Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 21 - Let Things Go Back To Normal (2)

Chapter 21: Let Things Go Back To Normal (2)

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For the past two years, she had been acting sensibly too. At the very least, she did not pester him nor complain about him to Old Mr. Rong.

Upon sight of the anger on her face, he asked softly, “What happened?”

She did not sound too happy during the call with her uncle. Did she have a feud with him?

Rong Yan finally realized that he did not know anything about his wife apart from the fact that her name was Luo Anning, and that she had graduated at the top of her class from the Holland International Institute of Butlers.

“It’s alright, thank you for your concern, Young Master Rong.” The car pulled over slowly by the side and Luo Anning alighted from the car without hesitation.

Luo Anning slammed the door shut and left quickly. Rong Yan squinted and stared at the view of her back.

“Young Master Rong, are we heading back to the office or the apartment?” Xu Zhiyuan asked apprehensively.

Rong Yan snapped out of his trance and continued to look at his documents, as if he were not distracted just now. He answered in an alluring voice, “The office.”

After alighting from the car, Luo Anning strolled mindlessly and aimlessly along the streets. Due to her marriage to Rong Yan, she had to quit her job as a butler and enjoy being treated like a Young Madam.

Sometimes, she would even feel like she was about to become crippled.

S City was a metropolitan city where life was fast-paced. The streets were filled with white-collared workers zooming in and out.

They had a confident and alluring smiles on their face, which had nothing to do with their appearance. Their confidence was exuded from deep within.

All of a sudden, she stopped in her tracks and stared at the woman in front of her before bursting into laughter.

Rivals really tended to run into each other. The more she wanted to avoid them, the more they appeared in front of her.

“Luo Anning, why didn’t you agree to my father’s request for you to go home for dinner tonight?” Luo Zhiquan’s daughter questioned, staring at her condescendingly with folded arms.

She had a face full of smokey makeup and was dressed in a black dress. She had two bodyguards and an assistant with her.

Clearly, she had just finished filming. By the way, the wealthy heiress Luo Xinya was actually a model who was not too famous in the modeling industry. She only became a B-list model all because of the money that her father, Luo Zhiquan had spent on pulling connections for her.

“You don’t want me to show up in front of you guys, do you?” Luo Anning gibed while stroking her hair gently and staring at her with a smile.

“You do have some self-awareness,” Luo Xinya said before glancing at her in disdain and saying condescendingly, “You may ruin my appetite but since my father has already voiced his request, you’d better go home for dinner obediently. Don’t forget to bring Young Master Rong along. Li Qin, let’s go.”

As proud as a peacock, Luo Xinya turned around in a bid to leave. Glaring daggers at Luo Anning, she said, “It’s an honor to have the same opinion as you. You and your family totally ruin my appetite. I won’t be showing up for dinner with your family, let alone my husband. That’s because you people are not fit enough to dine with us.”

“What did you say? Luo Anning, I dare you to repeat yourself,” Luo Xinya barked before rushing forward to grab her wrist forcefully. She refused to leave regardless of her assistant’s advice.

She was a public figure while Luo Anning was the wife of the heir of Baina International. If the paparazzi snapped photos of them, chaos would definitely ensue.

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