Prime Originator

Chapter 19 - I Don't Want That Inside Me!

Chapter 19 - I Don't Want That Inside Me!

"So, who is this young lady? Your lover?" Dwight asked.


'This old man never stops jabbing him with his words.'

"That's my teacher." Leon placed particular emphasis on the word 'teacher'.


"Eh~ isn't this Lina Greene, the history teacher?" Lynne finally had a good look at her face and figure out Lina's identity.

"Hoh...Greene you say..." Dwight traced his chin with his thumb and finger in thought.

"What's up old man? You know something?" Leon was curious.

An expression of pity could be seen in the old man's eyes.

"The Greene family should be one of the unfortunate noble families that was wrongfully punished during the rebellion in the past."

Although Dwight had shut himself underground for most his life, such a colossal event would not have been able to escape his ears.

"I'm afraid this little lady is doomed for a life of mediocrity. It's a pity we will never experience the Greene's family rare wood element ability." Dwight pitied.

"What do you mean?"

"The Greene family was forced to drink the Water of Absolute Nothingness. It is a poison that seals people's bloodline ability and there is no cure for it."

"What an overbearing name." Leon was surprised but soon said sarcastically. The name was nothing but a joke in his eyes.

"Nothing is absolute in this world. Anything is probable." Leon spoke with confidence.

"How can you be so sure?" Dwight and Lynne were taken back by his confidence.

"The world is governed by laws and laws exist to balance the world. Balance is synonymous to stability. Only with stability, does the world continue to exist forever. For every force, there will be a counter-force."

Leon's philosophical words sent their heads spinning. They thought he had gone crazy and started uttering nonsense.

Leon could see their puzzles looks and doubts. He knew they didn't understand his words.

"In other words, there is a cure. You guys just haven't found the method yet."

"Ahh..." Dwight did a fist clap in understanding, "You should've just said that instead of all that rubbish."

Leon felt Lina's pulse for another inspection, using acupuncture needles to guide his energy and consciousness through.

He felt he must have missed it the first time, when using the normal pulse feeling technique. This time, he did a thorough scan over her brain. When his scan reached her glabella, he knitted his eyebrows into a frown.

There was a core in the center of her glabella.

Normal people shouldn't have a core in their glabella. The core was devoid of power and there was something latched onto it.

Leon wanted a clearer look at what it was but then something unexpected happen. His energy was devoured along with his spirit imprint on it, cutting off his connection. Attaching his spirit imprint on his energy was another way of using his divine sense ability.

Leon's face paled from the loss of both the strand quasi-Grandmist and mental energy

The loss of Grandmist energy was not a problem as it could be regained through cultivation and didn't affect the body much but the lost in mental energy affected his mind.

He felt mentally tired as he started to sweat from his forehead after the loss.

His divine sense ability was an omnidirectional observation skill that could be used inside and outside himself. The only difference between the two was that he could use it to introspect himself freely, but using it outside, it is very limited and draining.

If he wants to increase the range and use of his divine sense outside, he needs to increase his mental capacity. Unfortunately, even back in the Divine Realm, no one knew how to cultivate the soul. The mainstream practice was the energy cultivation system.

"Are you alright?" Lynne had caught Leon from behind when he staggered back from the loss.

"I-I'm alright." Leon said weakly, "I just need to rest for a while."

"What happened?" Dwight asked.

It was just a brief moment before his connection was cut, but he was able to identify what was latched onto Lina's core.

"A devouring parasite."

"Devouring parasite? What's that?"

"An abominable existence that preys on any form of energy."

Dwight and Lynne were surprised. It sounded dangerous.

Leon had decided to withhold some information from them.

The full name was devouring parasite demon. They were something reared by demons.

The public knowledge of demons that demons were something the people had created in their story telling to scare naughty children to sleep. The demons in each story was never fixed as their shapes and form were always changing depending on the author's preference. There could be winged demons, horned demons, shadow demons and so on. But who knew that what they thought they had created from their imagination turned out to be reality?

The demon race were creatures of the darkness, that like to avoid daylight. They are powerful and brutal race, who also likes to toy around with life and kill for enjoyment.

Leon lamented at the new revelation.

'Ahh... humanity's fate sure is grim.'

The rise of the beast race had already given them a handful and yet now they must also face the threats of the demon race, which they know nothing about.

