Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Ruan Yingyu

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Ruan Yingyu had gone to change her clothes when Xia Wanyuan was filming yesterday, so she had only seen the last scene.

Today, she stood at the side and watched Xia Wanyuan film the entire scene. She admitted that she could never act with such great emotional outbursts and feelings. If anything, this internal admission made her even more uneasy.

After all, she had worked so hard to get the lead role. What if Xia Wanyuan stole her limelight?

“Excellent, Xiao Xia! You’ve grasped the role perfectly. Keep it up.”

Director Yang had originally only regarded Xia Wanyuan as a pretty face, but he had never expected that it turned out she was so talented. He suddenly felt that he had made a killing, and the way he addressed Xia Wanyuan changed from ‘the woman who had brought in funds’ to ‘Xiao Xia’.

“Yes, Director.” Xia Wanyuan nodded slightly at Director Yang.

The scene had already ended, and Qin Wu had also let go of Xia Wanyuan. However, the warmth of her tears still lingered in his hands, like burning droplets into his heart.

Xia Wanyuan went out of character immediately and took the soda from Chen Yun.

“That’s great! How are you so good at crying?! That was so amazing.” Chen Yun’s heart, which had been burned to ashes, was now filled with a field of growing wild grass.

From the looks of it, Xia Wanyuan was truly enlightened. Her tear-stained face had even made him cry. ‘It will be eye-opening for the viewers when the drama airs!’

Chen Yun had already started to imagine where he would go for a vacation with his bonus after filming this drama.

“I just thought of the fact that my family went bankrupt and it upset me.”

Xia Wanyuan couldn’t bring herself to say that she had experienced the pain of losing her country in her previous life, so she could only make up an excuse using the recent matters of the original Xia Wanyuan.

Unexpectedly, Chen Yun somehow became awkward when he heard that. He worriedly consoled Xia Wanyuan, “Don’t be too sad. Just focus on filming this drama. It will get better in the future.”

He was about to leave when he turned back and touched his head in embarrassment. “Erm, what do you want to eat for lunch? The packed lunch isn’t good, so let me buy something else for you.”

“Bring me a bowl of baked potatoes then.” Xia Wanyuan took a sip of her soda. A strange feeling hit her throat.


Chen Yun was stunned. He looked at Xia Wanyuan for a long time and realized that she was not joking. He then replied, “Alright.”

‘I guess she must be really broke?!’

Chen Yun muttered in his heart. Otherwise, why would she become so frugal? This was nothing like the Xia Wanyuan who would frequently demand a feast even when filming in the mountains.

But it had to be said that the current Xia Wanyuan was much more approachable.

“Alright. All departments, pay attention. Where’s the gaffer? Light Ruan Yingyu up.”

Director Yang pointed at Ruan Yingyu. The cameraman and gaffer immediately followed his orders.

The cameras were already set up, but under the props tent, Ruan Yingyu seemed to have not heard Director Yang’s words and was immersed in her own world.

“Ruan Yingyu, what are you doing? Get ready, it’s your turn!”

Director Yang’s shout pulled Ruan Yingyu out of her chaotic reverie. She glanced at Xia Wanyuan, who was drinking a soda nearby with an air of magnanimity. Hatred flashed across her eyes.

“I’m so sorry, Director. I was too engrossed while thinking about my lines and didn’t hear you.”

Ruan Yingyu bowed a few times consecutively. Director Yang pursed his lips. “Alright, hurry up and prepare.”

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” Ruan Yingyu smiled at Qin Wu with a pure and sweet look. However, Qin Wu did not show any expression. He only nodded slightly and started acting with Ruan Yingyu.

Yes, he could not deny that her pure and innocent appearance was indeed very attractive. However, her stereotyped innocence was worlds apart from Xia Wanyuan, who had a pair of beautiful crystal clear eyes, let alone that mesmerizing smile.

