Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 25 - Divorce Rong Yan

Chapter 25: Divorce Rong Yan

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After a moment of silence, Mo Qiange said, “Anning, divorce Rong Yan. No matter what Old Mr. Rong’s motives are, you won’t be able to get your company back within a short period of time. Like what Momo said, you don’t have to worry because Momo and I will help you. Although it’s difficult to find evidence, it’s not impossible.”

Lu Momo stared at him and nodded attentively. “Yeah, yeah, just because Old Mr. Rong can get it done easily, it doesn’t mean we can’t do it. The process is just a little difficult but if the outcome is good, why would the hard work matter?”

Luo Anning stared at Mo Qiange and Lu Momo solemnly while sinking deep into thought. The Mo Corporation and Lu Corporation could be considered to be partners of the Shaodong Corporation. Although Mo Qiange’s Imperial Court Corporation had no relations to the Shaodong Corporation, he was still a member of the Mo Family after all.

Once he started going against the Shaodong Corporation, the Mo Corporation would definitely be implicated. Although the Mo Corporation was not afraid of the Shaodong Corporation, she did not want to let her personal feud affect them.

She was already content with having two best friends who would never leave her. Hence, she did not want them to be harmed because of her selfish reasons, not even a little bit!

“Qiange, Momo, let me think about it. There has got to be another solution.” She still did not give them an answer at the end of the day.

Mo Qiange and Lu Momo knew that she would not be easily convinced and hence, did not say much. Instead, they just told her that they would always be there for her.

The three of them had already developed a telepathic connection that allowed them to have a tacit understanding.

The dishes were served and the fresh seafood was extremely appetizing, perfectly combined with 1982 Lafeit. Soon, Luo Anning forgot about her troubles and focused on eating.

Time passed day by day. Ever since she left Old Mr. Rong’s place, she rarely met Rong Yan and their life resumed to normal.

Jiang Peihua would occasionally send her servants to deliver traditional chinese medicinal tonics for her in hopes of having a fat and healthy grandchild.

Luo Anning laughed and decided not to ruin her beautiful imagination.

Hence, she would accept all the tonics and discard them as soon as the servant left.

Whenever Auntie Li asked her for the reason for her behavior, she would just tell her that she did not wish to bear children with a man whom she did not love.

Auntie Li could not understand the reason for her lack of interest. Should all wives of wealthy men not be worried about losing their position?

Rong Yan was an eligible bachelor who was handsome, wealthy and successful. Hence, he was highly coveted by most women. Yet, Luo Anning was not interested at all and did not even use her position to her own advantage.

Auntie Li was extremely worried for her. Indeed, the person involved is calm and collected but observers are very worried!

Life as a wealthy man’s wife was actually very boring because it undoubtedly comprised of having afternoon tea with other wealthy ladies or going shopping. In other words, it was just killing time with money.

Luo Anning disliked hanging out with people whom she was not close to. Hence, she did not have many friends apart from Lu Momo and Mo Qiange. Her social circle was very small too.

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