Prime Originator

Chapter 808: Dark Wyrm Clan Recruited

Chapter 808: Dark Wyrm Clan Recruited


Another Mid Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm quickly snapped at the Low Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm's rude remark, disregarding the hierarchy.

"How dare you talk like that! Apologize to Lord Nightingale Immediately—!" the Mid Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm thundered.

However, Nightingale stopped the Mid Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm with a shake of her head.

"No, no, he has a point," she said.


"A cooperative relationship is good, but if we want more gain, we have to give up something else," Nightingale said.

"That's right," Shadowtail nodded before adding, "Sometimes, we have to put aside our pride to see the bigger picture."

"Even you agree, Lord Shadowtail?" the Mid Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm gazed at Shadowtail with surprise.

"There's nothing to be ashamed of," Shadowtail stated.

"We might be descendants of a God Beast, but without Sir Noble Demon's help, we would never dream of becoming Divine Beasts, let alone God Beasts like our primal ancestor."

"Furthermore, Sir Noble Demon's heritage is not the least bit inferior to ours, so there's nothing humiliating about serving him as our lord; it'll just be like the Eternal Night Demon Empress leading the various clans in the past."

Once that was said, the dark wyrm reminisced on the good ol' days, when the Eternal Night Demon Empress's Faction was at its peak glory.

Not long after, the voices of disagreement among the upper ranks of the Dark Wyrm Clan died down before they all entertained the thought of serving Leon as their new lord.

Leon did not even need to utter a single word before they all made their own choices.

"Sir Noble Demon, the Dark Wyrm Clan wishes to serve you as our lord," Shadowtail stated.

"If that is all your wishes, then I will naturally accept," Leon told them before asking, "But I doubt this is all of you. Are you sure you can speak for the others?"

Even if they couldn't, he could still suppress the other dark wyrms below the Arch Demon-level with his dark power and gain their submission through force.

Nevertheless, he shortly found out it was not necessary.

"Of course, Sir Noble Demon," Shadowtail affirmed.

"While this is not our whole clan, given our strength, we all have a great say in the clan; the younger ones wandering the desert outside will have no choice but to listen to our words."

"Great! That's just what I wanted to hear," Leon clapped his hands together with approval.

Life is easier when everything progresses smoothly.

"Then… Hehehe, do we also get a free bloodline-strengthening session from you, Sir Noble Demon?" a Low Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm asked humbly with signs of eagerness and impatience.

"Of course," Leon nodded before declaring generously, "Everyone's first session is free."

"Hurray! Long live Sir Noble Demon!" the Low Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms all cheered.


A Mid Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm suddenly barked, causing the rest of the dark wyrms to pause and glance over with confusion.

"How can we still address our new lord as Sir Noble Demon? Are we worthy of being our lord's servants if we don't even know the name of the lord in which we serve?" the Mid Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm chided.

However, the dark wyrms all showed relief after hearing it.

"And here I thought that you have some other problem, Lord Nightshade," Shadowtail said wryly before adding with a nod, "But Lord Nightshade has a point."

"May I ask how we should address our lord?" Shadowtail turned to Leon for his opinion.

"The name is Leon, but feel free to address me in whatever way you wish." 

"So it is Lord Leon..."

After Leon answered, Shadowtail and the other dark wyrms all engraved his name in their hearts. 

"Well, that's that," Leon ended the formalities there before asking, "So, who's next?"

His question immediately ignited the dark wyrms' emotion, making them all excited.

"Me, me, me! I want to be next!" 

A Low Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm quickly jumped the queue and pranced in front of Leon excitedly before it earned looks of displeasure from the Mid Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms.

"Nonsense! Get back in line! We should get our turns before any of you!" one of them barked.

The group of Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms quickly entered a scruffle, debating over who should get the next turn.

"How unsightly…" Shadowtail frowned while witnessing the scene.

"All of you, stop!" he barked before requesting his lord to intervene, "My Lord, it's a rather embarrassing manner, but please help my kin organize themselves; they are a little too excited over the prospect of improvement."

"So it seems…" Leon uttered wryly. 

Weren't the Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms supposed to have lived thousands of years? Even if it was understandable, did they need to behave like dogs after a bone was tossed?

"Everyone, line up!" Leon ordered.

"I will refine your blood essence one by one! Everyone will get a turn, so there's no need to fight over who gets to go first! I will do the picking!"

Once that was said, the dark wyrms finally calmed down and behaved themselves. 

Not long after, Leon selected his next victim—ahem, target, a Low Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm, to refine their blood essence into True Dragon Origin Blood. 

Meanwhile, Aria and Darlene watched Leon interact with the dark wyrms from the safety of the cave before the trial ground with the other dark faes. 

Seeing how the Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms behaved like dogs wagging their tails, they had nothing to worry about. 

Nevertheless, Saresha and her clan members could not help but feel astonished. 

"They're supposed to be Arch Demon-level demonic beasts, right? What did the lord do to make them behave like this?" 

"I don't know, but it seems like the lord successfully tamed them all…" 

Despite their doubts, their hands could not help but tremble while their eyes glowed brightly, unable to contain their excitement.

"Our Lord is so capable! I can't help but look forward to the future he brings us!" one of the newer dark fae members uttered.

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