Ruan Yingyu played the role of Tian Ying Er, who was the childhood sweetheart of the male lead, Lin Xiao.

The scene they were shooting today was the scene where Lin Xiao had thought of his sister who had grown up with him. After being humiliated in the outside world, he recalled their childhood love, which only deepened Lin Xiao’s longing for Tian Ying Er.

“Sister! Look at the kite! Master and I secretly bought it at the market.”

The bright youth flew down from the mountain peak using the wire stunt technique with a smile on his face and a butterfly-shaped kite in his hand.

“It’s so beautiful! Thank you, Brother!” Tian Ying Er accepted the kite with a joyful expression as she looked adoringly at her brother, who was perpetually radiant and bright.

“Stop!” Director Yang frowned as he looked at Ruan Yingyu’s smile on the monitor. “You are in your youthful period now! Both of you are still in a pure relationship as a senior and a junior. What the hell is with that adoring look in your eyes! Start over!”


“It’s so beautiful! Thank you, Brother!”

“Cut! You don’t look naive enough!”

“Cut! Now you look too naive. Why are you staring at him like that?”

Director Yang was a serious person. Three consecutive NG cuts had made him furious.

Seeing that it was almost noon, he snapped, “Let’s continue in the afternoon.”

“I’m sorry, everyone. I’m so sorry. I’m in a bad state today.”

Ruan Yingyu bowed to everyone with an apologetic look on her face. However, her fingernails had already dug into her flesh.

“Think more about what an innocent girl should look like. If you really can’t do it, go and ask Xia Wanyuan for advice and learn from how she acted yesterday.” After filming all morning, only Xia Wanyuan’s scenes had been completely filmed. The comparison made Director Yang extremely more dissatisfied with Ruan Yingyu’s three consecutive NG scenes.

“Alright, Director. I will definitely seek guidance.”

Even as she was speaking, Ruan Yingyu gritted her teeth and struggled to keep the irritation out of her voice. Ignoring the gazes of the crew, she entered her own lounge.

The moment she entered the lounge, Ruan Yingyu threw the things in her hands onto the floor.

“B*tch! Who does she think she is! Me? Consult her?!”

Her innocent eyes were filled with hatred.

Since she only had scenes to film at night, Xia Wanyuan went back to the hotel. When Chen Yun entered the room with a bowl of baked potatoes bought from a roadside stall, Xia Wanyuan was eating the packed lunch from the production team in satisfaction.

If one did not notice the packed lunch and looked at Xia Wanyuan’s eating manners, Chen Yun would have thought that Xia Wanyuan was having a sumptuous feast.

Chen Yun was a little speechless. ‘Forget it, I’ll give her an extra drumstick tomorrow afternoon.’

“You’re here?” Chen Yun walked over and Xia Wanyuan handed him his packed lunch.

“Yes. Here, your potatoes.”

Xia Wanyuan took the potatoes. The other day, when she was on set, she had passed by the food street outside and smelled the crisp fragrance wafting in from outside the car window. Since then she has already been craving them.

She picked one up and placed it in her mouth. The outside was a little hard, but the inside was soft and melted in her mouth. The taste was indeed not bad, but it was a little too oily. After popping two into her mouth and tasting them, Xia Wanyuan decided it was enough.

He wasn’t sure if the packed lunch provided by the production team had indeed become more delicious or if it was because of how deliciously Xia Wanyuan ate, Chen Yun felt that the packed lunch today tasted much better.

“You can take a break in the afternoon. I’ll let you know when filming starts tonight.”


Chen Yun was about to leave with the trash when Xia Wanyuan suddenly spoke from behind him.

“Pay attention to Ruan Yingyu. She might take action in the next two days.”

“Got it.”

Even if Xia Wanyuan didn’t mention it, Chen Yun would still pay more attention to her.

When they were resting on set earlier, Xia Wanyuan could feel the hatred in the woman’s eyes whenever she looked at her.

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