ma Haodong stared at Xiao Yuqian’s red lips that were slightly opening and closing. He couldn’t help but lower his head, wanting to kiss her. However, Xiao Yuqian straightened her back and pushed him away straight away. She even scolded, “Hooligan!”

“Hey! Who are you calling hooligan?”

Xiao Yuqian ran away laughing. Ma Haodong ran after. After running for some distance, he took her directly into his embrace.

“Let’s see where else you can run…”

Ma Haodong hugged her from behind and Xiao Yuqian couldn’t run anymore. The two of them just stood underneath the curtain of night, looking at the deep night sky together.


A bright meteor streaked by. Xiao Yuqian shouted out in surprise. “Look! There’s a meteor!”

What made them surprised after that was there were even more meteors falling from the sky.

Xiao Yuqian bounced up straight away. “Wow… it’s a meteor shower!”

“Quickly make a wish!” Ma Haodong reminded her.

“Oh, a wish!” Xiao Yuqian quickly put her hands together and started to make a wish. Ma Haodong also followed and made a wish.

Xiao Yuqian opened her eyes and said, “I finished making my wish.”

“I also finished.”

“What did you wish for?” Xiao Yuqian asked curiously.

“My wish is that I hope God will give me a beautiful lady. It would be best if she could look exactly like you. I will definitely love her properly, protect her, won’t make her sad or upset, love her every day…”

Ma Haodong’s burning eyes were looking at her when he said these words. Xiao Yuqian looked at him in a daze. She seemed to have realized it. Was he using this opportunity to confess his love to her?

“You are so greedy!” Xiao Yuqian teased him.

“How am I greedy? I only want to have a beautiful lady!”

Ma Haodong took her into his embrace again. He pressed his forehead down on hers and asked, “Do you think God will promise me? Let me try it. Has my beautiful lady come yet?”

Xiao Yuqian didn’t say anything. Ma Haodong’s passionate lips slowly got close to hers. Closer and closer, in the end, they touched her lips.

It was only when he saw that she didn’t reject it that he bravely kissed her.

And just like this, the two of them finally fell in love with a kiss while the beautiful meteors streaked across the sky.

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