Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 25 - I Will Be Responsible Until The End, Deal?

Chapter 25: I Will Be Responsible Until The End, Deal?

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Huo Yunshen was satisfied. His thin lips formed a smile, a charming light glimmering deep within his eyes.

He had taken the long way around, and it had worked: she had fallen into his trap.

Xu Xiyan, don’t even think of trying to escape, you just can’t!

“But I can’t take care of you forever,” she said.

Xu Xiyan didn’t know that this was a setup, but she wasn’t stupid. She thought quickly.

“I will take care of you until you can stand up again. Once you can walk again, you will release me from my 1-billion-Yuan debt to you. How about that?”

When Xu Xiyan had worked with welfare institutions for the disabled, she had seen many patients with disabilities similar to Huo Yunshen’s, and they had all eventually regained the ability to walk.

As long as he was willing to cooperate, she was confident that she would be able to help him walk again, and return to him the sense of normalcy that he’d lost.

I’m such a clever girl.

Huo Yunshen rubbed his chin. “Well, it’s not impossible.”

That means it’s possible, then!

Xu Xiyan exhaled, gently sighing. As long as he didn’t ask for money, and as long as there was a time limit in place, everything would be easy to negotiate.

“But what if you go missing again like you did five years ago?” asked Huo Yunshen. “What should I do?”

Xu Xiyan swore on her honor. “Don’t worry! I won’t do it again. I will be responsible for you until you recover.”

“What if I remain a cripple for life?”

“I’ll be responsible for it until the end, deal?”

Xu Xiyan had decided to go all out. The worst-case scenario was that she would have to take care of him for life, but would that be the worst thing? He was Ying Bao’s father after all!


This was exactly what Huo Yunshen was after. His efforts had paid off.

In order to bind her to her word, Huo Yunshen took out a contract he had prepared in advance, and asked her to sign it. Xu Xiyan’s heart sank when she saw it.

Had he prepared everything in advance? Had he always known that she would sign?

Xu Xiyan signed the contract uneasily.

From that moment on, Huo Yunshen was her creditor, and she was his caretaker.

Oh Bodhisattva, oh Jesus, oh all the gods, please bless me! Please help him recover!

In order to stay in touch, Huo Yunshen asked Xu Xiyan to exchange phone numbers with him.

“I want to be able to reach you 24/7,” he said.

“Okay, no problem.”

Xu Xiyan nodded as she made this promise. When she received her phone, she noticed that it was fully charged, and sighed to herself.

He’s really considerate, even charging my phone for me. What a true dreamboat!

As she was saving his number, a reminder of her schedule popped up on the screen.

“Aaaaah!” she yelled. “I’m finished!”

“What happened?”

Xu Xiyan stood up, looking very anxious. “I forgot, I have something important today. I have to go now.”

She was annoyed with herself. She had allowed her plans to be derailed, all because of this handsome guy.

“Let me get my driver to take you,” said Huo Yunshen. “Then I’ll help you move in when you’re done with your business.”

Huo Yunshen called Yi Xiao to prepare the car, and then arranged for a few more members of his staff to drive over together to help Xu Xiyan move into the house next door.

Xu Xiyan wanted to take a breather, but Huo Yunshen obviously wanted her to move in immediately.

Why are men so impatient?

Xu Xiyan quickly tried to negotiate.

“No! I need a few days to prepare. I still have some things to deal with. I’ll move in when I’m ready, okay?”

“All right, then.” Huo Yunshen obliged her.

It’s not like she can escape, anyway.

Yi Xiao soon arrived, parking the car below the apartment, grumbling inwardly.

Young master’s mood is very unpredictable nowadays. Since that false alarm at the airport, he’s become even more bad-tempered!

His master had arranged for him to go settle some business the night before. When he came back, Huo Yunshen was in a car, which sped off before Yi Xiao could even reach it. Yi Xiao had been quite confused, and chased them like a madman, but he couldn’t get it to stop.

Later, Yi Xiao heard from his colleagues that they had caught a female robber that night, and the young master had taken her to his residence.

Yi Xiao didn’t believe it.

He was determined not to believe it.

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