Prime Originator

Chapter 13 - Harmonization

Chapter 13 - Harmonization

"We shall remember this favor, please leave us your name so we can repay you in the future when we have a chance." Leon said, while carrying his adoptive father out of the car.

"Ahaha… It's William, William Kent."

William laughed awkwardly. His mind seemed to be in a different place, worrying about something.

"What's the matter?"

"Oh…no it's nothing…"

Leon did not continue to pry into his problems since William did not want to explain. More importantly, he still needs to get his adoptive father treated.

"Alright We will see you around next time. Please drop by, if you need any help." Leon took out a pen and piece of paper from his schoolbag and wrote their home address on it and passed it to William as he said.

It might be strange that Leon carry his schoolbag everywhere, but it was a convenience for him when he takes things out of his world space, otherwise he would not be able to explain himself if it was discovered. It was a secret he wishes to protect at all cost.

The existence of the Divine Book was something that drive Divine practitioners mad with greed. Although there didn't seem to be any practitioners in this world who would have knowledge about the ten heavenly treasures, he did not want to take the risk unless he possesses absolute strength to protect himself.

"Will do."

They nodded to each other and then part ways.

William was just worried how to explain to his wife why he came home so late. They did not have the convenience of radios to converse from long distances like the military. Long distance communication devices weren't commercialized for public uses. He was also a henpecked husband and naturally fear his wife when she's angry.

Entering the Royal Hospital, Brian was sent straight to the Emergency department for immediate treatment.

Leon had argued with the doctors on the job. He wasn't sure how his adoptive father would be treated and insisted on following into the operating room to observe in case they screw up the treatment

"Why do you want to watch the treatment procedure!? you would just get in the way!"

"I'm a doctor."

"You? A doctor? Do you even have a doctor's license? Stop wasting time." The doctor on duty did not believe what Leon said.

"I have already checked my father's condition. Broken ribs and puncture lung causing internal bleeding. His life will be threatened if the bleeding is not stopped." Leon didn't have a doctor's license and natural couldn't provide one. He ignored the question and just stated the symptoms.

"T-this…" Looking at the patient, it did seem to be case, but they couldn't take Leon's word for it and decided to run Brian through detailed checks using their medical equipment to be sure.

The results had proven Leon's words to be true and the doctor was quite astonished at how capable Leon was at a young age. He didn't want to continue bickering with Leon and continued with his job. All is well if the boy didn't cause trouble for him.

The doctor was a pretty renown in the Capital for his skills. His name was Ivan Vandell.

The operation proceeded smoothly. The doctor was quite skillful in draining the blood and air from the affected areas and patching up the wound. Further steps are required for the patient's recovery before the patient can be discharged.

Such natural process would usually take about 6 months for a full recovery for ordinary people who had not awakened. However, Leon plan to concoct a healing pill for his father so he could recover much faster after he arrives home.

While in the operation room, Leon had noticed there were a lot of strange medical machines and equipment that seemed relatively high tech.

'Isn't the technology gap between the hospital and the outside a little too wide?'

It was strange but Leon wasn't too bothered. He had a feeling he would find the answer in the near future.

"Let's go home, Mom. Father's situation has stabilized for now and had fallen asleep. We can visit him tomorrow."


Heading to the front desk, Leon paid a deposit before taking his mother home. The journey home was uneventful and mother Helen had tucked into bed and fallen into deep sleep straight away. She was exhausted and mentally drained from the long and difficult day.

Leon wasn't ready to retire to his bedroom just yet. He had wait for Helen to be asleep before he headed to the kitchen and took out a cooking pot and turned on the stove.

'This is probably unprecedented and a blasphemy to alchemy, but it'll make do for now.'

Leon took out spirit herbs from his world space and got to work. He was doing pill concoction with a cooking pot!

The process wasn't much different from when he was in the underground pill room but due to his unfamiliarity with the cooking pot, the quality was slightly lower than the True Awakening Pills he concocted.

Nonetheless, he managed to refine a batch of 5 Low-Tier 1 All-Purpose Healing Pill. The All-Purpose Healing Pill was good for treating both internal and external injuries of practitioners in the Body Tempered State.

As his adoptive father and mother were only ordinary folks, the effectiveness of the pill should be much greater. Leon secretly popped one of the pills into his sleeping mother's mouth and help her absorb its efficiency with his energy.

His mother had only suffered a bruise to the cheek and small cut at the corner of her lip and didn't require a pill for recovery, but he didn't like his parents suffering so he extravagantly used one.

Retiring to his bedroom, he didn't have the heart to cultivate just yet. There was a lot of things on his mind. He had realized his divine self had also accepted his adoptive parents as his own parents.

His failed to protect his father in his past life but he still has parents in this life, whom he could protect. His past life father's death must be avenged but he could not live solely for vengeance.

'I'm sure father wouldn't be happy if I lived solely for revenge. He would've wanted me to be happy too.' Leon closed his eyes as he could feel his connection to the Divine Book in his soul core and his father's love along with it. A single drop of tear unconsciously fell from his left eye.

After the drop of tear fell from his face, he felt as if a weight had been lifted from his heart and his mind elevated into a higher state. It was a strange feeling, but Leon felt very comfortable.

'Is this what it feels to be enlightened?'

He was the son of the Divine Medicine King, but he was also the son of Brian and Helen. He had truly accepted his identity of both life from the bottom of his heart.

He felt as if the two souls had stop clashing and achieved harmonization. The souls did not fuse, but as long as they are not clashing, Leon wouldn't concerned for now. He had already taken a big step forward.

Leon reopened his eyes as it shone with new light. His [Heart of Saint] mantra seem to have lost its control over his thoughts and actions to towards certain matters.

'The [Heart of Saint] … It was never meant to control me but to guide me.'

He understood what his father wanted to expect of him. To be principled and follow one's heart without regrets. To return kindness with kindness and to condemn evil with evil. Only by cultivating an indomitable will, would he walk very far on the path to everlasting.

The underworld has become very unscrupulous and unruly in recent years. He wishes nothing more than to eradicate all the gangs in the Capital to keep his parents safe from harm's way.

However, he knew that so long as human exists, there would always be darkness in the world. This isn't to say humans were inherently evil but there is always an invisible balance of good and evil. It is impossible to eradicate evil completely.

If he had the power to eradicate the gangs, new ones will rise to take their place. Since he can't eradicate the gangs, he will take over them and rule the underworld! Only when he controls the underworld would be able to keep those close to him safe from the underworld.

Tomorrow, he will pay his father Brian a visit early to feed him the All-Purpose healing Pill. Then he will return to Crawford University. He still had to find the culprit who poisoned him.

There is also all sort of knowledge about the world contained in the library there and it is accessible by students. He would pay a visit to the library so he could learn more about the world he now resides in. Knowledge is also power.

Leon finalized his schedule and sat in meditative position and started practicing the [Hegemony of Primal Chaos].. He would not slack on his training now that he had sort out his thoughts.

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