Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 2176 - All Because Of You

Chapter 2176: All Because Of You

“You can deny it! Because you are a despicable person! Wandou has already told me that it was you who caused her to break up with me.

“You came to her in private and insulted her. You even tried using money to sway her into leaving me. Now, what you did is even worse than trying to kill someone with a knife!

“Dad, you’ve always known to draw such a line between the rich and poor. You’re so snobbish that it’s scary. If I had a choice, I would rather grow up in a family like Wan Dehai than be the young master of the Mu family!”

Mu Chenguang glared at Mu Kangan.

Mu Kangan felt as if he had been hit in the head by a heavy hammer. He was stunned.

His son’s words made him feel like a very failed father!

He thought that everything he had done was for his son’s own good, but it turned out that in his son’s heart, he was so unbearable!

Mu Kangan suddenly realized his mistake. For a moment, he did not say anything. He only remained silent.

Mu Chenguang laughed coldly and asked again, “You have nothing to say, right? Ha, there’s one more thing I have to tell you. Haven’t you always wanted me to marry the Wen family? What you want is the noble family of the Wen family, a match made in terms of social status. You despise Wandou’s birth, and you look down on a poor girl. But do you know who Wandou is?”

Mu Kangan raised an eyebrow and looked at his son. “I know. She’s Wan Dehai’s daughter.”

“Wrong! You have no idea! Wandou is actually Uncle Wen’s daughter!”

Mu Chenguang told his father the truth.

Mu Kangan was shocked. “What did you say?”

“I said that Wandou is Uncle Wen’s daughter, Wen Zhehan’s biological daughter! She is the daughter of the Wen family, the eldest daughter of the Wen family. She has only led a wandering life for 26 years! The girl you’ve always wanted to break up and look down on is actually the real daughter of a wealthy family. Haha… How is it? Are you shocked? Do you feel like you’ve been slapped in the face?”

After Mu Chenguang finished speaking, he turned and left. Before he left the house, he told his father, “Dad, you’re the one who doesn’t know how to be a good person. You are just so stubborn. If you still want me as your son, you should properly reflect on yourself!”

Mu Chenguang slammed the door and left. Mu Kangan sat alone in the study. After thinking for a while, he picked up his phone and called Wen Zhehan.

After the matter was verified, Mu Kangan was completely stunned. How could this be?

Mu Chenguang asked the servants of the Mu family to prepare the congee. He also made some food and brought two lunch boxes to the hospital.

“Wandou, I brought some food over.” Mu Chenguang placed the lunch box on the table and opened the lid.

Wandou saw that he had brought so much food and said, “This is too much. How can we finish it all?”

“It’s fine.Bring some for uncle and auntie! These are porridge and dishes.”


Wandou opened the small table on her parents’ bed and sent the porridge and side dishes over.

Wan Dehai and Mother Wan were very satisfied with Mu Chenguang’s performance and thanked him. “Thank you, Young Master Mu.”

“Uncle, Auntie, don’t call me Young Master Mu anymore. Just call me Chenguang!”

“Okay, okay.”

After taking care of her parents, Mu Chenguang asked Wandou to come over for dinner. He also prepared a meal for her.

“Thank you!” Wandou said politely.

Mu Chenguang flicked her forehead. Wandou covered her head in pain. “Why did you flick me?”

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