Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 11 - Beating The Mistress Into A Pulp (3)

Chapter 11: Beating The Mistress Into A Pulp (3)

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They shoved a few wooden planks into Li Wei’s hands and adjusted her position, after which Luo Anning began to warm herself up. The men in black in the mansion, the servants and Xu Zhiyuan watched the show in a gloating manner.

Li Wei picked up the wooden plank and raised it above her head. Luo Anning squinted and dashed forward before kicking the wooden plank.

The wooden plank cracked open and Li Wei shrieked in terror. Luo Anning’s foot landed on Li Wei’s head after she kicked the wooden plank.

Li Wei fainted and fell onto the ground with a loud thud.

Luo Anning cracked her neck to soothe her muscles. She pursed her lips and said, “What a killjoy, you fell just like that.”

Young Madam, how much energy did it take for you to kick her unconscious?

Feeling rather daunted, Xu Zhiyuan retreated silently. Luo Anning placed her hands on her hip and watched smilingly as he retreated.

She felt extremely thrilled to see the jerk Rong Yan’s right-hand man becoming terrified of her.


Xu Zhiyuan returned to the office of Baina International and informed Rong Yan about the apology that Li Wei had made and the way that Luo Anning punished her.

Rong Yan was in the midst of reading some documents when he heard Xu Zhiyuan’s words. He smirked and seemed to be rather interested.

“Well done. From now on, you may get rid of such people without seeking my permission.”

Xu Zhiyuan understood that Rong Yan was trying to say that he was granting him permission to punish random women who tried to provoke Luo Anning.

Although Rong Yan and Luo Anning were married in name and only got married because of Old Mr. Rong’s arrangements, it did not mean that Rong Yan would allow anyone to disrespect her.

Luo Anning was not just Luo Anning, she was also the Young Madam of the Rong Family and her pride was the Rong Family’s pride. Anyone who shamed her would be shaming the Rong Family too.

They were closely tied together.

At this moment, Old Mr. Rong called and Rong Yan frowned before gesturing for Xu Zhiyuan to leave. He then answered the call.


“Rascal, bring Anning back to the family mansion for dinner this evening. Your mother has been complaining about missing you. You must come home tonight. Don’t use work as an excuse,” Old Mr. Rong said austerely.

“Grandpa, I’m very busy and I don’t have the time… ”

“Postpone or cancel everything that you have. What’s more important than meeting your grandfather?” said Old Mr. Rong who banged his cane against the ground angrily to express his displeasure.

Rong Yan rubbed his forehead. He had no choice but to accept it. “Got it, I’ll head home with Anning tomorrow evening.”

Old Mr. Rong finally smiled and ended the call after receiving a satisfactory answer. Mrs. Rong, Jiang Peihua asked anxiously, “Father, how did it go? Did the rascal agree to come home?”

Old Mr. Rong stroked his beard smugly and said, “Of course, he wouldn’t dare to turn me down.”

Extremely glad to hear his answer, Jiang Peihua said, “Alright, alright, I’ll get the head cook to prepare more of Rascal’s and Anning’s favorite dishes.”


Rong Yan arrived at the mansion at five in the evening, only to realize that Luo Anning was taking a nap again. A frown creased his handsome face that resembled that of a Greek god.

Was she a pig in her past life? Why does she sleep all the time?

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