Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 10 - Beating The Mistress Into A Pulp (2)

Chapter 10: Beating The Mistress Into A Pulp (2)

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Luo Anning nodded and pointed at the pathetic-looking Li Wei. “Tell me truthfully whether you lied to me or not. Think carefully before you answer..”

She absolutely detested liars and had never shown mercy to them.

Staring at Luo Anning who had a sullen expression on her face, Li Wei suddenly felt a little afraid and she found her gaze to be extremely daunting.

Luo Anning did not give her any time to consider at all. She frowned in annoyance and was just about to beckon for the men to come forth. Li Wei burst into tears at this moment.

She tried to get up but was pressed back onto the ground by the men in black. At last, she had no choice but to look at Luo Anning and come clean. “Young Madam, I was lying to you yesterday. Whatever I said were all lies.”

“I’ve been carrying a torch for Young Master Rong for a long time and I found out that you and Young Master Rong are not as close as the rumors make you guys out to be, so I began to harbor designs on him and tried to sow discord. I was out of my mind and was delusional. I thought that I could replace you… I was wrong. Young Madam, please forgive me! I promise this won’t happen again. I swear!”

Li Wei then raised three fingers and began swearing to the heavens while Luo Anning watched on delightfully. The same woman who was all haughty and arrogant yesterday, was now submissively begging her for her forgiveness. Power and authority, are indeed wonderful!

Although Li Wei was pitiful, she did not deserve her sympathy.

Those who lied to her ought to be punished. It was a principle that Luo Anning had always stuck to.

She would not change now nor in the future!

“Okay, I forgive you.”

Li Wei asked in disbelief, “Young Madam, you’ve really… forgiven me?”

Luo Anning waved her hands and thought to herself, Is there something wrong with her ears or is it my articulation that is wrong?

“You heard me correctly. I’ve forgiven you.”

“Thank you, Young Madam. Thank you!” Li Wei exclaimed in surprise on just how quick she forgave her. She cried tears of joy and got up in a bid to leave.

Even Xu Zhiyuan was dumbfounded. Since when has Young Madam become so benevolent and kind?

He still remembered offending her two years ago and ended up being tortured by her. He even had to get Rong Yan to save him.

“Wait a minute.”

Luo Anning said calmly, after which Li Wei stopped in her tracks. She turned around fearfully and asked, “Young Madam, are you going back on your decision?”

Luo Anning shook her head, giving Li Wei a sense of relief, though she tensed up again at the next instant after hearing Luo Anning’s words. “I may have forgiven you but that doesn’t mean that you can escape the punishment. Auntie Li, bring me my Taekwondo uniform.”

“Yes, Young Madam.”

Auntie Li turned around to retrieve Luo Anning’s Taekwondo uniform. Staring at her in disbelief, Li Wei asked, “What do you mean? Are you going to hit me?”

Luo Anning smiled for the first time today and gibed, “Smart.”

Li Wei wished she could cry. Had she known earlier that Luo Anning was such a ruthless person, she would not have dared to incur her wrath at all. Xu Zhiyuan burst into laughter. He could not take Luo Anning’s beatings at all, let alone Li Wei.

Auntie Li soon brought her the uniform. Luo Anning changed into it before bringing them to the dojo in the mansion. Li Wei’s legs turned into jelly and she began to sway unsteadily.

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