Prime Originator

Chapter 12 - The Beasts Are Restless

Chapter 12 - The Beasts Are Restless

Great Wall, military camp, command center.

"Tell me what you make of today's attack, Dales." Hendrick Graham said with a dark look. He did not have the same calm composure when he was facing his son.

Hendrick was not an unfeeling person; in fact, he was a very doting parent and loving husband. He loved his wife dearly, whom passed away early, while giving birth to Rowan. His wife had made him promise to look after their son well before she passed away.

Even if without his promise he would pour all his love in looking after his son, whom was the materialization of their love. He had moved away from the Capital and focused on defending the border from the threats of the Wildlands, while raising his son after his wife passed away. He did not want to have his son involved in the politics and schemes of the nobles back at the Capital.

He was also not a narrow-minded general, who would blame Dales for failing to protect his son. He knew Dales was a capable and loyal commander, who was willing to put his men's lives before his own. However, Hendrick was burning with an impulse to charge into the Wildlands and go on a killing spree, but he forcefully refrained himself from doing so.

"Yes, general. I believe today's attack was not a coincidence, but one planned by them."

Hendrick frowned at Dales words, "Elaborate."

"Yes, I believe it was their goal to destroy all our airships and cut off our vision over the situation in the Wildlands."

It has been 300 years since the last major war. The beasts were getting restless and another war is coming their way. The beasts had been growing increasingly intelligent throughout the years. It's high time they start treating the beast's intelligence, their equal.

"It's seems the beasts are planning something, and they don't want to be under our watchful eyes. I fear the next great war between humanity and beasts will be erupting soon." Hendrick frowned.

"The reconnaissance operation mustn't be stopped. However, your men and airship would not be able to resume operation in the short term. But there are not many who are capable at commandeering as you. I plan to transfer you over to the Thunderbird team to command. This will be a very dangerous mission. You have the right to refuse."

Dales didn't require much time before coming to a decision. When had it never been dangerous on the battlefield? This was an important mission that could decide the fate of humanity. It was crucial to understand the beast's movements and know what and when they are attacking so they can react accordingly.

"I accept." Dales was firm in his answer with no doubts of his choice. His conviction was strong.




Leon manage to refine another three strands of energy during his practice before he decided to stop. The energy ran their course through his body and the pain in his foot had eased substantially under the energy's influence.

At this moment, it was already 8PM but Leon's adoptive parents had not return yet. They should've finished working at 6PM. There wasn't any reason for them to be out this late without notifying him. Leon was beginning to worry that something may have happened to them.

Another half hour had passed but no sign of them were seen. Leon was beginning to be genuinely worried and decided to go out and look for them. They weren't his birth parents, but they were better than his real parents.

At least they did not abandon him and raised him up as a parent would with their real child. His adoptive parents couldn't have kids of their own, so their love was poured into him. He could still remember his adoptive mother's disappointed look the night before. He wouldn't be able to live with himself if something were to happen to them.

Leon left the house as he began his blind search. They were commoners so it was best to search from the Commoner's District first. He ran past street stalls one after another. There were still a lot of people walking around on the streets at this hour.

'This won't do. I should start with more crowded places.'

It was usual for there to still be this many people outside at this hour. It was currently winter season here and the place was covered in snow. People wouldn't be out after work unless there was something special going on.

Leon decided to pull over a couple and ask them some questions.

"This older brother, what's going on tonight? Why is there so many people on such a cold night?"

"You don't know? It's the weekly night market today."

The couple was baffled. 'How could you not know about such a regular event? Do you live under a rock?'

Leon slapped his head in realization. He seemed to recall there was such a thing, but he didn't have much impression of it because he never went due his financial situation. His parents shouldn't be shopping either. Could they be working at this time?

Leon decided to the head to the market square, where the main event is held.

The market square was very busy. There were large crowds going in and out of the square. Leon squeezed his way into the square and began searching for his adoptive parents.




At this moment they were caught in an argument with a pair of ruffians.

"You have to pay for those meat skewers!" Leon's adoptive father, Brian Bradford cried out.

