Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Returning to Beijing

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Xia Wanyuan blushed, feeling somewhat embarrassed. Fortunately, Jun Shiling stopped talking on the other end of the line.

“Goodnight, Mommy.” Xiao Bao yawned and rubbed his eyes.

“Good night.”

Everything returned to normal. However, only the person involved knew how much emotional turmoil there was that night.

Unexpectedly, in the following week, Ruan Yingyu did not do anything out of the ordinary. In fact, she and Xia Wanyuan could be said to have minded their own business.

Ever since Jun Shiling had seen Xia Wanyuan dance last time, Jun Shiling had intentionally avoided Xiao Bao and her whenever they had a video call.

“How is Xia Yu now?”

Jun Shiling finally thought of Xia Yu, who had been thrown into the finance department.

“It’s not going well for him.”

In the finance department, Xia Yu was in a deadlock with a middle-aged man. Ever since the incident at the canteen, the suspicions towards Xia Yu had subsided.

People were often afraid of the unknown. Now that Xia Yu’s identity was clear and everyone knew that he was a bankrupt child of the Xia family, their attitude towards him naturally changed.

“Xiao Xia, help me print this.”

“Xiao Xia, help me send this to Manager Wu’s office.”

“Xiao Xia, get me a cup of coffee.”

From the moment the first employee asked Xia Yu for help, the others in the office gradually got used to ordering him around.

Although Xia Yu had been left to sink or swim his whole life, he was always served wherever he went and had never served anyone before as the Xia family was rich in the past.

However, thinking about how Jin Feng had poured him a cup of tea the first time he came to the office, Xia Yu decided to treat it as returning the favor.

He didn’t expect the coffee to be so hot that it burned Jin Feng’s tongue. Jin Feng threw the cup onto the table, causing a few drops of hot coffee to splash and scald Xia Yu.

“How can you be so useless? You can’t even do such a small thing. Trash.”

When Xia Yu first arrived, Jin Feng thought that he was someone with connections. Hence, he even respectfully made tea for this lad who was dozens of years younger than him. However, now that he realized that he was just a poor man, his attitude became arrogant.

Xia Yu looked at Jin Feng with an unreadable expression and wiped the coffee stains on the back of his hand dry. Then, he slowly picked up the cup and poured the coffee on Jin Feng when nobody was watching.

“You!” Jin Feng shuddered and flinched back from the heat of the coffee. His white shirt turned dark gray in an instant.

“F*ck you, did I give you face?! Can’t you do it yourself? Don’t you have hands? You useless piece of trash!”

Xia Yu’s lips curled up mockingly without a trace of a smile in his eyes.

In the past, he always felt that there was nothing to pursue in life as long as there was food, drinks, and fun. Now that the Xia Family had gone bankrupt, he finally understood the fickleness of human nature.

Those that he thought would always follow him and call them Brother Xia were out of sight when things went south for him.

Someone who was old enough to be his father fought to make tea for him the first time they met because he thought that he had connections. However, after realizing that he was wrong, he finally showed his cloven hoof. Xia Yu scoffed.

On the other hand, his half-sister, who had treated him like nothing before, was the only person who stood before him after the accident.

Thinking of Xia Wanyuan, Xia Yu’s smile froze.

Jin Feng rolled up his sleeves and was about to rush forward when he was stopped by his colleagues around him. Worried that they would argue again, his colleagues stepped forward to stop Xia Yu.

Xia Yu shook off everyone’s hands and left the office. “I’m sorry, I can’t stay in the finance department anymore. If there’s any loss, I’ll bear it myself. I won’t implicate others.”

Not long after Lin Jing finished his report, news came from the finance department and Xia Yu arrived at Jun Shiling’s office alone.

“Your school’s spring break is almost over. Go back to school.”

“?” Xia Yu looked at Jun Shiling in confusion.

“You don’t have the ability to enter Jun Corporation’s finance department yet,” Jun Shiling looked at Xia Yu with his deep eyes. “I was just letting you in for a lesson.”

“Capital or ability, you have none. Why should others respect you?”

Even after leaving Jun Corporation, Jun Shiling’s words still lingered in Xia Yu’s mind.

Every word was like a warning bell that rang in Xia Yu’s heart.

In the filming of “The Long Ballad”, some of the scenes needed to be filmed in the Southern Film City. Therefore, these few days, the film crew mainly filmed the scenes that needed to be filmed in the south.

Xia Wanyuan’s character was said to be the second female lead, but because “The Long Ballad ” was originally a male genre production, the existence of female characters was to support the male lead’s chivalrous tendencies.

As the second female lead who had a one-sided love for the male lead, she didn’t have many scenes.

After more than ten days of intense filming, Xia Wanyuan went with Chen Yun back to Beijing. At the same time, photos of Xia Wanyuan leaving and arriving at Beijing airport started circulating online.

Hot searches about airport photos usually included photos of celebrities looking flawless. However, when it came to Xia Wanyuan, everyone criticized her for only filming for ten days.

When he alighted the plane and got into the car, Chen Yun was so angry that he wanted to smash his phone.

Why didn’t he realize that Xia Wanyuan was so popular now? She even had photos taken at the airport.

“It must be Ruan Yingyu and her company, Strawberry Entertainment! How could they take advantage of the situation? I was wondering why she was acting so abnormally recently. She even suggested to the director to shoot your scene first. Turns out she was planning this!”

“Calm down.” Xia Wanyuan casually handed Chen Yun an orange.

Chen Yun speechlessly glanced at Xia Wanyuan, who was acting as if nothing had happened.

In the past, he used to pray that Xia Wanyuan would stop causing trouble and be quiet. But now, Xia Wanyuan was quiet, but a little too quiet.

“I’ll take you back first.” Chen Yun was just about to tell the driver the address of the villa.

However, Xia Wanyuan gave it some thought and gave him a new address.

Chen Yun didn’t think much of it at first, but when the car slowly drove into a road covered by towering sycamore trees, he could faintly hear the sound of water splashing. After a while, they passed through a large area of roses and finally revealed an extremely magnificent manor.

In Beijing where every inch of land was worth gold, this manor actually occupied about 300 acres.

Under the setting sun, the French Fontainebleau-style building appeared even more serene and majestic. The tall fences could not stop the vines and roses that were blooming out of the garden.

As far as he could see, the solemn gates were decorated with dazzling enamel-painted windows and lifelike marble relics.

“This is your house?” Chen Yun took a deep breath. ‘Didn’t they say that the Xia family was bankrupt?!’

“No. It’s a friend’s house.”

“Oh, oh.” He was almost scared to death. He had thought that Xia Wanyuan had suddenly moved to such a place.

Xia Wanyuan used to be the daughter of a rich family, so it was normal for her to have a rich friend.

Chen Yun looked at the majestic building outside the car and clicked his tongue. It was too heaven-defying to be this rich.

After sending Xia Wanyuan to the door, Chen Yun left. He looked at the door enviously and urged the driver to leave quickly. “Let’s go, let’s go. We can’t stay here for too long. If we stay any longer, I will develop an extreme hatred towards the rich.”

The manor was extremely private and Jun Shiling had never met outsiders in the manor. This was the first time someone had rang the bell at the entrance.

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