Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 12 - Returning To Old Mr. Rong's Place (1)

Chapter 12: Returning To Old Mr. Rong’s Place (1)

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“Hey, wake up!” Rong Yan exclaimed, standing by the bed with one hand in his pocket and nudging Luo Anning who was sound asleep.

“Don’t disturb me… ” Luo Anning barked while turning to the side and burying her head in the sheets to continue sleeping.

This damned woman! Rong Yan thought to himself.

Staring at her reddened face while she was sound asleep, Rong Yan suddenly got a sinister idea. He smirked, grabbed a pillow and pressed it against her face.

Luo Anning’s breathing was disrupted and she suddenly felt extremely suffocated, thus having no choice but to wake up. She fumbled about and pushed the things in front of her in a frenzy. Knowing that she had already woken up, Rong Yan took the pillow away.

Once she managed to breathe, Luo Anning sat up straight and pressed her hand on her chest while gasping for fresh air.

Staring at Rong Yan who was smiling sinisterly, she grabbed the pillow and hit him with it forcefully. “Are you out of your mind? Don’t you know that you can kill someone by pressing a pillow against their face?”

She almost thought that she would be returning to the dark and endless days of the past.

“What’s wrong? Are you angry?” Rong Yan asked with a sullen expression, not expecting her to have such a huge reaction.

“I’m more than just angry. Hurry and get lost now! You’d better not let me see you again.”

Rong Yan shrugged his shoulders and said resignedly in an annoying manner, “I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you. You’re my wife. It doesn’t make sense for me to not appear in front of you again.”

“Aren’t you a clean freak? Don’t you hate it when women get close to you? Why doesn’t it apply to me?” Luo Anning questioned while gritting her teeth angrily, wishing she could rip the smile away from his face.

“Because you’re my wife. If it applies to you, how are we supposed to create our children?” Rong Yan turned around gracefully and walked towards the door. “Grandpa called and told us to return to his place for dinner. You have ten minutes to get ready.”

As soon as he left the bedroom, he heard Luo Anning screaming.

“Ah! Rong Yan, you beast. You’re a gangster, you scum!”


One hour later, the limousine convoy began entering the lofty and domineering residence of Old Mr. Rong.

The residence occupied a few thousand hectares, almost covering the entire mountain.

All of the entertainment and fitness facilities were well-equipped and there were also lush greenery, fountains and artificial waterfalls which gave the residence a touch of beauty.

They felt as if they had stepped into a lavish and extravagant royal palace.

The spacious residence housed more than a thousand servants and Old Mr. Rong would often be accompanied by plenty of bodyguards who ensured his safety.

Every detail was proof of the wealth and power of Asia’s richest tycoon.

As soon as the convoy passed through the gilded gate, an army of guards dressed in military uniforms, welcomed them in. It took a twenty-minute-drive for the limousines to reach the main mansion.

The butler Uncle Zhang was dressed in a tuxedo and a watch necklace hanging in front of his chest. He was also wearing a pair of white gloves and was leading the servants out to welcome them.

Rong Yan alighted from the car and extended his hand towards Luo Anning. Greatly surprised, Luo Anning placed her and onto his clean palm and allowed him to lead her out of the car.

“Good evening, Young Master Rong, Young Madam. Old Mr. Rong and Madam are already waiting for you two,” Uncle Zhang said smilingly.

Rong Yan nodded and expressed assent while Luo Anning who also used to be a butler, smiled at Uncle Zhang. “Uncle Zhang, it’s been hard on you.”

“Not at all. These are my duties and obligations, Young Madam. It’s not hard at all,” Uncle Zhang said before leading them into the mansion.

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