Prime Originator

Chapter 811: Leaving the Buried Tomb

Chapter 811: Leaving the Buried Tomb

The result led to an immediate increase of 50-thousand jin in his physical strength, among multiple other benefits provided by the strengthened viscera.

Leon's eyes beamed with an intense light of excitement and pleasant surprise.

'Fifty-thousand jin increase!' he exclaimed in his mind.

'Strength is not the core of consolidating viscera, yet my strength increased so much as a result of a single drop of True Dragon Origin Blood!'

The surprising result made Leon greedy for more True Dragon Origin Blood.

While physical improvement was surprising, the improvement of his five viscera was even more significant and surprising.

The powerful thumping of his heartbeat and the vigorous blood coursing through his body was like a sonar scan, allowing him to sense the condition of his five viscera perfectly.

His body was already beyond the epitome of what a healthy human body was supposed to be.

His powerful blood-pumping heart quickly supplies energy to his four limbs, allowing him to break his previous speed limit and achieve a new height.

His strengthened liver processes his blood, breaking down, balancing, and creating nutrients and usable forms of energy for the rest of the body.

His strengthened spleen stores his blood, destroys all germs, and produces antibodies, allowing him to become even more resistant to diseases and poison.

His strengthened kidney filters waste materials from food, medication, and toxic substances, boosts blood production and promotes bone health.

His strengthened lungs allowed greater energy intake, storage capacity, and faster exchange of energy between his bloodstream and body, enhancing his cultivation speed in general—which could also be seen as improving his cultivation talent.

Overall, his improvement was primarily due to True Grandmist Energy; the single drop of True Dragon Origin Blood was used on his heart.

Nevertheless, it would be strange if such a healthy body didn't extend his lifespan.

"True Dragon Origin Blood sure makes a world of difference…" Leon uttered emotionally.

Unfortunately, the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord had changed its bloodline to that of an abyssal wyvern.

That made the quantity of True Dragon Origin Blood in its deceased body even less desirable than the still-living-and-breathing Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms.

"If the Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms knew that their venerated ancestor's ancestral bloodline was no better than theirs and was changed to make the evolution to Divine Beast Realm possible,  I wonder how they would feel?" Leon mused.

They would probably have less respect for the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord, who had abandoned his roots for an inferior bloodline—and inferior bloodline that was still superior to the Dark Wyrm Bloodline, nonetheless.

"The Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's body in and of itself is a treasure, but I doubt the dark wyrms will be happy with me dismantling it for forging materials, not to mention I have already given my word to respect it…"

"Well, it doesn't really matter… The artifacts I can forge with my present skill level would still be inferior to the treasures lying around and collecting dust in this large cave anyway..."

Leon shifted his attention to the numerous Tier-5 and Tier-6 Artifacts scattered across the ground.

"The Tier-7 Radiant Spear impaled in the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's back is still the most valuable out of all these treasures…" he shortly concluded after a quick inspection.

Of course, he pocketed everything into his Worldspace, nonetheless.

'I'll search from the interspatial artifacts later; it's time to leave,' he decided.

Leon did not touch the Tier-7 Radiant Spear and let it remain impaled in the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's back to continue cleansing its body of deathly energy.

Shortly after leaving the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's resting ground, Leon quickly caught all of the dark wyrms' attention.

"Have you finished your business in there, my Lord?" Shadowtail asked.

"For now, yeah." Leon nodded before stretching his limbs and saying, "Since I am feeling refreshed, I perform a second round of bloodline strengthening."

"Who wants to be first?" he asked.

The eyes of all the Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms immediately lit up after hearing his question.

Nevertheless, they quickly suppressed their excitement and lined themselves up obediently instead of fighting over it.

After Leon spent another two hours refining their blood essence and strengthing their True Dragon Bloodline, Shadowtail and Nightingale also joined the ranks of High Arch Demon-level beings.

"Welp, it's time for me to leave," Leon stated while stretching his tired limbs.

"Are you going to continue to hole up in this confined space or leave with me to explore the world outside and beyond?"

"We'll follow you, my Lord," Shadowtail said decisively.

After breaking his bottleneck and joining the ranks of High Arch Demon-level beings, he was filled with hopes and ambition.

The Divine Beast Realm was not far away.

"We have been holed up in this confined space for too long; it's time for us to leave and unite our scattered kin across the Blacksand Desert," Nightingale spoke.

"We also want to see how the world outside has changed after all these years," Nightshade added.

"Very well," Leon nodded with acknowledgment before saying, "Let me notify the others, and we can leave together."

"Understood, my Lord," the dark wyrms obeyed.

"Is it done?" Aria greeted Leon with a question after he returned from the trial ground.

"Un, it's done," Leon calmly nodded before saying, "Thank you for waiting; our business is done here. It's time to leave—but with a few more companions, of course."

"You mean those giant dark wyrms, my Lord?" Saresha glanced at the Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrms in the distance before her lips twitched.

They were definitely a 'few,' but they were all so big that they were comparable to an entire army of dark faes in terms of the space they cover.

"Naturally," Leon affirmed.

After getting the two groups to meet up, the dark faes glanced up at the dark wyrms' behemoth-like bodies with trepidation and fear, feeling intimated by their enormous presence.

"After we leave, there will be no one to guard our ancestor's tomb; allow me to open the way out and bury this place while I am at it, my Lord," Shadowtail requested.

However, Leon shook his head.

"No need. I will do it."

Shortly after, he raised his hand and demolished the crystallized ceiling with the power of Nihility, reducing everything into True Grandmist Energy before absorbing them into his Black Vortex Space.

Then, they blasted their way out as black sand quickly poured inside, filling up all the empty space.

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