Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: The Alluring Dance

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After lunch, Xia Wanyuan lay down on the soft bed and took her afternoon nap. However, in the canteen of Jun Corporation, Xia Yu was not feeling as comfortable.

Having experienced a day of muddle-headedness the day before, the supervisor finally gave him some work today, which was to help the people in the office print documents.

Everyone in the office knew that he had come in through connections, so no one dared to hand things over to him. Hence, he sat in the office and had nothing to do for a long time. During lunchtime, his colleagues asked him to have lunch together, so he went to the canteen together with them.

“Hey, isn’t this Young Master Xia?” A sharp voice sounded behind him.

Xia Yu froze. Damn it, why did he bump into him?

He pretended that nothing had happened and walked forward. However, the person behind him caught up and stopped him.

“What?” Xia Yu looked at the person in front of him unhappily.

The person in question was dressed in a pure white suit and his hair was neatly combed. His youthful face was full of mischief and mockery.

It was Wang Hao, one of the people who had gotten into a fight with Xia Yu a few days ago. He was also the one who called Xia Yu ill-mannered. He had completely angered Xia Yu, which led to the fight.

“Young Master Xia, what are you doing here?” Wang Hao looked at the work pass hanging on Xia Yu’s neck as if he had just discovered something incredible.

“Wow, the Xia family may have gone bankrupt, but I didn’t expect you to be reduced to such a state! To think that even Young Master Xia has to work for someone now, haha!” The sarcasm on his face became more obvious.

Xia Yu had always been arrogant because the Xia family had always given him money but did not care about whatever he did. Wang Hao had never liked him, so he could not wait to spread the news of Xia Yu working in the company.

He had gone to the company to get close to a girl working there. Who would have thought that there would be such an unexpected surprise?

The Xia family could not compare to the Jun family, but in China, they were considered a rather reputable company. Everyone present had more or less heard about the Xia family’s bankruptcy, and their gazes towards Xia Yu immediately changed.

“None of your business. Get lost if you don’t want to get beaten up!”

Sensing the strange gaze from the surroundings, Xia Yu felt wronged and yelled at Wang Hao.

“Hey! An employee of the Jun Corporation is going to beat someone up. Is anyone going to stop him?” Wang Hao shouted exaggeratedly, with an expression full of arrogance and mockery.

Xia Yu clenched his fists tightly. Finally, he threw down the plate on the table and rushed out.

From there he rushed back to the office. He looked at the empty room and tears fell. He could not hold back his tears anymore.

He wanted to quit.

“I’m not staying in this lousy place anymore!”

“Mr Xia.”

Lin Jing had appeared at the door at some point during his tirade. His presence gave Xia Yu a shock.

Xia Yu instinctively wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes. “What is it?” The young man’s clear voice had a hint of suppressed hoarseness.

“Young Master wants you upstairs for a meal.”

With that, Lin Jing turned around and left. As expected, worried that he would implicate Xia Wanyuan, Xia Yu struggled for a while and decided to follow Lin Jing a moment later.

They entered the CEO’s private elevator and went straight to Jun Shiling’s office.

In the spacious office, Jun Shiling was reading the documents on the table with a focused expression.

Xia Yu walked in and Jun Shiling looked up at him with his deep eyes. He glanced at the table not far away and said, “Finish your lunch first.”

Xia Yu originally thought that Jun Shiling was going to scold him, and he was already prepared to argue with him. Hence, he was stunned seeing how calm the man was. He didn’t know what Jun Shiling was going to say, so Xia Yu could only walk to the table and eat the food.

“Brother-in…” Xia Yu almost called Jun Shiling ‘brother-in-law’ subconsciously. Sensing Jun Shiling’s oppressive gaze, he changed the way he addressed him immediately. “Young Master Jun, I’m not suitable for this place, I’m going home. Please tell my sister.”

“Then what do you suit?” Jun Shiling finally spoke. His cold tone was so cold that Xia Yu’s heart went cold too.

Xia Yu’s heart skipped a beat. Right… Then what was suitable for him?

Eat, drink, and have fun? Or going to bars and dancing? Partying his life away?

Jun Shiling exposed his excuse with one sentence.

At the end of the day, there was nothing suitable or unsuitable about it. It was just that he was unwilling to do it.

Xia Yu clenched his fists nervously and was about to speak.

“Tell her yourself. I won’t help you pass the message on.”

After saying this, Jun Shiling ignored Xia Yu.

Xia Yu was stumped. He realized that he didn’t have the courage to tell Xia Wanyuan that he didn’t want to stay in the Jun Corporation any more. Although he was young, he knew that Xia Wanyuan wanted him to stay with Jun Shiling for his own good.

If he gave up now, it would undoubtedly be a clear indication to Xia Wanyuan that he was incapable, and that he was nothing but a coward.

Biting his lower lip, Xia Yu glanced at Jun Shiling, who was sitting behind the table with a commanding aura. Then he turned around and left.

Not long after he left, Jun Shiling received a report from Lin Jing.

“Xia Yu has returned to the finance department.”

After an afternoon of takes and adjustments, Ruan Yingyu finally managed to reach Director Yang’s standards after being stuck twice.

It was different from what the outside world had imagined. Dramas nowadays were filmed scene by scene before they were edited.

It was possible that she would have to be naive in the day, but turn bitter and revengeful at night. Hence, to actors, it was very important to quickly get into character.

The scene to film at night was the scene where Xia Wanyuan had to disguise herself as the best dancer to sneak into the newly-promoted general’s residence for the sake of reviving the country and taking revenge. With a single dance, she was able to charm the general and seize his love and trust.

“Alright, get the substitute ready. Go up and dance after you hear my cue.”

Director Yang made a gesture, and the huge lights illuminated the crew. Everything was in place, and the filming began.

At the feast where everyone drank to their heart’s content, the melodious sound of bamboo pipes could be heard.

More than ten women in colorful clothes scattered their wide sleeves and danced gracefully. Flowers fell from the sky and it looked as if they had weaved a fantasy dream.

Suddenly, the music stopped a while before playing loudly again as if it was welcoming someone.

Suddenly, there was a lady outside the hall. Lotuses bloomed with every step she took. The dancers surrounded her as if they were carrying her from behind. Petals fluttered down from the sky.

When the lady walked in, the entire hall was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

Under the bright lights, the lady would occasionally raise her wrist and lower her eyebrows. At other times, she would gently wave her hands. The long sleeves in her hands were folded intricately, woven together in an exquisite tumble. It was as if a brush moving like a dragon and painting a painting. Her jade sleeves made the wind blow. She would turn, swing, open, twist, turn, circle, and curve smoothly like flowing water, or phoenixes dancing in harmony.

After the dance, the entire room fell silent. Then, violent cheers erupted. At this moment, the dancer gently removed her veil, revealing a peerless face. The side of her ink-black hair was draped like a waterfall, and there was a flower-shaped piece drawn with cinnabar between her brows. The golden thread at the corner of her eyes was enough to captivate the general sitting on the throne. He didn’t even know that his wine glass had fallen.

At this moment, the crew members were as fascinated as those on the scene.

It was only when Xia Wanyuan reminded the director herself that Director Yang reacted and hurriedly called out “Cut”.

It was only then that the film crew realized that the substitute did not even have a chance to go on stage. That gorgeous and flawless dance was done by Xia Wanyuan herself!!

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