Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 20 - Let Things Go Back To Normal (1)

Chapter 20: Let Things Go Back To Normal (1)

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If it were not because of Li Wei’s provocation, she would not have gone to the bar and run into Rong Yan. If she had not eaten those dishes that had been drugged with aphrodisiacs, they would not have become intimate with each other.

Had they not become intimate with each other, things would not have come to this and they would be able to live life normally like they used to. Staying out of each other’s lives and meeting each other only a few times a year.

They drove away from Old Mr. Rong’s residence towards the city. All of a sudden, Luo Anning found the air in the car to be extremely stuffy. She rolled the windows down and allowed the wind to stream in.

“Rong Yan, let’s continue living like how we used to in the past. We’ll take it that nothing ever happened that night,” said Luo Anning who felt that it would be better to talk things out, lest she was mistaken for a scheming woman who was trying her best to creep into his bed.

Rong Yan paused his actions and remained silent for a while before questioning, “Can you really take it that nothing happened that night?”

“I’m sure I can,” Luo Anning sneered, thinking to herself, does he really think I am dying to creep into his bed?

“That’d be the best, lest we end up in a knotty relationship.” Rong Yan closed his document and said, “We’ll do what you said. Let’s go back to the way we used to be in the past. Luxury Mansion is yours. I’ll go home occasionally to have a meal with you. You’ll have to deal with Grandpa and Mother.”

“No problem.”

The two of them came to an agreement and the tension seemed to have eased all of a sudden. At this moment, Luo Anning’s mobile phone began to ring.

It was a call from her uncle, Luo Zhiquan. She hesitated for a few seconds before answering the call.

“Anning, come home for dinner tonight. I got your aunt to prepare some of your favorite dishes. By the way, bring Young Master Rong along with you. We’re family, we need to get together.”

She found Luo Zhiquan’s words to be extremely ironic. Does he still remember that we are family? How shameless is he to have snatched my company away?

“I’m not free. You guys go ahead.”

“What are you saying? Don’t think that you can ignore me just because you’ve married Young Master Rong. If I didn’t raise you for so many years, you would have… ” Luo Zhiquan paused.

Luo Anning sneered, “I would have died out there a long time ago? Uncle, you’re such a great uncle.”

She then ended the call without hesitation.

“Drop me off at the road in front,” she said, obviously targeting it at Xu Zhiyuan.

“Got it, Young Madam,” said Xu Zhiyuan who then gestured for the driver to pull over at the road in front.

Rong Yan noticed the change in her tone. He did not know much about her, apart from the fact that his grandpa liked her very much.

Two years ago, Old Mr. Rong suddenly demanded that he marry her, greatly catching him off guard because she was a stranger. He even insisted that he marry her and no one else.

From then on, he began to detest Luo Anning for he felt that she must have resorted to some scheming tricks to make Old Mr. Rong be so willing to defend her and even forced him to marry her.

Hence, he immediately moved out of Old Mr. Rong’s place together with her after they got married.

On the surface, they lived together in Luxury Mansion, but in reality, he secretly lived in the apartment near the office.

If it were not for the fact that Old Mr. Rong often sent someone to keep an eye on him, Rong Yan would not have returned to Luxury Mansion to see Luo Anning at all.

He observed her beautiful face and had no choice but to admit that she was indeed gorgeous and had a great personality. She was quiet and reserved, yet lively and boisterous when she wanted to be. She also had the ability to remain composed most of the time.

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