"I have to pay? This daddy eating at your stall is already me giving you face. Scram before I beat you up!" one the ruffian said arrogantly.

"Stop! We have already paid your Black Snake Gang protection money. How can we also let you eat for free? How will we survive if we can't earn any money?"

Brian grabbed onto the ruffian's clothes to stop them from leaving.

"Bastard! You don't know what's good for you!" the ruffian was enraged for being stopped as he gave Leon's foster father a strong kick sending flying back into the stall and knocking it over.

"Brian!" Leon's adoptive mother cried out as she ran over to check on her husband.

Cough* cough* Brian coughed out blood. The kick had been heavy handed as he suffered some serious internal injuries.

Seeing her husband cough blood, she was angry, "You are too much. How can you be so overbearing?"

The ruffian didn't like her look and gave her heavy slap.

"Shut up. There's no need for you to question how the Black Snake Gang do things."

The other stall owners were also angry at this scene, but they and the crowd did not have the courage to stand up for the couple.

Leon had just arrived at the scene and was quickly enraged after seeing the state of his adoptive parents. He felt as if his heart was bleeding. He felt he was unfilial for allowing them to be bullied like this.

"F@#$%!" A string of curses came out of his mouth as he closed the gap in an instant and sent the ruffians flying with a kick each, their fates unknown.

"Mom! Dad!" He ran to his adoptives parents.

His mother, Helen was suffered a lighter injury. Some blood could be seen at the corner of her lips, but it was just fleshly wounds. His father, Brian;s injuries was more serious and need medical attention.

He did not have any healing pills on hand and his acupuncture needles hasn't been forged yet. He felt regretful for not concocting some earlier, while he was still in the pill room.

He could only strike some pressure points on his foster father's body to temporarily stabilize his condition and elevate his pains. Helen was surprised at Leon's strange set of action.


"Mom, let's take dad to a hospital." Leon said before she could ask her question.

"Mm, getting your father to a hospital is more important." The questions can wait but his father couldn't.

Leon gently lifted his father up onto his back to carry him as the crowd cleared a path for them to walk.

"Wait! You bastard! How dare you kick me!" The ruffian shouted as he crawled his way back.

"Hoh…? You aren't dead yet?" Leon squinted his eyes for a moment before continue leaving.

Leon did not hold back his strength. His leg strength contained the weight of 200 kilograms as a 2nd layer tempered body. If calculating momentum and speed into his kick, the force generated should have been far greater. The ruffian's body should have been destroyed and not be able to survive the kick but seeing only one had crawled back then the other one must've kicked the bucket.

There was no need to pay attention to a dead man. The ruffian would soon die from his injuries. The city guards should be arriving to shortly after their deaths. Leon did not want to stay for the trouble he had caused.

"Let's go to the Royal hospital, Mom."

"The Royal hospital? We can't afford the medical fees there. It's better head to the nearby medical center."

"You don't have to worry about the medical fees, mother. I can afford it."

Leon stopped a car that was driving on the road.

Beep* "Are you crazy!? Why are you suddenly stopping in middle of the road!? Do you have a death wish!?" The driver of the car shouted.

"Sorry for the bother but my father needs to be taken to the Royal hospital immediately."

"Y-You!" The driver was angry. Leon had already opened the doors and place his father inside before getting in with his mother, without waiting for the driver's permission.

"Please." His mother pleaded.

"F-fine. Consider it my bad day." The driver conceded to their request. Although they were rude, they had asked him nicely. Furthermore, they are going to the Royal hospital. Their family shouldn't be poor if they could go there for treatment.

The driver could consider himself to be in the upper-class, considering he was able to afford a car, which would have cost him millions of craws. He had made a fortune for himself through his stone gambling business in the recent years.

The queen had shut herself in her palace for many years and turned a blind eye to all noble disputes as she awaits the day her king awakens from his coma. With no news of her missing son and only her comatose husband by her side, she had no heart to run the kingdom.

The kingdom did not require the royal family to govern after the kingdom had achieved centralization, however their royal authority remains absolute.

Travelling by car was much faster than travelling by foot.. Within minutes, they have arrived at Royal hospital.

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