Prime Originator

Chapter 20 - You Have To Take Responsibility!

Chapter 20 - You Have To Take Responsibility!

Looking at unconscious Lina, some color had slowly return to her face. The disappearance of the parasite had allow her core to slow gather the wood elements through the opening Leon had made. It was like a dried-up plant returning to life.

Leon looked at Lynne in thought.

"What is it? What do you want?" Lynne wasn't sure why she was feeling apprehensive. She thought she would be happy at having Leon's attention on her.

"Nothing much. I was just wondering if I could also check your pulse?"

"Oh... is that it?"


"Alright." Lynne gave him her wrist.

"Is my granddaughter sick?" Dwight was concerned. Leon wouldn't ask for no reason.

His worries were unfounded. Leon just wanted to check what the glabella of an awakened person would look like.

As he thought, Lynne also had a core in her glabella. Differently to Lina's, hers was filled with water element.

It seems awakeners will form a core of power when they awaken.

Lina should not have awakened before so the parasite must have formed it for her. Leon wasn't sure if this was a blessing or a disaster.

But at least she would have a true awakening soon when the core gathers enough wood element.

Lynne was different to Lina who was still unconscious. Leon was unaware that Lynne had already advanced to the 2nd step after taking in one of the pills from the first batch of True Awakening Pills, Leon had refined the other day.

She had her perception and more sensitive to energy. When Leon was inspecting her core, she felt like she was stripped naked for Leon to watch.

"Ahhhh! Pervert!" Lynne retreated a few steps back, while hugging herself with her arms.

Dwight was confused. Leon was stunned.

"What's wrong, my precious granddaughter?"

"Grandpa! H-he... he... took advantage of me." Lynne pointed at Leon with shaking hands.

This time, it was Dwight's turn to be stunned, while Leon wanted to cough up blood at her words.

"Care to explain yourself, young man?" Dwight wasn't sure how his granddaughter was taken advantage, but he was happy to play along.

"How did I take advantage of you?"

"You peeped at me!" Lynne said before she resumed covering herself as if fearing Leon's eyes could see through her clothes.

Leon didn't know where to laugh or cry.

'Didn't you allow me to inspect you? What is this farce.'

"You have to take responsibility for my granddaughter, young man. Her chastity has been tainted by you. You have to marry her."

Leon felt like he had been wronged. What kind of nonsense was this? If he had to marry every woman he examined as a doctor, would doctors still be considered a saintly profession? Maybe they should all be called smelly old perverts instead?

He had treated all sorts of patients in his past life. There were people's daughters, wives, aunties, granddaughters, niece and grandmothers, even children! He would be cursed to death by men.

'Well played old man!' Leon stared daggers at Dwight.

"What? You don't want to?" Dwight narrowed his eyes before he continued, "It's not like you are losing out." He shrugged.

Leon smiled wryly as he checks out Lynne from top to bottom. Indeed, for a normal guy, a beauty like Lynne would be their dream girl.

Lynne didn't quite follow what was happening but hearing the matter of her grandpa wanting to pair her up with Leon again, her heart started racing. She looked at Leon shyly as she waited for his answer with some hope and fear. She didn't understand what she was feeling towards Leon, but she didn't dislike it. Everything had been moving too fast. She didn't expect her little tantrum would go down this direction.

Seeing her hopeful gaze, Leon sighed. He could see the seed of love budding in her. But he wasn't sure what love was himself. He had been through a hedonistic period in his past life before, but he had never fallen in love.

It could be seen as not giving them face if he continues to reject them.

"Indeed, I'm not losing out on anything. I'll accept her since you're so desperate to give your granddaughter to me. But I'm warning you now, there's not emotional foundation between us." Leon shrugged as he spoke in a joking manner.

He had resigned to his fate. He felt like the old man had planned this trap for him to jump in. No... that wasn't accurate. It should be said that he had dug his own hole to jump in.

If he wasn't curious about what an awaken person's core look like, then he wouldn't have end up in this mess. A classic example of curiosity killed the cat.

"Hahahaha! Excellent! A real joyous occasion." Dwight laughed joyfully as he walked up and grabbed both his granddaughter's and Leon's hands and joined them together.

"Hahaha, no emotional foundation is fine. It can be cultivated slowly... hahaha!"

"Indeed, it could be cultivated slowly." Leon feel the softness of Lynne's hand. It was a pleasant feeling holding hands.

Lynne felt her heart racing faster than ever as her face became a little hot from blushing. Her head was facing the ground as she became awfully quiet.

"My granddaughter has her shortcomings, but she is a good girl at heart. You better not bully her." Dwight warned.

