Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: A Dance For My Precious Baby

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The director was stunned. “Xiao Xia, you know how to dance? Why didn’t you say anything before?”

“I’ve learned it since I was a kid. I never had many chances to dance before.”

Everyone thought about it. Although Xia Wanyuan had a reputation for bringing funds into the production team, this young lady had actually not ruined many of her shows. She had only acted in two shows before she had somehow garnered the hatred of the internet.

‘The Long Ballad’ was her first period drama. The modern dramas she had acted in previously hadn’t required her to dance either.

“It’s really great. Alright, everyone, go and rest.” After successfully filming this scene, Director Yang was in a good mood. If anything, he found Xia Wanyuan increasingly pleasing to the eye.

“I didn’t expect you to dance so well.” Qin Wu watched from the side for a while and went up to Xia Wanyuan as she was done. His tone was full of admiration.

“I’m just an amateur, it’s nothing professional.” Xia Wanyuan smiled politely.

The Great Xia Dynasty emphasized being accomplished with both the pen and the sword. When the members of the royal family were very young, not only did they learn the four arts, they also had to be well-trained in horse-riding, archery and dance.

The original owner of this body had the foundation of ballet, and most importantly, she was young. So, Xia Wanyuan could still perform the dance moves with grace.

“You’re pretty good.” Qin Wu didn’t know what to say. He also didn’t know why he had come up to talk to Xia Wanyuan.

At that moment, Chen Yun walked over. “Your phone keeps ringing. I can’t possibly rummage through your bag for it. Quickly go and take a look.”

Only then did Xia Wanyuan remember that she had forgotten to tell Xiao Bao yesterday that she needed to shoot a night scene today. Looking at the time, it was almost time for Xiao Bao to sleep.

On the bed in the bedroom, Xiao Bao was holding onto Jun Shiling’s phone. He had already called Xia Wanyuan three times, but no one picked up.

Xiao Bao frowned and looked at the phone pitifully.

When Jun Shiling walked in, he saw Xiao Bao looking like he was about to cry.

“What happened?”

Seeing Jun Shiling walk in, Xiao Bao seemed to have found someone to vent his grievances on.

“Mommy’s not picking up.” As Xiao Bao spoke, big drops of tears fell onto the blanket.

Seeing the anguish on the little dumpling’s face, Jun Shiling took the phone with a frown. He looked at the three unanswered video calls on WeChat and turned off the phone.

“If she isn’t answering, go to bed. Why are you crying?”

Jun Shiling stuffed Xiao Bao’s hand into the blanket, a fierce look flashing across his eyes.

Was that woman just putting on an act a few days ago? Could she not hold on anymore?

However, she should never have treated the sincerity of a child as a plaything that she had come up with on a whim.

Looking at Jun Yin’s red eyes that were filled with grievance, Jun Shiling clenched his fists. He would never let that woman get close to the child again, even if it meant he would be deprived of motherly love.

However, the buzzing sound of the phone exploded in the silent room.

Jun Shiling took the phone and saw that it was indeed a call from Xia Wanyuan.

“Is it Mommy? Give it to me, Daddy!”

Xiao Bao, who had just said in his heart that he would not bother about his mommy anymore, heard the phone ring and came out from under the blanket immediately.

There was still a drop of unshed tears on his long eyelashes, but his black grape-like eyes were filled with joy.

Jun Shiling sat by the bed, holding Xiao Bao in his arms as he answered the call.

The video call connected. The words that Jun Shiling wanted to say to reprimand Xia Wanyuan were stuck in his throat.

Xia Wanyuan was worried that Xiao Bao would get anxious from waiting, so she didn’t even have time to change out of her costume before calling. She was still dressed like a dancer.

At the moment she was wearing a long white gown with a few peonies on the collar that were outlined with silver threads. Her chest was wrapped in a broad piece of pale gold brocade.

With her skin as fair as jade, the cinnabar flower ornament between her eyebrows matched the delicate color of her red lips. The golden eyeliner at the corner of her eyes enhanced Xia Wanyuan’s exquisite beauty with a seductive charm.

