Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 19 - No Time For Nonsense With You (2)

Chapter 19: No Time For Nonsense With You (2)

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Luo Anning was the first woman who was brazen enough to tease him.

“No, the world is so wonderful, I can’t bear to die.”

Most importantly, she could not die before she got back what she was owed.

Otherwise, how was she going to answer to her parents in the netherworld?

“If you don’t want to die, get lost and scram to the couch. If you throw a tantrum again, I might just throw you out of the window,” Rong Yan threatened.

What a petty and ungentlemanly man. How can he make a woman sleep on the couch? What a jerk.

Luo Anning hugged her head and said, “Fine, fine, I’ll go to the couch. I’ve never seen such a petty man in my life. I’ve finally gotten an eye opener… ”

“What are you murmuring about?” asked Rong Yan who stared at her with an insidious smile while occupying the huge bed that was enough to fit five people.

“Nothing much, I was just saying goodnight to you. Sweet dreams!” as if.

Luo Anning lay down on the couch which was also soft. However, it was still not a bed and hence, it was not as comfortable. She stared at the ceiling with her eyes wide open.

Not long after, she began to hear the sounds of Rong Yan’s rhythmic breathing which was exceptionally loud and clear in the quiet room.

He is probably asleep, right?

Luo Anning then got out of bed and tiptoed towards the bed. She waved her arms in front of his face and asked, “Young Master Rong, Young Master Rong, are you sleep?”

Rong Yan did not react at all. Luo Anning chuckled and lifted a corner of the duvet before crawling onto the bed stealthily. As soon as she lay down, she heard a voice that sounded out all of a sudden, giving her a great shock.

“How dare you climb into my bed in the middle of the night? Luo Anning, you’re really brazen, huh?” Rong Yan questioned, glaring daggers at her.

“You! It turns out you’re still awake,” said Luo Anning who immediately felt as if she had been deceived.

“If I was already asleep, how would I have known that someone had crept into my bed in the middle of the night out of loneliness?” Rong Yan gibed sarcastically.

What does he mean? I crept into his bed out of loneliness?

He is making it sound as if he is irresistible to me. I just wanted to get some rest on the bed. Why is he making it sound so derogatory?

“What’s the matter? You don’t have anything else to say now, do you?” Rong Yan questioned, pressing for an answer. “The same thing happened that night. You forced me to get intimate with you. Luo Anning, I really didn’t know that you were such a scheming woman. You were so obedient and sensible throughout the past two years of our marriage. It turns out you’re not like that at all!”

Rong Yan then lifted the duvet and got out of bed to leave. Luo Anning was greatly taken aback. She frowned and watched as he closed the door.

He can continue thinking that way. I do not plan on developing any feelings for him anyway.

I will just take it that I was bitten by a dog last night. One-night-stands are so common nowadays. It is not such a big deal.


On the following morning, Old Mr. Rong and Jiang Peihua stared at the two of them ambiguously, as if they would be expecting a child soon.

After breakfast, the two of them left Old Mr. Rong’s place.

Rong Yan had never spoken a word to her since the start of the day and he only focused on reading his documents when they got inside the car. However, she was quite happy with the silence.

After all, neither of them liked each other.

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