Prime Originator

Chapter 807: The Eager Dark Wyrms

Chapter 807: The Eager Dark Wyrms

Although True Dragon Blood is precious to the dark wyrms, offering a small portion in return for gaining an even more significant portion of it makes the price insignificant in comparison.

"You're right; this is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that we simply cannot refuse," the Mid Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm admitted.

"But how do you plan on strengthening our thin True Dragon Blood?" it asked shortly after.

Suddenly, all fifty Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms focused their sole attention on Leon, awaiting his answer with intense curiosity.

"I have a special blood-refining method that can bring out the special traits hidden in one's blood; once it's awakened, replication of the True Dragon Blood will naturally become simple," Leon explained.

All beasts with thin ancestral bloodlines face the same inability to locate their ancestral blood and stimulate its awakening.

However, once they are successful, their ancestral blood will reproduce itself.

This is why the Divine Beasts' direct descendants will always be stronger at birth in comparison to its later generations.

Nevertheless, Leon wasn't dealing with the distant descendants of a Divine Beast, but a God Beast; thus, its blood's effect will be even more potent.

"I will need some of your blood essences to begin," Leon stated.

Although multiple dark wyrms immediately frowned after hearing his requirement, the Mid Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm agreed.


Not long after, it decisively bit its tongue and spat out a glob of blood essence before the other dark wyrms could persuade it otherwise.

The glob of blood essence quickly froze in mid-air before Leon dragged it over with his Divine Will and commenced the Everlasting Blood Mantra's blood refining process.

The Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms watched the glob of dark-red blood essence revolve at high speed.

Numerous tiny blood arrows separated from the blood glob before splashing back into it like a sea of snakes trying to devour each other.

As that happened, the blood glob's core began to glow in a bright crimson color.

'A sun?' the dark wyrms thought.

The glowing blood glob gave the dark wyrms such an impression.

Seeing how the glowing blood glob shrunk over time, the dark wyrms almost thought Leon was secretly filtering the blood essence out for himself with an unknown method.

However, the increasing vitality they sensed in the reduced glob of glowing blood essence told them otherwise.

A short while later, Leon finished refining several True Dragon Origin Blood out of the blood essence given to him.

The blood quantity had significantly reduced, but the quality was vastly different.

"It's done; these are the True Dragon Origin Blood I refined," Leon stated.

The fifty Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms had their eyes fixed on the several True Dragon Origin Blood floating above Leon's hand with an intense look like they were gazing at some peerless treasures.

"Lord Shadowtail, I am among the weakest of our kind. The effects of these True Dragon Origin Blood are unclear. How about I test whether they are harmful or not?" A Low Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm shamelessly suggested.

However, the Mid Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm, Shadowtail, was not going to buy into its bullsh*t.

"F*ck off!" Shadowtail roared.

"These True Dragon Origin Blood were refined from my blood essences! If you want some True Dragon Origin Blood, then offer up your own blood essences for the noble demon to refine!"

That being said, many dark wyrms couldn't take their eyes off the True Dragon Origin Blood; some of their heads even inched closer to it.

"Back off, all of you! Are you trying to rebel?!" Shadowtail said snappishly.

The Mid Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm was afraid that if it took its eyes off the other dark wyrms for a single moment, they would immediately gobble up its True Dragon Origin Blood.

Leon smiled while pushing the seven drops of True Dragon Origin Blood towards the Mid Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm before Shadowtail glanced back at him with a confused look.

"You're going to give them all to me? Are you not going to take a portion for yourself?" Shadowtail asked.

"Considering it a gift to celebrate our friendship and future cooperation," Leon said generously.

It was not too late to take his share after the Mid Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm awakens its bloodline and produces even more True Dragon Blood.

"Thank you, sir. I am more than happy to be friends with an honorable person such as yourself," Shadowtail stated.

Evidently, Leon had earned the Mid Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm's genuine respect.

Shortly after that, the Mid Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm gobbled up the seven drops of True Dragon Origin Blood and absorbed them into its bloodstream.

Once the seven drops of True Dragon Origin Blood flowed into Shadowtail's bloodstream, they immediately affected the other blood essences around them, altering their properties to become closer to the True Dragon Origin Blood.

Shadowtail's eyes beamed in the next moment.

Although it didn't awaken its bloodline, it felt the True Dragon Bloodline in its large body become stronger and richer, which also raised its stagnant strength by a small margin.

(It's effective! Too effective!)

After the other dark wyrms sensed the changes, their eyes also beamed with excitement.

"Pah! You're too strict, Lord Shadowtail!" a Low Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm spat before directly its beaming eyes at Leon.

"Sir Noble Demon, are you looking for servants or pets? I wish to follow you and experience the vast outside world you spoke of!"

Once the Low Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm expressed its strong interest to follow Leon with an ingratiating attitude, several other Low Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms' minds also lit up with similar ideas.

"Sir Noble Demon, please accept us! We also wish to follow you and see the vast outside world!"

"How ridiculous!" a different Mid Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm roared angrily.

"What the hell are you all doing! Where is your shame? Have you no pride as descendants of True Dragons left?!" it rebuked the Low Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms.

However, its words didn't sway the Low Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms; their minds were set.

"Pah! You can ridicule us now, but when we become Divine Beasts, we'll be the one looking down on you, Lord Nightingale!"

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