Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 24 - It's Good To Have A Backup

Chapter 24: It’s Good To Have A Backup

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Lu Momo suddenly realized that she had unintentionally rubbed salt into Luo Anning’s wound. Staring at Luo Anning pitifully, she said, “Little Anning, I didn’t do it on purpose. I was just feeling indignant on your behalf. I’m angry that they bullied you.”

Luo Anning smiled and said, “I know. It’s my blessing to have the two of you as my friends.”

“Hehe, I like hearing that. Little Anning, you may shower me with more compliments, I won’t mind it,” Lu Momo said, refusing to admit that she had accepted a compliment.

Mo Qiange smiled and stared at her calmly without saying much. Lu Momo continued, “Little Anning, isn’t your marriage to Young Master Rong just a transaction? Didn’t Old Mr. Rong promise to help you get your company back? How’s the progress?”

Luo Anning shook her head and said, “Old Mr. Rong will never put himself in a disadvantageous position. He’s been delaying the execution of the plan because he wants me to give birth to Rong Yan’s child. He’s threatening me.”

Mo Qiange clenched his fists tightly below the table and stared at her. “In that case, give birth to a child with Young Master Rong then. Perhaps, you might be bequeathed with billions of yuan worth of Baina International’s assets.”

Luo Anning smacked him on his head relentlessly. She retorted, “Do I seem like such a person? Besides, I won’t bear children with someone I don’t love.”

“Does that mean you don’t have any feelings for Rong Yan? It’s Rong Yan, Young Master Rong who’s incredibly dashing. He’s out to make women feel ashamed!” Lu Momo exclaimed, feeling rather conflicted for she was both smitten yet angry.

“You’re right. You should only have children with the person you truly love. Otherwise, you’ll be harming the child for the rest of their life.”

Mo Qiange agreed with Luo Anning for once. He asked, “What do you plan to do then? If you don’t give birth to Rong Yan’s child, will Old Mr. Rong still help you?”

“It seems Old Mr. Rong is bent on making me give birth now,” Luo Anning said with a sullen expression. She gently knocked the table and said, “I shall just deal with it for now. I’ll try my best to rush Old Mr. Rong and prompt him. Even if he can’t help me snatch my company back completely, I can’t let the past two years of my life go in vain.”

Mo Qiange nodded while Lu Momo chimed in, “Little Anning, why don’t I get my father to help you instead? Qiange can help you too. Actually, you didn’t even seek our opinions before marrying Rong Yan. You wasted two years of your youth and yet, the company is still not returned to you yet. Don’t you think Old Mr. Rong is just trying to tie you down to the Rong Family.”

“I didn’t think much of it in the past. I only thought of it as a simple transaction. I suddenly feel like Old Mr. Rong is bent on making me give birth. Regardless of whether he just wants a great-grandchild or is trying to tie me down, I don’t plan to stay in the Rong Family for long.”

The mention of Old Mr. Rong’s and Jiang Peihua’s extreme eagerness about them having a baby made her realize something.

Rong Yan was already 27 years old. Yet, he still did not have a child. It was not a good thing for wealthy families where people often preferred to have plenty of children. Not to mention, they were the richest family in Asia.

They needed a successor and even though Rong Yan was the CEO of Baina International, no one could predict the future. If something were to happen to him, they would at least have an heir and a backup. It was always better to have a backup.

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