Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day

Chapter 737 - Various Invitations

Chapter 737 Various Invitations

The news that the richest man in China lived in the ancient castle quickly spread. Humans were so contradictory. On the one hand, everyone had a sense of superiority to China and the Chinese, but they wanted to befriend and curry favor with the real richest man in China.

Most artists had prominent family backgrounds that supported their high learning fees. Everyone had grown up in interests and benefits since they were young, so they naturally knew that being able to build a relationship with Jun Shiling was beneficial to the family’s business.

“Father, where I participated in the competition, Jun Shiling, the richest man in China, lives beside me. Do you need me to visit him?” Even though she was alone in the room, Li Na sat upright and spoke to Mr. Blue with a serious expression. “Jun Shiling?” Hearing this name, Mr. Blue’s expression changed. “Don’t provoke him.” This man was not as simple as he had imagined.

“Yes,” Li Na replied respectfully.

Soon, the call was hung up. Li Na looked at the phone in deep thought and called her mother. Her mother, who knew Mr. Blue a little, listened to Li Na’s explanation.

“You can contact Jun Shiling in private. Since your father used such a word, it means that even he fears Jun Shiling. If you can contact Jun Shiling, your father will look at you differently.”

“Okay.” After hanging up the phone, Li Na instructed the servant to send an invitation to the castle. Li Na was not the only one. Even Olly’s prince had received a letter from the royal family asking him to contact Jun Shiling. “Tsk, tsk, tsk.” Looking at the pile of invitations sent by the guard, Xia Yu flipped through them in disdain. “Do you think these people are funny? On the one hand, they appear superior to others, but on the other hand, they want to use Brother-in-law’s business to earn money for them. Shameless.”

Xia Wanyuan felt that this was more humane. She nestled on the sofa and didn’t look at the invitations on the table.

Jun Shiling did not return for lunch. Instead, he sent a message telling Xia Wanyuan that he would rush back in the afternoon and let her compete in peace. Xia Yu sent Xia Wanyuan to the art museum. It was equivalent to a semi-finals that afternoon. After everyone’s paintings had been reviewed by the judges yesterday, they had been sent to another city where Master Danny lived for the final inspection.

The hall was filled with people.

“Welcome, everyone. Everyone’s works are outstanding. As for the judges, they chose twenty more outstanding paintings among them. Master Danny also approves of this outcome. Now, everyone, look at the screen. On it are the names of the contestants who advanced.”

Just as the host finished speaking, twenty names appeared on the screen. Everyone in the hall looked at them and did not have any objections. Most of the names of the painters on it had excellent painting skills. There was nothing to dispute.

“I protest. That Xia Wanyuan only knows Chinese painting and is so young. Why can she enter the next round?” A middle-aged painter looked at the host unhappily.

He had left early yesterday and had not paid attention to Xia Wanyuan and Grey’s competition. After saying this, he had thought that he would receive everyone’s agreement. However, he didn’t expect everyone to look at him strangely. “It’s only right for Miss Xia to enter the next round,” the host said, and Xia Wanyuan’s painting was displayed on the large screen. It was a simple “Morning Mist Painting”. The morning sun was half risen, and the fog was towering. Under the fog, the sun displayed a thousand different bright and dark changes.


The painter, who had a look of hatred just now, immediately shut his mouth. However, he still mumbled to the painter beside him indignantly, “How could she draw such a good painting? Could she have cheated?”

Then, he received a “are you a fool” gaze from the person beside him.

“Please let these twenty painters enter. Master Danny will give us the theme for this round.” Xia Wanyuan followed them into the garden and looked at the door regretfully. Jun Shiling had said that he wanted to see her compete, but she had already entered and was not here.

When she entered the hall, she saw a pair of smiling eyes on the stage.

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