Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Sleeping With Daddy and Mommy

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The lights made the house look as bright as it was during the day. Even though the sky was filled with dark clouds, the people eating in the house were undisturbed.

After the meal, Xia Wanyuan held Xiao Bao’s hand and stared at the heavy rain outside the door. She was speechless. ‘Wasn’t the weather quite sunny just now?’

“Mommy, you can sleep with us here today.” Xiao Bao had always seen scenes of parents sleeping with their children in advertisements or cartoons on television.


Xia Wanyuan was stunned by Xiao Bao’s words. “The storm should stop soon. Didn’t you say you were going to show me your Ultraman? Let’s go and take a look.”

At the mention of Ultraman, Xiao Bao jumped with joy. He leaped up and took Xia Wanyuan’s hands, before running to the second floor.

Jun Shiling had also heard what Xiao Bao said, but strangely, he did not feel repulsed. In the past, he would not even want to take a look at Xia Wanyuan.

“Uncle Wang, have someone prepare the guest room.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

The rain came fiercely and lasted a long time. The sky slowly darkened, but the rain still showed no signs of stopping.

“Miss Xia, the guest room is ready. Someone will bring clothes to the manor for you to change into later. Since it’s raining heavily outside, please stay here tonight.”

Uncle Wang stood at the door and was shocked to see how much Little Master relied on Xia Wanyuan. There had never been an outsider staying overnight in the manor, let alone a woman. Hence, many things were not available and had to be sent in from outside.

“Mommy, let’s sleep here. I’m not finished with one of Ultraman’s legs. Can you fix it together with me tonight?”

During this period of time, Xiao Bao had been obsessed with Lego. That Ultraman, who was half the height of a person, was only short of a leg to be completed.

“Alright then.”

Xia Wanyuan was almost done with the filming of the drama, and she did not have other business activities too. Since both houses were Jun Shiling’s anyway, it did not matter where she stayed.

“What did she say?”

Jun Shiling sat downstairs, his resolute side profile remained expressionless.

“Miss Xia agreed.”

Sensing the change in Jun Shiling’s attitude, not to mention the fact that a woman was staying in the manor was already something incredible, everyone began to treat Xia Wanyuan as the future mistress.

They sent a huge plate of fruits to the mother and son, who were engrossed in fixing the Lego. Xia Wanyuan had never eaten most of the fruits on the plate in her two lifetimes.

She smiled at the servants and thanked them. The young lady who delivered the fruits was enchanted by her smile. The future mistress had a good temper and was really beautiful!

Downstairs, Jun Shiling was discussing the development plan of the southern resort with a few higher-ups in the company.

“Jun Shiling, where’s my brother? Where did he go?”

After eating and playing for a long time, Xia Wanyuan finally remembered her brother. She had yet to see Xia Yu and wondered how he was doing. Xia Wanyuan walked out of the room and called out to Jun Shiling, who was focused on his computer.

A clear and melodious female voice sounded from the video call. The video conference, which had been full of words and heated discussions, suddenly stopped.


At this moment, the people in the meeting room couldn’t hide the surprise in their eyes.

A woman?! In the Big Boss’s house?! This was even more unbelievable than the bankruptcy of the Jun Corporation!

After all, Jun Shiling was like a walking King of Hell. At one point, they had thought that Boss would be single for life, but now, there was actually a woman in Boss’s house.

In the blink of an eye, all kinds of thoughts surged in everyone’s mind. Only Lin Jing knew what was going on. He adjusted his glasses and revealed a mysterious smile.

“He went back to school. He should be back in two days.”

She had thought that Jun Shiling would hang up the video call immediately, but he acted as if nothing had happened.

Looking at Jun Shiling’s expressionless face, everyone sweated. Boss, how did you take that beauty home with that cold face of yours?

“Oh, alright.” Xia Wanyuan turned and left.

“Continue.” Jun Shiling turned his gaze back to the meeting. Everyone had already adjusted their expressions to look extremely professional and serious, as if they were not the ones who were eavesdropping on their boss.

“Okay, according to the report by the investment department…”

Soon enough, the clothes were delivered. After washing up, Xia Wanyuan felt that the fatigue from the few hours of flight had disappeared.

“Let’s go to bed.”

“Mommy, shall we sleep with Daddy?”

How hard must it be for Xiao Bao to remember about sleeping with his parents after playing with his toys for so long!

“Your father isn’t used to sleeping with others.” Xia Wanyuan could only use Jun Shiling as an excuse.

“That’s not right. Mommy, is our family incomplete?”

Xiao Bao lowered his head and there were tears at the corners of his eyes. What he said shocked Xia Wanyuan. ‘Where did he hear these words from?’

At that moment, in the public service advertisement that was broadcasted between cartoons, the moon was shining brightly outside the window, and parents and children were sleeping peacefully on the bed in the house.

“A complete family is the greatest care for the baby.”

Xia Wanyuan looked at the advertising slogan speechlessly, while Xiao Bao pouted. The tears in his eyes made Xia Wanyuan’s heart clench.

“I am… okay with it, but if your father doesn’t agree, then shall we sleep in the guest room?”

Xia Wanyuan felt that Jun Shiling would definitely not agree, so she agreed to Xiao Bao’s request.

“Okay! I’ll go get Daddy!” Xiao Bao’s mood finally turned for the better as he ran down the stairs happily. Xia Wanyuan leisurely picked up a cherry on the table and put it into her mouth, thinking about how to comfort the little dumpling who would be facing rejection.

Moments later, the sound of footsteps could be heard from the door.

“Mommy, Daddy agreed!” The little dumpling’s excited voice rang out.

“Cough, cough, cough.” Xia Wanyuan choked on the delectable fruit. How was it possible that Jun Shiling agreed??

“Mommy, let’s go to bed.” Having obtained Jun Shiling’s permission, Xiao Bao pulled Xia Wanyuan’s hand and ran to the master bedroom, completely forgetting Jun Shiling’s request to stay in the guest room.

The master bedroom was very large with huge French windows. The heavy rain had left a series of marks on the glass windows. The decorations in the room were extremely simple, and the dark gray style reflected the cold personality of the owner of the room.

Xiao Bao jumped onto the bed and waved at Xia Wanyuan. “Mommy, come here.”

Xia Wanyuan wasn’t worried about what Jun Shiling would do to her as someone like him had the most unattainable arrogance.

In the past, when they were ambushed by enemy troops in the military camp, there were no tents or beds. Everyone slept on the ground.

At that time, there was no distinction between men and women. They were merely comrades who had fought side by side. As a result, Xia Wanyuan only felt a little awkward and had no other thoughts.

“Okay. Let’s go to sleep.”

Xia Wanyuan stepped forward, lifted the blanket, and pulled the little dumpling into her embrace. She softly hummed a new song that she had been listening to for the past few days. But after half an hour, Xiao Bao’s eyes were still wide open.

“Why aren’t you sleeping yet?” Xia Wanyuan noticed the obvious fatigue in Xiao Bao’s eyes.

“Why isn’t Daddy here yet?” Xiao Bao insisted on sleeping with his parents.

“He should be here soon.” Xia Wanyuan could only comfort him.

Jun Shiling, who had been hesitating for a long time downstairs, did not know why he had softened his heart and agreed to his tearful son. Perhaps it was because he had owed this child too much, and he could not bear to shatter the child’s hope.

According to Xiao Bao’s routine, he should have fallen asleep by now. Jun Shiling put down his book and prepared to go upstairs to take a look.

Unexpectedly, when he gently pushed open the door, two pairs of bright eyes on the bed looked towards him.

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