Jun Shiling’s breathing paused, and his grip on the phone tightened.

Xiao Bao felt that Xia Wanyuan looked especially beautiful. He had never seen her dressed like this.

“Mommy, you look like a fairy!!” He had often heard Xia Wanyuan tell mythical stories. In Xiao Bao’s world, the best way to describe someone pretty was to say that she looked like a fairy.

The corners of Xia Wanyuan’s eyes lifted slightly, and her crystal eyes were full of smiles. Under the light, the color of the cinnabar flower ornament between her brows appeared even brighter.

“Mommy forgot to tell you that I’m filming a night scene today. I didn’t bring my phone, so I didn’t receive Xiao Bao’s call in time. Can Xiao Bao forgive me?”

“I forgive you! Mommy, I’ve been waiting for you obediently! I’m not angry.” Xiao Bao replied before Xia Wanyuan could finish her sentence.


Jun Shiling glanced speechlessly at his son in his arms. ‘Then who was the one who had been crying so pitifully just moments ago?’

“Mommy, why are you dressed like this for the drama?” Xiao Bao looked curiously at Xia Wanyuan’s clothes.

“Because I have to film a dance scene today.”

“Mommy, you know how to dance?!” Xiao Bao jumped excitedly in Jun Shiling’s arms. After being pressed down by Jun Shiling’s large hand, he became obedient.

There was a dance teacher in Xiao Bao’s kindergarten who was especially good at dancing. Many children in the kindergarten liked her, and so did Xiao Bao. When he heard Xia Wanyuan mention dancing, Xiao Bao was so excited that he wanted to see Mommy dance.

“Mommy, I want to see you dance. I haven’t seen you dance before.” Xiao Bao looked at Xia Wanyuan in the video with his sparkling eyes that were full of anticipation.

“Okay, but Mommy is a little tired from filming. I’ll dance for you for a little while, okay? Will you go to bed obediently after watching?”


Xia Wanyuan could only see Xiao Bao’s fair face as Xiao Bao had held the phone close to his face. She did not think that Jun Shiling would be bored enough to watch her video call with Xiao Bao, so she agreed to Xiao Bao’s request without feeling burdened.

Anyway, there was nothing difficult about dancing to make the child happy.

With that, Xia Wanyuan placed her phone on the table, adjusted the angle, stood under the light and winked at Xiao Bao.

She recalled the dance moves she learned from her masters when she was young. Since she could not find any music on the spot, she hummed the melody herself.

As Xia Wanyuan sang with a melodious voice, she gently swayed her sleeves and twisted her slender waist slowly. She began to dance with her graceful figure. Under the light, she was like a dancing butterfly, swaying her waist with the rhythm of the wind, blooming with her own brilliance.

Although she was wearing extremely gorgeous makeup, the purity in her clear glass-like eyes made it impossible for anyone to have any romantic thoughts about her. Her dress was like a lotus flower in the wind, and she was so beautiful that it was as if Chang’e, the Chinese goddess of the moon, had walked into this world.

Xiao Bao was stunned. Just wait! He was going to announce to the whole kindergarten tomorrow that his Mommy, instead of the dance teacher, was the most beautiful person in the whole world!

After a short dance, Xia Wanyuan stopped. “Alright, Mommy has kept her promise. It’s time for you to sleep.”

Due to the dance, a thin layer of sweat formed on Xia Wanyuan’s forehead, making her look like an attractive and moving lotus that had been soaked in the morning dew.

“Mommy, you danced so beautifully! Are you actually a fairy?” In Xiao Bao’s world, the fairy was the most beautiful and amazing person under the heavens!

“Daddy, don’t you think so? Didn’t Mommy dance really well?” Xiao Bao suddenly looked up and asked.

Xia Wanyuan was shocked.

‘Jun Shiling was beside him?!’

A few seconds later, Xia Wanyuan heard a low, attractive voice in response.


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