Prime Originator

Chapter 810: Shadow Tempest's Secret Bloodline

Chapter 810: Shadow Tempest's Secret Bloodline

Inside the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's resting ground, Leon noticed the space was not as massive as the training ground, but it was spacious nonetheless.

At the center of the black cave, the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's enormous body, which made Leon feel minuscule, rested in the open space as if it was simply taking a nap and would wake up at any time.

Nevertheless, its lack of body heat and breath told him that the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord had passed away long ago.

However, it wasn't a natural death at the end of one's lifespan but because of a severe injury sustained in the battle between the Eternal Night Demon Empress's Faction and Celestial Alliance.

The large and radiant glowing-white spear impaled in the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's back with large cracks spread along its body was clear evidence of its mortal wound.

Even so, the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's appearance was different from his imagination.

"Surprisingly, the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord wasn't a wyrm-type dragon like the other Dark Wyrms—No, it still has some wyrm features…"

Apart from the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's jet-black body mainly being a dark wyrm, it had an additional pair of legs and wings, making it more like a wyvern.

Yet, at the same time, it looked neither like a wyrm nor a wyvern but a crossbreed of the two.

'Is one of the Dark Wyrm Clan's God Beast Ancestors a wyvern-type dragon, Tak-si? Do you know?' Leon inquired.

'I'm not too sure, Master," Tak-si responded.

'However, I overheard the dark wyrms mentioning the Grand Desolation Black Dragon as their Primal Ancestor, and the Grand Desolation Black Dragon was a True Dragon on par with Heavenly Gods in the primordial age, Master.'

'A Heavenly God-level True Dragon, huh?' Leon thought.

The Shadow Tempest Demon Lord showed little resemblance to a True Dragon—this shows how diluted the Grand Desolation Black Dragon's Bloodline has spread after so many years.

It wasn't rare for the dragons to crossbreed either.

'But for the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord to show closer resemblance to a wyvern than a True Dragon…'

Leon casually strolled around the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's enormous body and studied it while paying no attention to glittering and shiny treasures that lay scattered around the place.

'Did it stumble upon the inheritance of a powerful wyvern-type Divine Beast or God Beast and change its bloodline to become a Divine Beast?' Leon speculated with a thoughtful look.

Nevertheless, he will know once he extracts its blood essence and refines it.

'As expected of a Demon Lord-level—or rather, a Divine Beast's body; it's well preserved and didn't decay with time. The blood in its body has lost its warmth, but it didn't dry and is still brimming with vitality.'

Leon swiped a trace of blood from inside the dragon's open wound and studied it.

Despite the vital energy contained with the dragon blood, it was strange for a dark dragon to not have any built-up deathly energy in its body to corrupt the dragon blood after it had died for so long.

"Is this due to the radiant spear impaled deeply into its back?" Leon muttered.

He shifted his attention back on the radiant spear and inspected it.

The spearhead had pierced all the way to the dragon's heart, but only the very tip of it had penetrated the heart's outer wall.

The radiant spear had mostly like cleansed all the deathly energy in the dragon's body.

At the same time, Leon quickly understood why the radiant spear wasn't removed from the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's body.

"The radiant spear had already pierced the heart… Even if it is just the tip, the radiant power in the spear had been injected in the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's body, destroying its power of darkness…"

"Leaving the radiant spear would give the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord a slow death while removing the radiant spear would speed up its death…" Leon concluded.

Nevertheless, he did not expect to find another Tier-7 Divine Spear in the Demon Lord-level Tomb, but it doesn't have more powerful spears in his arsenal.

"This radiant spear is rather big, though… I doubt the Celestials were such giants to require a weapon of this size… Does it have an adjustable size function to it?"  he speculated.

His eyes flickered in the next moment.

A Tier-7 Divine Spear that can shrink and enlargen itself was priceless; such artifact function was not common, even in the Divine Realm, where Divine Artifacts were plenty.

"I'll study it later. But, for now, I'll extract some dragon blood to refine first," he decided.

There's no point extracting all of the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's dragon blood if he cannot use all of them right away, not to mention he had to create countless barrels to contain them.

It was too troublesome.

'If I bind the Radiant Heaven Realmship, I can always visit the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's tomb whenever I need some of its blood,' was what he thought.

After extracting several dozen drops of dragon blood essence, Leon sat a short distance away from the dragon's body and commenced his blood refinement.

A few tens of breaths later, he produced twelve drops of origin blood.

Three types of origin blood existed among the twelve drops of origin blood: four drops of Dark Wyrm Origin Blood, two drops of True Dragon Origin Blood, and seven drops of Abyssal Wyvern Origin Blood.

"As expected, the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord changed its bloodline in order to become a Divine Beast," he uttered.

The dominant amount of Abyssal Wyvern Origin Blood found was conclusive evidence of it.

Nevertheless, Leon absorbed a single drop of origin blood of each type, increasing his cumulation of unique origin blood to 602 types.

Then, he stored the remaining three drops of Dark Wyvern Origin Blood and six drops of Abyssal Wyvern Origin Blood into two separate bottles and placed them in his Worldspace.

As for the remaining drop of True Dragon Origin Blood, he held onto it and used the Nihility Law to reduce some of the stalactites hanging from the cave ceiling into True Grandmist Energy.

Shortly after, he practiced the Dragon God Consolidating Viscera Method and refined his viscera with the drop of True Dragon Origin Blood and True Grandmist Energy.

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