Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 26 - Where Did She Come From?

Chapter 26: Where Did She Come From?

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Even Yi Xiao, himself, found it hard to get into the young master’s mansion, and suddenly the young master says that he’d brought back a female thief? There was no way he would believe that.

Just as he was finishing seeking the truth behind the rumors, the young master came out from the mansion with a lady. Yi Xiao stared at them, his mouth wide open. Oh my god! Are you serious?

The young master is indeed with a girl… Wait…

Why does that girl look so familiar?

Xu Xiyan?

Isn’t that Xu Xiyan?

Because of what had happened to the young master, Yi Xiao was fully aware of the background of Xu Xiyan and the Xu family.

Just one peek was enough for Yi Xiao to recognize Xu Xiyan. He was speechless. Where did she come from?

Even with the power of the whole JS Corporation, the young master couldn’t find her.

For five godforsaken years!

What in the world must have happened to her, that she would come to him herself?

Don’t tell me that she was the thief…?

Upon noticing that Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan were walking towards the car, Yi Xiao quickly stepped out and greeted them.

“Young Master.”

“Yi Xiao, please send Miss Xu home.”

She really is Xu Xiyan. Thank god the young master has finally found her…

“At your service,” replied Yi Xiao, opening the door for Xu Xiyan.

Yi Xiao glanced quickly at the young master before he left. Finally, the coldness in his face was gone. It was like the first moments of Spring.

Ha… Finally, a new chapter has begun.

Xu Xiyan requested that Yi Xiao drive her to Lanmei.

Upon Xu Xiyan’s arrival at Fang Xiaocheng’s house, she entered and was quickly tackled by her cute little girl, who hugged her leg tightly.

“Xi baby! Where have you been? I was so worried! Were you caught by some bad guy? Did someone bully you?”

With her little head slightly lifted, Ying Bao barraged Xu Xiyan with various questions, obviously concerned.

After changing into her slippers, Xu Xiyan picked Ying Bao up, planting a big kiss on her face.

“Nope. Xi baby is the strongest in the world. No one would dare to bully me.”

Ying Bao hugged her mother’s neck tightly. “Then where were you last night? Why did you come back so late?”

“Errr…” stammered Xu Xiyan, unable to explain that she had been staying with Bao’s father. “I was discussing a script with a really big director last night.”

As soon as Xu Xiyan finished that sentence, Fang Xiaocheng entered from another room.

“No one would discuss a script without prior preparations these days, you know? The kid was worried about you the whole night, and here you are lying to her! You should never lie to a child. You know that, right?”

“I… I’m not lying to her!”

Xu Xiyan stared at Fang Xiaocheng, wordlessly asking her to help provide some cover.

I’m lying for her own sake, all right?

Fang Xiaocheng ignored this silent signal, taking Ying Bao from her.

“Cherry Baby, let Aunt Orange tell you something. Xi Baby did not go to discuss a script last night. She was actually out fighting bad guys. a real superhero!”

Xu Xiyan was speechless and uncertain, watching Fang Xiaocheng.

Sister, are you sure it’s good to lie like this? Weren’t you the one who told me not to lie…and now here you are enjoying this little fiction.

The cute little girl believed what Fang Xiaocheng said, searching her face innocently. “Then, did she defeat them?”

“Of course she did. All the bad guys were beaten up very badly by Xi baby.”

Fang Xiaocheng face formed a serious expression.

After hearing that, Ying Bao looked at her mum with newfound respect, clapping her little hands.

“Wonderful! Wonderful! Xi baby is so strong! Oh, I admire you!”

After praising Xu Xiyan, the cute little girl even threw her a big kiss.


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