Leon laughed.

"You personally delivered her to me. Even if I bully her, you have no right to complain." Leon smirked.

"You dare!?"

"Hahaha, it was a joke." Leon appeased the old man. "But I don't understand why you are in such a rush to marry your granddaughter off to me." He began voicing his doubts.

"Hahaha..." Dwight laughed awkwardly when Leon finally asked the question.

"You should know that arranged marriages is not uncommon among noble families."

Leon nodded.

"This is especially the case among noble families who share the same element. People believe that when awakeners of the same element copulate, the element's ability would strengthen in their offspring's.

The rarest element is metal and wood. It is followed by water and fire. Although water and fire aren't rare like wood and metal, it isn't common either. Then we have the most common element among awakeners, earth." Dwight explained.

"I see, so that is to say, you have been receiving a few marriage proposals for your granddaughter, but you are not happy with the candidates, so you chose me to be the shield."

"Yes!... no!... cough*...yeah...." Dwight was embarrassed for being seen through.

"An official marriage date will not be set. However, we will establish the marriage contract so you both will be engaged officially. How's that? Whether the marriage falls through or succeed in the future will depend on you, younglings." Dwight laid it out bare.

"That's fine by me, but are you not going to compensate me for the trouble you are bringing me?" Leon smiled.

"Haven't you already been compensated?" Dwight smiled shamelessly as he shifted his eyes to his granddaughter.

Leon was speechless. He wasn't expecting anything when he said what he did but wasn't the old man a bit too thick-skinned?

"Ah whatever. I will just go refine another batch of pills and then head home."

He had spent a fair bit of cash and needed to replenish his cash on hand since he would continue to dine at the steakhouse for the beast meat.

In the past, practicing alchemist burns money. In this life, practicing cultivation burns money too. Indeed, money makes the world go around.

Leon shook his head as he let go of Lynne's hand and headed to the underground pill room to concoct pills.

Lynne snapped out of her little world when she felt her hand was missing something. She felt disappointed that they couldn't hold hands for longer.

Dwight shook his head at his granddaughter's expression before he followed Leon, wanting to observe his pill concocting techniques.

'Wouldn't my granddaughter suffer, if the boy doesn't reciprocate her feelings? It's fine for now since she isn't aware of her own feelings but hope things will work out for her. Grandpa has already done what he can for your happiness. It's up to you now to grasp onto that opportunity.'

He didn't like the candidates from the other water families. Their young masters were all good-for-nothing playboys, who only know how to chase skirts. Wouldn't his granddaughter suffer following them? They can only dream of this marriage but not have it.

Lynne recovered after a moment and followed them shortly.

After they all left, Lina had opened her eyes. She had regain consciousness earlier but continued pretending to be unconscious. She had overheard their conversation and had vague memories from when she was being carried by Leon until she was knocked out by him.

She felt a bit of grievance. How can he just knock her out like that? However, her heart was genuinely moved, when she figured out that he had rushed to save her.

Bits of memories and information was slowly pieced together before she had deduced what had happen after.

She could slowly feel power building up in her. She can tell it won't be long before she awakens. The curse that plague her family no longer applies to her. She can also strive to be extraordinary and make her parents proud. The one who made it all possible was Leon.

She felt a sense of loss when she heard that Leon agreed to the engagement. Why couldn't it be her? Why isn't she a few years younger? Why were they teacher and student? She was discouraged by the distance between them but didn't lose hope.

'I won't give up.' Her heart was set, and her determination was firm. Her heart had been snatched by that boy, whom changed her world and destiny.

An unknown amount of time had passed, and she could hear footsteps getting closer. She closed her eyes and continued pretending to be consciousness again.

"Well then we will be heading home. I'm sure our parents would be worried sick if we don't go home any later." Leon said as he picked Lina's body up and placed her on his back.

"Mm, be careful on your way home. It's dangerous at night." Dwight nodded.

"I will." Leon said and left.

Lynne had some unwillingness in her eyes as Leon left with Lina on his back.

"You both go to Royal University. You can meet up with him on campus." Dwight said.

"Mmm." Lynne blushed and nodded.

Dwight mentally sigh. His granddaughter is a lost cause.


The night was cold as Leon dashed through the streets, making his way back to the Commoner's District.

Leon suddenly felt Lina's arms that was wrapped around his neck tightened as she leaned her head forward and gave him a peck on the cheeks.

"Thank you." Lina whispered softly into his ears before burrowing head back in his shoulders. It had taken a lot of courage out of her to do what she just did.

Leon was stunned as he was caught off guard.

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