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Chapter 804: Shadow Tempest Demon Lord

Chapter 804: Shadow Tempest Demon Lord

While looking at the center of the quicksand whirlpool, it was easy to discover that the entrance leading to the Demon Lord-level Tomb itself was not that big.

If he tried to blast the entrance open, the black sand in the desert would quickly fill up the Demon Lord-level Tomb below and bury it completely.

"Just endure it for a short while; it'll save us inconveniences later," Leon added.

Although Aria felt a little uncomfortable about the suffocating feeling that comes from getting buried in quicksand, she obediently nodded after Leon spoke.

The discomforting feeling did not stem from her memories but Aria White's memories—memories of when she fell for another divine cultivator's trap and ended up buried under quicksand for many weeks during one of her younger days of adventuring.

Meanwhile, Saresha and clan members had no issue with sinking into quicksand to enter the Demon Lord-level Tomb if it meant they could save their other clan members.

"Let's go," Leon urged.

He took the initiative to plunge into the quicksand whirlpool before everyone else followed one by one, disappearing into the sinking black sand—including Aria.

Not long after everyone was gone, the dark wyrm expressed their relief.

(Phew! They're finally gone…)

(I didn't expect to encounter another noble existence since the Eternal Night Demon Empress's downfall…)

(Hush, don't talk about the Eternal Night Demon Empress. It brings back bad memories!)

(On a more serious note, I think the purity of that noble being's dark power is on an even higher level than the Eternal Night Demon Empress…)

(How can that be? The Eternal Night Demon Empress was an existence on par with Half-step True Divinities…)

(I'm not talking about their strength; I'm talking about the concept behind their dark powers… But, well, I don't really understand this concept stuff either)

(Aren't we forgetting something even more important? Are we just going to let them raid our ancestor's resting place?)

(Otherwise? What can we do about it? Can you resist the noble being's pressure?)

(I guess not…)

Shortly after, the dark wyrms resigned themselves to the situation of letting their ancestor's tomb get raided.

There was nothing they could do about it.

Meanwhile, shortly after Leon first dropped into the large open space underneath the Blacksand Desert, his sudden presence immediately alarmed the stranded members of the Dark Fae Clan.

"A human!" a dark fae cried.

The 14 members of the Dark Fae Clan immediately shot to their feet and directed their weapons at Leon with apprehensive looks.

However, not long after Saresha dropped down and saw the situation, she immediately barked, "Stop!"

"Another member of our clan?" a dark fae uttered with pleasant surprise before she quickly frowned with doubt. "Speak! What is your relationship with this human?!"

However, Aria and Darlene also dropped down after a few short moments before the 14 dark faes became even more apprehensive and cautious.

"Why did you tell us to stop? Did you turn your backs on your kind and start working for the humans?!" a dark fae shrieked while feeling betrayed.

But as more dark faes showed up from the surface, the 14 dark faes in the underground space wavered and became confused.

"Don't tell me you are all working with the humans? What the hell is going on here…"

"We have all submitted to our new lord, and I suggest that you all do too. Only by following our new lord will the Dark Fae Clan have a bright future," Saresha persuaded.

However, a few words were not enough to convince the 14 dark faes.

"Nonsense! You expect me to believe that a single human can change clan's situation?" one of the 14 dark faes questioned her.

Despite that, the dark fae's tone was not as strong and confident as the other dark faes.

Obviously, the human must have something special about him in order to convince fifty of their clan members to follow him.

"Hmph! You don't understand anything until you experience it yourself! Our lord is a noble demon!" Saresha stated.

"A noble demon? Impossible…" the 14 dark faes wavered before one of them stuttered, "P-prove it!"

Saresha snorted before turning to Leon.

"I apologize for incompetence, my Lord. I failed to convince them with a few words; please show them your might," she said with her head lowered.

"I understand your desire to serve me, but you should just let me handle these matters; it will save us time," Leon calmly said before taking a step forward and facing the wary dark faes.

"Although I don't need to prove anything to anyone, I still wish to avoid unnecessary losses where possible. Therefore, I will only say this once; submit to me or die!"

As he said that, dark power surged out of his body, causing tremendous pressure to quickly bear down on the 14 dark faes and suppress them in both body and mind.

'N-noble demon!'

The dark faes all had the same thought as they clutched their throats with a suffocating feeling while groveling on the ground.

"I-it was true…! H-he really is a noble demon…!"

In that instance, the dark faes immediately understood why fifty of their clan members would submit to the person—no, noble demon!

The difference between a human and a noble demon was like day and night.

Even if the noble demon were not capable, just by their backing, even high-rank demon clans would have to respect their Dark Fae Clan.

"W-we submit, my Lord! We apologize for being ignorant of your status!" the dark faes cried.

Only after hearing their submission did Leon retract the pressure from them before saying, "Now that wasn't so hard to do, wasn't it?"

"Saresha, I'll leave it to you to fill them in on the ongoing events and organize them into your ranks."

"Yes, my Lord!" Saresha complied.

Although Leon felt like he had been a bit overbearing, it had to be done.

'Tak-si, tell me about this Demon Lord-level Tomb,' Leon called for the realm spirit while shifting his attention to the giant stone gates behind the dark faes.

'Yes, Master!' Tak-si answered.

'This tomb belongs to the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord, a Demon Lord-level dark wyrm who possesses a small amount of a True Dragon's blood.'

After hearing that, Leon's eyes immediately flickered with strong interest.

'A True Dragon's blood, you say? How sure are you?'

'Very sure, Master!' Tak-si asserted.

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