Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Sea of Flowers

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“Daddy!” When Xiao Bao saw Jun Shiling, he immediately crawled out of bed. He thought that Jun Shiling had changed his mind.

Running over, he held onto Jun Shiling’s thigh tightly. “Daddy, you promised me.”


Jun Shiling’s expression darkened. He picked Xiao Bao up from the ground and hugged him. “Why are you running around on the cold floor?”

On the bed, Xia Wanyuan was wearing a silk dress that had been delivered from outside. She had originally thought that it was a very normal dress, but after Jun Shiling glanced at it, she felt uncomfortable all over for some reason.

Covering her shoulders with the blanket, Xia Wanyuan moved further in, creating a large space on the bed.

Xiao Bao crawled into Xia Wanyuan’s arms, but he had not let go of Jun Shiling’s arm.

“Let go, I’m going to change.” Jun Shiling gestured for Xiao Bao to let go of his hand.

Only then did Xiao Bao reluctantly let him go. When Jun Shiling came out of the bathroom, Xiao Bao was still waiting with his eyes wide open, while Xia Wanyuan had already closed her eyes.

“Daddy, come here.”

Lowering his voice, Xiao Bao waved at Jun Shiling. Jun Shiling lifted the blanket and lay down. It was warm inside the blanket. Xiao Bao held onto Xia Wanyuan with one hand and Jun Shiling with the other, finally closing his eyes in satisfaction.

As the people in the room gradually fell asleep, the lights in the room automatically adjusted to sleep mode, leaving only a dim light.

The turbulence that was hidden under the bright lights spread out endlessly in the darkness.

The place where Jun Shiling was sleeping was where Xia Wanyuan had lain earlier. A fragrant scent wafted from the pillow and lingered at the tip of Jun Shiling’s nose, disturbing his sleep for a long time.

The breathing of the people around him had gradually calmed down. Jun Shiling turned his head slightly. Xiao Bao had already let go of Jun Shiling’s hand while he was sound asleep and had completely rolled into Xia Wanyuan’s arms.

Hence, when Jun Shiling turned his head, what he saw was Xia Wanyuan’s face hidden in the darkness. The dark light carefully outlined her silhouette, adding a deeper charm to it.

Jun Shiling quietly watched Xia Wanyuan for a while, then looked at his son buried under the blanket. He closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

The rain outside the house gradually stopped, and the light drizzle trickled down the French windows. The warmth in the house spread and a beautiful dream surrounded the people inside.

The next morning, the sunlight shone in through the window after the rain, reflecting on the bed. When Xia Wanyuan opened her eyes, Jun Shiling was nowhere to be seen.

Xiao Bao was still sleeping in her arms. Xia Wanyuan glanced at the time. Seeing that Xiao Bao could continue to sleep for another hour, she eased her movements and got out of bed.

When she pushed open the door, the servants were already waiting at the door.

There were more than ten sets of accessories, clothes, jackets, and shoes.

“Miss Xia, please choose your outfit.”


For a moment, Xia Wanyuan felt like she had returned to her previous life where she was served by everyone as the Eldest Princess.

“Let’s go with this.”

Xia Wanyuan pointed her fingers randomly. The servants then led her to the changing room.

Xia Wanyuan chose a simple set of home clothes. The soft, apricot-colored woolen off-shoulder shirt revealed her fair collarbones.

After about ten minutes, Xia Wanyuan freshened up and went downstairs. Jun Shiling was sitting at the dining table eating breakfast. He always went to the office early, so he always had breakfast early.

Sitting at the dining table against the light, the sun cast a warm glow on Jun Shiling from behind. Jun Shiling, who was wearing a white shirt, heard Xia Wanyuan coming down the stairs. When he looked up, he looked like a gentleman.

“Good Morning.” Xia Wanyuan nodded her head. Jun Shiling nodded and lowered his head.

“Miss Xia, Little Master is still asleep. Why don’t you eat first? There’s enough food in the kitchen.”

Uncle Wang watched as Xia Wanyuan walked out of the master bedroom. The way he looked at Xia Wanyuan became increasingly strange, and his attitude towards her also improved.

“I’ll eat with Xiao Bao later. I’ll go out for a walk first.”


After the rain, the sky was clear and blue as the sea. Taking a deep breath of the moist air would make one feel refreshed. On the lawn, dewdrops hung off the blades of grass, each of them shining under the sunlight.

Unknown blue flowers scattered across the grass like stars. White magnolia, red roses, pink peach blossoms, they were all blooming into a sea of bright flowers.

After a night of rain, a large number of petals were washed to the ground, leaving behind a path of flowers. The limestone road had already become a flower road.

Meanwhile, the flowers that were still standing upright on the tree branches in the heavy rain had water droplets on them. Their petals were fresh and tender, while the water droplets were lustrous. A gentle breeze blew past, which brought the fragrance of the flowers away and created a petal rain.

In the sea of flowers, the petals fell one after another. The water droplets on the trees reflected a resplendent glow under the sunlight. Xia Wanyuan, who was looking up at the flowers, was as beautiful as a fairy. For a moment, it was difficult to tell whether she was more beautiful or if the flowers were more beautiful.

As the car drove towards the entrance, Jun Shiling sat in the car and saw this scene. His deep eyes narrowed like a wolf that had finally found its prey.

The Jun manor was indeed huge. After walking in the garden for some time, Xia Wanyuan still did not see the end of it. Looking at the time, it was about time for Xiao Bao to wake up, so Xia Wanyuan followed the same path back.

As soon as she entered the room, she saw her little dumpling running down the stairs.

“Mommy, I thought you left!”

Xiao Bao hugged Xia Wanyuan in a panic.

“Mommy didn’t leave. I was just looking at the flowers outside. Look,” Xia Wanyuan said as she placed a magnolia in Xiao Bao’s tiny hands. There was a hint of dew on the white petals.

“It’s pretty! Mommy, let’s go eat. I’m hungry.” After he knew that Xia Wanyuan had not abandoned him, Xiao Bao was completely relieved.

After breakfast, the chauffeur sent Xiao Bao to school. Xia Wanyuan sat on the sofa and called Xia Yu.

During this period of time, Xia Yu, who didn’t want to stay in the Jun family nor return to the Xia family, returned to the school dormitory for the first time and spent a few days in peace.

“Who is it???”

Although Xia Yu was a devil on the outside, the temperament of youth could be seen in him when he returned to the dormitory where a group of innocent peers lived.

Soon, he had truly become one with the people in the dormitory. Last night, he had played games with his roommates until two or three in the dark with his crippled arm. He was very unhappy to be suddenly woken up by the ringing phone.

He ended the call subconsciously, but who would have thought that the phone would ring so persistently? Everyone in the dormitory was woken up.

Xia Yu pressed the answer button fiercely and sounded extremely impatient.

“Xia Yu, you’re not up yet?” The gentle voice on the other end of the phone made Xia Yu lose his sleepiness and his impatience disappeared.

“I’m up and having breakfast now.” Little Young Master Xia lied without thinking.

“Oh, then wait for me at the apartment in half an hour. I’m back.”


“Half an hour?!” Xia Yu was completely awake now.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you having breakfast? I’ll give you ten minutes to have breakfast. It’ll only take fifteen minutes from your school to your apartment. Half an hour is enough.”

Xia Wanyuan hung up after speaking.

On the other end of the line, Xia Yu leaped up from the bed immediately.

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