Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 2006 - Hard to Separate

Chapter 2006: Hard to Separate

On the other side, Su Jimo knew about the meteor shower beforehand. That was the reason why he chose to camp on the island.

“Why don’t you make a wish?” Su Jimo mustered his courage and asked Nie Zhenglan.

“I don’t have anything to wish for,” Nie Zhenglan replied unenthusiastically.

“Then, I’ll make one,” Su Jimo said. “I wish that you can forgive me and give me another chance. I’m willing to give everything up, as long as you come back to me.”

After making his wish, Su Jimo turned to look at Nie Zhenglan.

Nie Zhenglan was also looking at him with a shocked expression.

“Are you sure? Are you willing to give up everything? After all those years of hard work?” Nie Zhenglan asked. “Being successful as an actor was the most important to you, even more than your own life. How am I supposed to believe you?”

“That’s what I wish for right now. In the past, I only wanted to prove myself as an actor, but now, I realize that it wasn’t important at all,” Su Jimo said. “So what if I’m a two-time winner? I’d rather have you by my side when I’m sick or eating your food when I’m hungry. I only realized how much you meant to me after I’ve lost you… Even if I stop being an actor or give up on all my success, I can still live. But how am I supposed to live without you?”

Not only was Nie Zhenglan Su Jimo’s arms, but his legs and brain as well. Su Jimo only realized how much he had relied on her after she was gone.

Nie Zhenglan felt conflicted in her heart. On the one hand, she wanted to believe Su Jimo, but on the other hand, she knew that being good at acting was something that he didn’t need to force.

Nie Zhenglan couldn’t tell if Su Jimo was telling the truth, or if it was just an act. She was afraid because he’d broken promises more times than she could remember.

Nie Zhenglan did not open her mouth after that. She wasn’t going to believe his words that easily.

Su Jimo understood her feelings. He knew that rather than talking his way out of it, taking action would be better. He’d already made up his mind to make a huge announcement when the time was right.

After the meteor shower ended, it was bedtime.

Then came a problem, there were only two tents.

Before that, Nie Zhenglan was supposed to sleep with Xiao Yuqian in one while Su Jimo and Ma Haodong in the other. But with how Ma Haodong was clinging onto Xiao Yuqian, it seemed like it would be hard to separate them.

“Qianqian, how are we sleeping tonight?” Nie Zhenglan asked.

“We’re sleeping together, of course,” Xiao Yuqian replied, but someone rejected the notion.

“I’m sorry, but I want to sleep with my GIRLFRIEND tonight,” Ma Haodong said.

Ma Haodong emphasized the word girlfriend to show that they were in a relationship. He even grabbed Xiao Yuqian by her shoulder to prove it. Even though Xiao Yuqian had asked Ma Haodong to keep quiet about their relationship, Ma Haodong still chose to boast about it.

“Sure thing.” Nie Zhenglan smiled, seeing her friend had finally made a choice. “I’ll stay in the other tent then.

Nie Zheng then turned to the tent that Su Jimo was staying in. Even though they were divorced, staying together wouldn’t cause any problems. No one would gossip about it since they used to be married. Plus, there wasn’t anyone else around except for Xiao Yuqian and Ma Haodong.

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