Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 2175 - There Was No Need To Be So Ruthless!

Chapter 2175: There Was No Need To Be So Ruthless!

Wandou looked at Wen Zhehan. Wen Zhehan looked at her lovingly. Wandou knew that he was a very good person. He had a good reputation in education and should also be a good father when it came to kinship.

But it was still difficult for her to change her mind and acknowledge him.

Wen Zhehan stayed in the ward for a while. Wan Dehai and his wife woke up one after another. Wen Zhehan expressed his condolences to them. “You guys are really lucky this time. It’s good that you’re fine. I don’t want those things anymore. I’ll get someone to prepare them for you guys again.”

“Yeah, we thought we’d be burned to death this time! Luckily Doudou found out about the fire in the middle of the night. Otherwise, we definitely wouldn’t have survived.”

After chatting for a while, Wen Zhehan said that he would arrange for a car to pick them up after they were discharged from the hospital and send them straight to Bi Gui Garden.

He explained everything he needed to and left the ward.

The parents of the Wan family knew that it was Mu Chenguang who had been staying in the hospital to take care of them and expressed their gratitude.

“Please don’t stand on ceremony with me,” Mu Chenguang said politely.

“Young Master Mu, you should go back and discuss this with your father,” Wan Dehai said. “Our Doudou is Principal Wen’s biological daughter. Your father won’t be able to object anymore!”

“I know. I’ll tell my dad later.”

After Mu Chenguang answered, he called the doctor over to check on them. Wan Dou was fine now. Only the two elders had to stay in the hospital for a day.

Wandou stayed behind to take care of her parents. Mu Chenguang decided to go back to the Mu residence.

Mu Chenguang left the hospital after he finished talking to Wandou.

At the Mu residence.

It had been a long time since Mu Chenguang came back. He asked the butler, “Uncle Yao, is my dad home?”

“Sir is in the study.”

Mu Chenguang rushed into the study room and barged in without knocking.

Mu Kangan was shocked by the loud sound of the door opening. Seeing that it was his son, he said unhappily, “Where are your manners? Can’t you even knock on the door?”

The last time they met at the restaurant, the father and son had parted on bad terms. Today, when they met, they did not look at each other kindly either.

Mu Chenguang threw a newspaper on the table and questioned his father, “I didn’t expect you to be such a person! You are unscrupulous in order to achieve your goals. You even dare to disregard human lives!”

“What did you say?” Mu Kangan asked.

“Read the newspaper yourself!”

Mu Kangan glanced at him and picked up the newspaper. He saw the news about the fire in the neighborhood and asked in surprise, “When did this happen?”

“Stop putting on an act! You’ve secretly bought over Time Estate and chased away all the residents there just so you could chase the Wan family out! So that they would have no way out!

“Their family never moved, so you sent someone to set them on fire in the middle of the night, wanting to burn them alive. Dad, your heart is too vicious!”

“Even if you don’t want me to be with Wandou, you don’t have to be so ruthless!

“Just you wait! Once the police find out the reason, if you did it, you will be punished by the law!”

Mu Chenguang was furious. If it wasn’t for his father, he would have already attacked.

“Chenguang, is this what you think of your father?” Mu Kangan chastised. “I just saw the news. It said that it might be caused by the aging of the wiring. How could you blame it on me? No matter how much I dislike that girl, I’ve never done anything that would hurt or endanger her.”

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