Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day

Chapter 738 - The Princess Messed with Opponent’s Mindset

Chapter 738 The Princess Messed with Opponent’s Mindset

That pair of gentle eyes had a familiar smile on them. It was Wei Zimu. Xia Wanyuan did not expect to bump into him here.

Wei Zimu nodded slightly at Xia Wanyuan. Seeing that Xia Wanyuan was full of vigor and looked refreshed, his eyes revealed a hint of warmth.

It seemed that she was doing very well. It was not in vain that he had paid such a huge price to come and visit her.

In the westernmost part of Continent M, in a room filled with various experimental instruments.

Yu Qian, who was dressed in a white long gown and had gloves on his hands, had one eye closed as he observed the cells moving under the microscope.

“Boss, Wei Zimu went to N City.” Jayce stood at the door and reported carefully, afraid that his loud voice would disturb Yu Qian in the laboratory.

“I know. Don’t worry about him.”

“Boss, this Wei Zimu is so soft all day and always breaks your plan. Why are you so indulgent towards him?” Jayce really could not understand. This Wei Zimu did not even know how to hold a gun, but Yu Qian always handed some important missions to him.

“He’s my brother.” Yu Qian stood up from the microscope with a smile that was even colder than the equipment in the room. “Why would I blame my brother?”

Jayce subconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva. The boss’s words sounded like brotherly love, but he inexplicably felt that all the hair on his body stood up.

“Alright, I gave him a day to visit his Sister Wanyuan.” Speaking of Xia Wanyuan, a pair of clear eyes suddenly appeared in Yu Qian’s heart. “He’ll come back. Is the sea shark here?” Yu Qian took off his gloves, revealing a pair of hands that were as hard as bamboo. “The sea Shark will be here in two hours,” Jayce replied respectfully with a cold expression.

“Got it. Go.” Yu Qian waved his hand. After Jayce left, he pressed a switch.

The scene of Wei Zimu appeared on the screen not far away.

Yu Qian looked at it for a while and the corners of his lips curled up. “Other than your beautiful eyes, your hands are not bad either.”

In the competition venue, the host introduced Wei Zimu, the special guest. The Wei family also had a portion of the business market in Continent M, and this art studio had considerable connections with the Wei family.

Hence, when Wei Zimu suggested to come and observe, the curator arranged a special guest seat for him.

“The topic given by Master Danny in this competition is… color.” The host read out the topic. The first round tested light, and the second round tested color. It was a very normal process. Everyone had this feeling long ago, so they were not very surprised.

However, this question looked simple, but it was very difficult to shine. After all, everyone present had deep foundation. Everyone had a good grasp of colors. If they wanted to draw something outstanding, they had to think of a better structure.

Everyone was thinking, but Xia Wanyuan had already started to draw, and the sound of her picking up the tools was not soft. There were only twenty people to begin with, and everyone present knew that she had begun to draw. Immediately, everyone panicked and hurriedly picked up the brush.

When everyone began to draw, Xia Wanyuan held a brush and quietly thought.

On the high platform, Wei Zimu was amused when he saw this scene. He could tell that Xia Wanyuan had deliberately made the others panic first.

Xia Wanyuan thought for a while before starting to draw.

In her previous life, the maids that brought her up in the palace had very strict requirements of Xia Wanyuan. No matter what she did, she could not be the slightest bit disorderly.

Hence, even when Xia Wanyuan drew, her actions were elegant and smooth, pleasing to the eye.

Not only was Wei Zimu staring at her on the high platform, but even the other judges felt that Xia Wanyuan’s painting was more eye-catching and kept their gazes fixed on her. Less than half an hour after starting, Xia Wanyuan had already put down her brush. “Done.”

The other contestants looked up from the script they had just sketched with question marks on their faces. Is Xia Wanyuan deliberately trying to mess with our mentality???

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