No one had ever seen the shadow of a demon, let alone knew of their existence. Perhaps some of them had even been living among them under a disguise.

Maybe the story books of demons were their ploy to instill an instinctual fear of demons into mankind, starting from their young ones?

Whether his speculations were true or not, Leon did not like it one bit. He felt his power alone would not be able to survive the upcoming storm. He needs to build up his own force and strengthen humanity.

His own battle experience wasn't great to begin with. He was a doctor not a fighter in his past life. But in this life, he had decided to focus of the path of a fighter and pursue the peak of martial arts.

Which one of the Divine Kings of the Divine Realm weren't an expert in the way of battle? If he wants to avenge his father, then he had to be better, faster, smarter and stronger than them. The Divine Kings was a colossal mountain he would have to overcome in the future. But for now, he should focus on the present.

"So, do you have a way of curing her?" They asked curiously.

"Yeah, devouring parasites are afraid of fire. Although, they can also devour fire, it would be like eating something foul to them, so they generally avoid it. But I should just be able to lure it out and kill it."

Leon had a clearer understanding of the circumstances. Lina's wood element body is weak to fire. It would be strange if her body didn't show such strong reactions under those conditions.

He himself still has lingering energy in body that he had not absorbed yet. It didn't pose much a problem for him. He speculates he would be able to gain the initial stage of 5 element body after completing his body tempering.

"I will take some time to recover my mental strength first."

He already decided on her treatment method. First unblock her pores then lure the parasite out before killing it.

"Mmm, take you time." Dwight didn't mind Leon treating himself at home in his villa nor did he mind it being used like a medical center. It was an opportunity to witness more of Leon's ability and medical skills.

Leon took the chance to absorb the rest of the beast meat energy in his body. The loss of a single strand of energy didn't affect him much. He was still in the tempered body 2nd layer.

Absorbing the beast meat energy was a lot faster than drawing in the elements from the air. Nevertheless, he still had to draw in different elements to balance the element from the beast meat. Leon circulated his technique as strands after strands of quasi-Grandmist were produced. 8 strands were produced in the span of 2 hours as he made another breakthrough to the 3rd layer. Each new layer reached brought about a cleansing effect to his body as he felt it being strengthened and more impurities were expelled from his body.

The amount was not worth mentioning compared to his first cleansing.

Leon opened his eyes as he exhaled some foul air. He felt power coursing through body from the promotion in strength as his mentally returned to peak shape.

"So smelly." Lynne complained as she pinched her nose with one hand and waved the air with the other.

"Sorry." Leon smiled awkwardly.

"Are you going to treat her now?" Dwight asked.

Leon nodded. The acupuncture needles were cleaned then heated with fire. After the preparation were completed, Leon began working on a specific area. He didn't need to unblock all her pores. That would tire him out. He just needs to create an opening so he can channel the heaven and earth energy into her body.

The blockage was formed by the poisonous substances used in the Water of Absolute Nothingness. Lina's body would be able to unblock her pores herself as she progressively gains strength as an awakener.

Leon controlled the energy to form a line leading to her glabella.

Learning from his past mistake he did not go too close and observed from a distance. Once he felt that the parasite has been lured, he pulled back his senses and back for it to get close to the surface.

Time slowly ticked as Leon waited patiently with his eyes closed. His fingers were steady as they rest on top of the needles.

One second... 7 seconds... 19 seconds passed.

Leon felt the sudden vibration coming from one needle, which was caused by the parasite coming into contact with it.

Leon swiftly trapped it with his energy as he yanked out the needles like fishing after the fish took the bite.

It's appearance quickly came into being as Dwight and Lynne with their hair rising as they paled at the sight. It had an appearance similar to centipedes with its hundred creepy crawler legs.

Leon pierced it to death with the needles at his disposal.

"That's it? Is it done?" Lynne asked nervously while gulping her saliva.

"It's done." Leon nodded. He had performed the treatment in a swift and simple but also skillful manner. He didn't want to give it a chance to feed on his energy again.

Lynne secretly swore that she would rather die than let such a grotesque little thing inside of her.

"Hahaha, today is a day worthy of celebration." Dwight laughed. To think the poison publicly acknowledged to be incurable was solved by the young man so easily. The old was in admiration.

Leon didn't think what he did was anything great. He knew he was able to find the root of the problem and solved it so easily was due to his divine sense.

There was no reason to feel proud for possessing something that could be considered a cheat in their world.

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