Prime Originator

Chapter 805: Entering the Dark Wyrms' Den Alone

Chapter 805: Entering the Dark Wyrms' Den Alone

'True Dragon's blood…'

Leon rubbed his chin with a thoughtful look.

No matter how thin the dark wyrm's True Dragon Bloodline is, True Dragon's blood is still True Dragon's blood.

If he can obtain it and use it alongside True Grandmist Energy, he could advance his Dragon God Consolidating Viscera Method by leaps and bounds.

'No matter how little it is, I have to obtain this True Dragon's blood!' Leon's eyes flickered with a determined look.

'How is the layout of the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's tomb? How many trials and traps did it lay out?' he asked.

However, contrary to his expectation, Tak-si gives a surprising answer.

'The Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's tomb doesn't have multiple trials, Master; there's only one trial ground and no traps installed. So if you pass it, you'll reach the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's resting ground," Tak-si answered.

'There's only one trial ground and no traps behind this stone gate?' Leon repeated for confirmation.

He was taken aback by the revelation.

'Yes, Master.' Tak-si affirmed.

'Although the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord unlocked its spiritual wisdom, it still likes to keep things simple and didn't tamper with complicated things like arrays and formations.'

Hearing that, Leon furrowed his brows with doubt.

Even if there aren't any high-tier arrays and formations installed to increase the difficulty, a Demon Lord-level Tomb shouldn't be easy to conquer nonetheless—at least from others' perspectives.

'So what's behind this stone gate? Surely, it shouldn't be simple enough that anyone can overcome it.'

'Master is right,' Tak-si agreed.

'Fifty Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms are guarding the trial ground. Others might find this difficult, but it's a different story for Master, who possesses a higher-concept dark power.'

'Fifty Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms?' Leon paused before nodding with understanding.

Fifty Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms would be impossible for any average human or demon to overcome.

Nevertheless, defeating the Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms isn't the only way to reach the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's resting ground.

They can also try sneaking past all the Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms.

As for him, he wouldn't be surprised if the Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms just let him stroll past them and reach the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's resting ground.

'Right, I should also warn Master that these Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms also possess thin traces of their True Dragon ancestors' bloodline, so Master's dark power suppression may not be as effective on them,' Tak-si added.

Contrary to how he should react to the increased difficulty, Leon's eyes lit up after hearing the information.

To him, an Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm that is alive is much more valuable than a Demon Lord-level Dark Wyrm that is dead.

Nevertheless, it won't change the fact that he will still harvest the Demon Lord-level Dark Wyrm's True Dragon Blood.

"Well then, let's go greet these Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms, shall we?" Leon uttered.

He placed both hands on the giant stone gate and pushed it open with brute strength, causing the ground to vibrate from the rock-grinding noises.

Just as Aria, Darlene, and the dark faes prepared to follow them, Leon shook his head and stopped them.

"All of you will stay back. I will challenge the Demon Lord-level Tomb alone," he stated.

"Alone? This might not be like the Demon King-level Tomb, but it's still a Demon Lord-level Tomb! It's dangerous to challenge it alone," Aria voiced her concern.

However, Leon smiled back at her in response.

"You don't have to worry, Aria. There are only dark wyrms in the trial ground; Tak-si told me about it. Furthermore, you've seen how dark wyrms behave in front of my dark power; I'll be fine," he assured her.

Hearing that, Aria didn't argue further and nodded obediently.

"I'll wait for you."

"Be careful," Darlene added.

"I will."

At the same time, the newer dark fae members were startled by their lord's claim to challenge the Demon Lord-level Tomb alone.

However, they were even more astonished after hearing his following words.

If his dark power could even suppress Arch Demon-level creatures of darkness, then there was no doubt that following him was the right choice.

If their wishes for it, the Dark Fae Clan's rise to prominence will be unstoppable.

Just the thought of it filled them with excitement.

"We wish you the best of luck, my Lord!" the dark faes prayed for his success.

Shortly after hearing the dark faes' prays, Leon took his first step into the enormous trial ground with nothing else holding back.

The place was full of black sand on the bottom and obsidian-like crystallized black sand for walls and ceilings.

After his third step sent ripples of sand movements throughout the trial ground, columns of black sand erupted from the ground as multiple Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms revealed themselves.

Nevertheless, Leon did not falter.

He continued to stroll straight down the middle of the trial ground as more giant dark wyrms revealed themselves one after another; each of their strength varied from Early to Mid Arch Demon level.

When they saw the puny human's calm composure, their first thought was not to attack him but to study him with intense curiosity.

"Sup, fellas. How's it going?" Leon casually greeted.

The Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms all glanced at each other with the same confused look in their eyes.

(Where does this puny human get his confidence?)

(Is he a fool?)

They silently wondered among themselves.

"Do you know where you are, puny human? This is not a place where you can come!" a Mid Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm suddenly spoke in the human tongue with its booming voice.

"You unlocked your spiritual wisdom? Great! That simplifies things," Leon clapped his hands together with a pleasant smile.

Communication makes things easier.

"I've come to negotiate a deal with your Dark Wyrm Clan—a great deal that your Dark Wyrm Clan won't be able to refuse," he said.

"You? Interesting."

The Mid Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm glanced down on him with a condescending gaze.

"However, even if you want to negotiate with us, you must first have qualifications to negotiate with us! And a weak human like you does not have those qualifications!" it roared with a deafening voice.

The entire space shook as a result.

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