Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 23 - Did I say anything?

Chapter 23: Did I say anything?

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Extremely bewildered, Secretary Wang asked, “Mayor, were you referring to Young Madam Rong?”

Feng Churui’s smile faded and he said, “Did I say anything? You must have heard me wrongly.”

He then strode towards the black Land Rover that was parked by the side of the road. Secretary Wang wondered to himself in puzzlement, was I hearing things just now?

That evening, Luo Anning went on a joyride on the expressway together with Lu Momo and Mo Qiange instead of turning up to dinner with Luo Zhiquan.

Lu Momo drove a fiery red Ferrari while Mo Qiange drove a sleek and luxurious black-colored Lamborghini. On the other hand, Luo Anning drove a white Maserati that was given to her by Old Mr. Rong.

The three sports cars sped along the streets like phantoms while the sounds of their engines roared loudly in the air like a melody, giving everyone a rush of adrenaline.

Mo Qiange overtook the both of them at a loop, after which Luo Anning smirked and swerved the steering wheel forcefully to drift perfectly across the turn, leaving behind a deep tire mark on the ground.

“Oh my god, could you not be so dangerous!?!” Lu Momo muttered under her breath before stepping hard on the accelerator to increase the speed of the car to 350km/h.

The three of them were all driving top grade luxury sports car. Fortunately, there were barely any cars on the expressway at night. Otherwise, they would have gotten into trouble.

One hour later, the three of them pulled over in front of a seafood restaurant. After handing their car keys over to the valets, they headed inside the restaurant and took a seat by the window.

After ordering their dishes, Luo Anning looked out at the night scenery through the window while sipping on some fruit juice. The restaurant was located on the 72nd floor and hence, they could enjoy a bird’s eye view of the night skyline of S City.

Eating seafood while enjoying a vibrant scenery was undoubtedly an indulgence.

Having known Luo Anning for a long time, Lu Momo and Mo Qiange both knew that she would invite them for drag racing or a spin whenever she was not in a good mood.

Back in Holland, she used to take her Koenigsegg which she purchased with her own money, on a spin. She would speed dangerously too.

Now that she was back in the nation, she no longer sped that dangerously, even though Lu Momo was still rather astonished.

“Qiange, don’t you think humans are really greedy? They’d actually blind themselves and go against their conscience for the sake of money,” Luo Anning asked nonchalantly while rubbing her glass with her fingers.

Lu Momo stared at her worriedly while Mo Qiange’s eyes glistened. They finally found out why she was angry. Apart from her horrendous uncle and his family, there were rarely anyone who could provoke her and make her angry.

“Anning, it’s been so many years. Haven’t you made up your mind yet?” he asked.

Shaodong Corporation, which used to be Anning Corporation, was an asset that Luo Anning’s parents who had passed away in a fatal car accident, left behind for her. It belonged to her.

However, Luo Zhiquan allowed his greed and money to let him go against his conscience and snatched the company away from his innocent and naive niece through despicable means. He even renamed the company with his son’s name.

“However, he’s my father’s biological brother after all. We’re relatives… ” Luo Anning murmured.

Lu Momo pouted and barked, “Since when have they ever treated you like their family member? You’re a fool to still be concerned about kinship. If they had some conscience, they wouldn’t have abused you when you were younger… ”

“Momo!” Mo Qiange interjected in a bid to stop Lu Momo from continuing. Staring at Luo Anning worriedy, he said, “Anning, don’t dwell on it. It’s all over now.”

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